Thursday, March 17, 2005

A letter to the editor, I just submitted:


Regarding former Governor John G. Rowland, who awaits sentencing for his role in all out corruption and sleaze in government in the State of Corrupticut.

Rowland may paint himself as a patriot, and a dedicated public servant led astray by close associates who somehow coerced him into dabbling into crime, accepting bribes, obstructing justice to cover his tracks, now expects to get a more lenient sentence with more lies, but that is just plain delusional. ‘We the People’ aren’t that stupid. Rowland is guilty of no less than Treason and should be hanged by the neck until dead.

But, the hanging part just might be a growing sentiment, which I can’t help, helping promote.

Martha Stewart may or may not have made a single misjudgment on a single day and was burned at the stake. In comparison, Rowland’s daily activities, involved living high on the hog at our expense, breaking law after law, ethic after ethic, day after day.

The damage Rowland has done to Connecticut, America, and Citizens believing in honest government, have had their bubble burst, for that Rowland needs to pay dearly. His life is only a small price for the damage he has done.

John G. Rowland, a future, historical example of to just what extremes politicians think they can go, as if they are entitled to anything they want, whenever they want it. If it were up to me, Rowland would pay with his life, as an example to all, of all and all, all out sleaze, which will not be tolerated by ‘We the People’.
-Steven G. Erickson
Enfield, CT

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