Saturday, March 05, 2005

Rights and Liberties


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Their Eyes Were Watching Oprah
Ronda Racha Penrice, Black Voices. March 3, 2005.Oprah brings Zora Neale Hurston to the screen, but does she do her justice?

Purchasing the Pulpit
Jasmyne Cannick, The Black Commentator. March 3, 2005.When a group of black pastors decides that the number one priority for black Americans is the protection of heterosexual marriage, they're doing the GOP's dirty work.

Down with the First Amendment
John Nichols, The Nation. March 2, 2005.Judging from the lackluster showing against the Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act, it seems that most Democrats – who are supposed to take civil liberties more seriously than the Republicans – believe that censorship is what America is all about.

Between Black and Right
Makani Themba-Nixon, ColorLines. March 1, 2005.My father's story represents the long tradition of black conservatism in this country. And if we are to truly understand the increasing number of African Americans joining their ranks, we will have to go back a lot further than this election.

Laws of Gravity
Deborah Pearlstein, The American Prospect. March 1, 2005.When the law sanctions torture-lite, the real thing always follows.

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