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Soft Prison Sentence, Easy Routine, is a cold slap in the face to Americans that have done little wrong and suffered in hellhole prisons


Former Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland is off to Federal Prison Posted by Hello

Rowland's Pa. Prison `Lightly Regimented'
March 30, 2005
By EDMUND H. MAHONY, And JON LENDER Hartford Courant Staff Writers (

The federal prison camp in Loretto, Pa., where John G. Rowland has been told he'll serve his sentence, is not much different from the one at Fort Devens, Mass., where the ex-governor and the judge who sentenced him had hoped he would spend the next 10 months or so.

It's relatively small, with about 140 inmates; it's set among woods and fields, with no fences; inmates are required to work and are offered modest recreational opportunities.

Overall, life at Loretto is "lightly regimented," said Edward S. Bales, chief strategist at Philadelphia-based Federal Prison Consultants Inc.

"As long as you go and do your job function for the day, you can probably go and pretty much do whatever you need to."

The biggest difference probably is the increased distance that family and friends in Connecticut will have to travel to visit, according to prison experts and federal correction officials. Devens, west of Boston, is less than 100 miles from Rowland's home in West Hartford, an easy day trip.

Loretto, east of Pittsburgh, is nearly 400 miles away - a day on the road each way, if visitors decide to drive rather than fly.

A week ago the judge who sentenced Rowland, Senior U.S District Judge Peter C. Dorsey, recommended that Rowland serve his term at Devens. Dorsey said he had even called to make sure there was room at the Massachusetts facility.

During an unrelated hearing Tuesday, Dorsey grumbled that the federal Bureau of Prisons had apparently rejected his recommendation and said the decision to imprison Rowland in western Pennsylvania didn't make sense.

But Karla Wilson, a spokeswoman for the Bureau of Prisons, said the bureau has its own classification system to determine where inmates are sent.

"We look at several factors. We get the pre-sentence report from the probation office and we look at things like the severity of the offense, the length of the sentence, social and criminal history, any history of violence or escapes. All these things factor in," Wilson said.

"Outside of that, we try to consider any judicial recommendations that we may get. Overall, our policy is to house offenders within a 500-mile radius of their release residence."

Rowland is under orders to report to Loretto by noon Friday and he will have to adapt quickly to the routine of prison life, Wilson said. He will wear prison khaki and - unless working on a prison job that requires protective footwear - basic white athletic shoes, such as those sold in the camp commissary. All federal camp inmates are required to work unless they are medically unable, Wilson said. Pay is 12 cents to 40 cents an hour, and can be spent at the prison commissary.

"The primary purpose of the jobs is the labor needs of the institution," Wilson said.

"Jobs include ... food service work, plumbing, orderlies who clean the units, painting, groundskeeping, things of that nature."

Bales, the prison consultant, said Rowland "probably will be assigned to a very good job" - perhaps something indoors, such as an instructor in a program for inmates with less extensive educational backgrounds.

Loretto, like other prisons, offers self-improvement programs such as basic high-school equivalency courses, English as a second language and continuing adult education courses.At Loretto, Rowland will share a large, barracks-like, cinder block building with male prisoners convicted of nonviolent crimes - mostly drug offenders, but a significant number of white-collar criminals, Bales said.Prisoners at Loretto sleep in bunks and share central bathroom and shower facilities, an officer at Loretto said Tuesday.

The camp cafeteria, where inmates get three hot meals a day, is in a separate building that also houses camp administrative offices, Bales said. Prisoners are not allowed stoves or hot plates, but Bales said a microwave oven is available.

Visitors are permitted on most days of the week. Only those on a prison-approved list compiled by an inmate's family are eligible to visit.

When they are not working, inmates are allowed to move freely about the unfenced grounds, although they must show up at their bunks for several head counts each day.

Recreational programs are offered "to keep offenders constructively occupied and enhance their physical and emotional well-being," Wilson said.

There is no tennis or golf, but Wilson said Loretto has an outdoor walking track and basketball hoops. Recreation also includes board games, cards and perhaps some crafts to keep inmates occupied during their non-working hours.

There is at least one TV lounge in the barracks area where prisoners can stay up all night if they want to, said Bales, whose company helps inmates find programs for alternative incarceration including halfway houses.

Bales said that Rowland, like any inmate, will do well if he "minds his own business and does his time like everyone else. The people who fight their time - it makes it very long for them. ...

They have infractions, they don't listen to what they are told to do by the corrections staff.

"But Bales said convicted politicians generally do well because of their interpersonal skills.

"Being political is very good," he said. "You get into less problems."

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Blogger The Stark Raving Viking said...

Letter I sent to shitbag, ex-Governor:

Federal Inmate # 15623-014, Ex-Governor (CT) John G. Rowland
P.O. BOX 1000

Dear Federal Inmate # 15623-014, SHITBAG, Ex Connecticut Governor, John G. Rowland,

You deserve to spend your life in prison or be hung for treason, you piece of shit.

When you look in the mirror, it is the man in the mirror that put you where you are now.

Maybe my hours, efforts, and mental concentration of wanting you in prison, disgraced, without the comfort of your wife, family, to lose the respect of those around you, and for your life being forever altered and tarnished may have not happened, but for me.

I live for this day, and to mail this letter, that is what got me through the anger of having been put in prison for complaining to your office about being pissed off about heroin and crack cocaine being sold off my Stafford Springs Connecticut yard by teens fighting, swilling beer, smoking pot, using my yard as a toilet, and a hangout for sex orgies, asking that something be done about that, Connecticut State Police misconduct, and the bias and unlawfulness of the Connecticut Court System, which is merely a revenue collection system, manned by armed revenue collectors, police, and Mafia Dons, Members of the Connecticut Judiciary.

If there is justice in America the RICO statutes should be used to punish you, the former head of the Connecticut State Police, the rogue judges, and others that were part of your criminal empire.

You probably, with your charisma and contacts, would have been the next Republic Golden Boy, the man to succeed Bush 2.

But, no, you sit in prison, with absolutely no chance of political office, or even voting in an election, ever again.
You’re welcome, asshole.

Thank me, no, thank yourself, you disgusting, lying piece of shit.

You were in no trouble and there was nothing in the papers about anything about any kind of scandal or shenanigans involving you, your office, or that of your friends.

I got out of prison and immediately called the US Attorneys for Connecticut, the media, and contacted state and federal politicians telling them there was a corruption connection between you, the Connecticut State Police brass, and members of the Connecticut Judiciary.

The first Republicans to denounce you asking you to resign were the politicians that I emailed the day before, copying the print and television media.

You are and were the number one on my shit list as I sat in prison. I was ruined and silenced for complaining about corruption and abuse, not for crimes.

I contacted your office from 1998.

It was reported to me by one of your aids, threatening me with more prison, if I didn’t shut up about your corruption involving Connecticut State Police brass and members of the Connecticut Judiciary, that told me you are ground zero for what happened to me and other citizens looking for justice after being ground to a pulp through your corruption machine.

It was made known to me that you had personal knowledge of me, that former Connecticut State Police Commissioner, Arthur L. Spada, and his buddy, Judge Jonathan Kaplan railroaded me to prison on Connecticut State Police Officer perjury, a rigged case, and that I lost my family, home, Connecticut rental properties I fixed up from a boarded up condition over years with my own hands and 100’s of thousands of dollars, my dog, my job, credit, retirement, health insurance and the sum total of my life after having paid bills on time, worked my ass off, obeyed laws, and paid outrageous taxes.

I was living in fear of police and the criminals they were sending out to harass me out of Connecticut, hiding in my house, mainly out only to work, when I was caught out in my yard, beaten during a robbery attempt.

The criminal admitted to his crimes, even under oath to Judge Jonathan Kaplan- to stalking me, threatening my life while demanding money, to get immunity for attacking, threatening me, and trying to rob me to maliciously prosecute and railroad me to prison for having to defend my life, and prevent further injury to myself in my dark driveway, by using pepper spray to end the attack and injuries I was sustaining, as self-defense isn’t legal in Connecticut.

Because of you and your sleaze, I was thrown in prison, a productive, honest citizen, for being a crime victim in my own yard, and a criminal parasite, violent, alcoholic, drug abuser is allowed to go on assaulting people, living off of taxpayers, and harassing the elderly trying to live in peace and quiet.

You, personally made life in downtown Connecticut miserable, dangerous, and economic and quality of life, disasters.

I now have the ability to sit in a suit and have you hauled up wrapped in chains, ankles shackled, in prison garb, forced to answer questions I want answered, regarding your lifetime pattern of deceit, living high on the hog at the expense of the average man and woman, while thumbing your nose at the law and the US Constitution, to answer to the victims of your greed, your crimes, and the efforts of you and your friends to cover their tracks, ruining countless honest Americans.

I have that option, if I sue your piece of shit ass in Federal Court.

Look in your rearview mirror pal, there are more pissed off citizens that want redress of their grievances through honest elected officials and FAIR courts of law. Two things, few and far between, in Connecticut, which is your legacy, SHITBAG.


Steven G. Erickson
PO Box 730
Enfield, CT 06083-0730

Former People’s Republik of Korruptikut Political Prisoner # 305662

Wednesday, March 30, 2005 10:10:00 AM  
Anonymous boston said...

Even a broken clock is "right" twice a day...that doesn't mean it's doing what it was created to do, or can be expected to do so going forward.

In similar vein, it is good to see "justice" prevailed. Not in the way it could have/should have, at least not yet; yet it brings a modicum of consolation knowing the son of a bitch is out of office and imprisoned.

For one devoid of integrity and accustomed to unadulterated power and concommitant privileges, the mild restrictions of a country club incarceration are still likely to sting a bit.

With that said, it will surprise me if he slips on a bar of soap as one would expect a corrupt public servant could in community jail showers. Realistically, his placement relegates accidents of that nature to a lower, lesser likelihood.

Getting to send your letter had to be an immensely satisfying moment.

Congratulations, ya done good.

Saturday, April 02, 2005 12:16:00 AM  
Blogger The Stark Raving Viking said...

Thank you for stopping by.

Thank you for taking time to comment.

I'm actually thinking of writing a second letter to Inmate John G. Rowland.

Maybe I can appeal him to help in my fight. That is after he apologized.

And, yes, monkeys can fly.

Take care,

Steven G. Erickson aka Vikingas

Monday, April 04, 2005 3:17:00 AM  

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