Monday, March 28, 2005

Will it and IT WILL BE

Former Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland is off to Federal Prison Posted by Hello

Daydreaming and having a plan helped me through my stint in prison for having written things in newspapers that pissed off Connecticut cops and officials, for proposing legislation to elected officials that police and the courts follow laws and treat all equally, for threatening to sue Connecticut State Police for violating my civil rights, and as one inmate put it, “You’re in prison for being an asshole, not for committing any crimes.”

I had a plan of action as soon as my feet touched pavement outside of prison, or scrap that, I started being a royal pain in prison, writing, and seeking justice.

I dreamed of being out and writing Governor Rowland a mocking letter, while he sits disgraced in a Federal Prison. At the time I was in prison, Governor John G. Rowland was the Republican golden boy, looked at as a real possibility of the Republican that would succeed Bush after Bush 2’s reign.

I wrote a mocking letters like this (post) to Rowland. I was in contact with his office from 1998 complaining about corruption, Connecticut State Police misconduct, and about how those that invest in a home or downtown business are abused by the state and the common criminal parasites, alcoholics, and drug addicts police use to scam the rest of us, using pitiful humans as revenue collection tools.

I will write a mocking letter to Rowland while he is sitting in prison, asking why or who may have made sure he ended up in prison and how does it feel to be disgraced, away from family, the comforts of home and even the pleasures of being with one’s romantic partner.

I think Rowland has lived a soft life and isn’t quite a man. I think he’ll have to eat his food separately because maybe he isn’t man enough to retain possession of it. Rowland may also fear being retaliated upon by citizens hating lying, cheating, scumbag politicians, and give Rowland the Jeffrey Dahmer way out, doing Connecticut a favor. Rowland might fear walking near anyone in possession of a mop.

If I or any other citizen were to sue Rowland for his misdeeds or flagarant abuse of OUR AMERICA and OUR US CONSTITUTION, hopefully Rowland will be dragged into court in an orange jumpsuit, wrapped in chains, ankles painfully shackled. Why shouldn’t he suffer like any average American coming to court out of prison?

#2 on my shit list, tallied before I was railroaded to prison, is the former Connecticut State Police Commissioner, Arthur L. Spada (post). Maybe I can send him a mocking letter if he is ever investigated and punished for his laundry list of misdeeds and thrown away like a piece of trash to prison.

#3 on my shit list, is Rockville Judge, Jonathan Kaplan (post). I tried to have Kaplan fired for bias, and then he retaliated by taking a bogus criminal case against me, sending me to prison for being a crime and beating victim at my home. I would also like to write Kaplan a letter when he is in prison and when I’m out free. Seeing official criminal pieces of shit, punished, won’t unfuck my life, but can give me a reason to hold my head high and smile.

Rowland, Spada, and Kaplan, may just ask themselves if they could have gotten away with all their illegal shit if it weren’t for one asshole, Patriot American, with a ‘Big Mouth’?

-Steven G. Erickson aka Vikingas (my office and contact info)

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Former Gov. John G. Rowland has been designated inmate No. 15623-014.
Where to write Inmate Rowland or any other Federal Inmate in the Country (post)


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