Friday, April 15, 2005


I spoke at the Commission for Human Rights in Hartford, Connecticut, last night. I was the first to speak, spoke the longest during the public forum, and received the most applause and thumbs up. I’m not blowing my own horn, but I was amazed at the warm reception I got from the audience of mostly state employees, Department of Corrections, and even an African American police officer saying it has been two years and his complaint hasn’t been heard yet. A common theme of the night was that Connecticut, its courts, and its police force don’t follow laws, nor the Constitution.

There were those there that claim it has been more than a year and the State’s CHRO has done nothing other than let complaints go on and on without doing anything allowing statutes of limitation to expire, claiming that someone else is responsible for hearing complaints, or just denying access to the complaint forum.
My opening lines to the crowd were that Connecticut, its Courts, and its Police Force are Unconstitutional and don’t follow their own laws, the laws of the State.

I stated that Connecticut State Police Internal Affairs will refuse to take complaints against their ‘friends’ and will threaten, intimidate, and even have imprisoned, those that complain. The Judiciary does not correct mistakes, does not investigate complaints, nor does it punish illegal and Unconstitutional behavior of its members.

If you are a worker for the State, and you complain, you are fired, and retaliated against, your claims and complaints aren’t really investigated.

Citizens may end up even worse off for complaining and demanding equal protection and service.
Is Connecticut like other States in America?

Does the U.S. Constitution actually apply?

Is government just about screwing us out of our last dollar and wrecking our lives if we question their immoral behavior?

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