Sunday, April 24, 2005

‘Little People’ banding together for Justice

I went out live on AM, FM, and a live internet feed this past Friday for an hour, from 7PM EST.

Many have found my email address and their way to the two sites in which I post most often.

A common theme is emerging.

Those that lodge complaints against officials and/or expose corruption and shady deals between public officials and corporations are retaliated against.

Piss off an important person, or head of a major corporation, and you can find yourself arrested, fired from your job, losing your house and family, silenced, being discredited, and more and more of you are being railroaded to prison, on shaky, contrived cases.

A common theme, also is, that Connecticut is one of the biggest violators of civil rights as their police and courts might be more corrupt than any other state. Others from all over the country and even abroad have contacted me with their stories.

When stories are first broken by bloggers, that go on to major media, and THEN end up being litigated in court, have the best chances for retribution. Those involved in getting the work out, can at least get a little justice, and maybe will be able to prevent the same people from perpetrating the same abuses against others in the future.

Don’t suffer in silence. Do your part, speak out, sue, and stay on task.


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