Monday, April 04, 2005

Maybe he'll be condemned, but his words of wisdom are straight on

The Reasons Why You SHOULDN'T Hire an attorney, a lawyer, a paid liar.

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Hi [snipped],

Thanks for the email. I have been contemplating this scenario for my case as I believe everyone and everything on my witness and evidence list will be denied as irrelevant. The solution comes back to the need for a group of organized people and witnesses. The federal law as well as CT Statutes gives me an ability to present the evidence in a new format. A description of the the evidence refused needs to make it onto the RECORD.

To make it to the RECORD one has to speak in court as the RECORD is the court transcripts and nothing else. A judge cannot lawfully prevent you from doing so and don't let your attorney either.

You need to say: " I want to make an offer of proof, for my appeal."

The judge will instruct the jury to leave the courtroom and can do so himself if he chooses. You should already have the facts of your case written out in a chronological order with names, dates, violations etc.

Keep it void of adjectives and opinions. Do not simply state statute numbers or laws violated include the text of the relevant statute and subsections do not include subsections which do not have relevance.

Even if something is unclear to you include it as a fact.

Anything that is not rebutted on RECORD becomes the FACT of RECORD. For example if your accused of physical violence on RECORD and that is not disputed on RECORD and judgment is made against you on these "facts" the Appellate/Supreme Court has no choice to deny an appeal as there are no appealable issues.

Likewise if you implicate the illegal dealings of the people in the court room and they do not rebut, the FACT of RECORD is that these people indeed acted illegally. I have already implicated our courts on RECORD and as of yet the FACT of RECORD is showing that our system did indeed commit these offenses as the judge didn't even provide a blanket statement to question the validity of my allegations never mind a rebuttal.

If a judge tries to refuse your offer of proof for appeal.

You need to say loud and clear in the courtroom ON RECORD.

"You, Judge are denying my right to access the public record and this is a denial of my rights of Due Process. I reserve all my rights without prejudice, I do not give you permission to violate my inherent sovereign rights, I take exception to this, and will appeal this obstruction of justice"

PLEASE NOTE: AN ATTORNEY DOES NOT HAVE THE RIGHT OR ABILITY TO DO THIS FOR YOU. BEGIN WITH: ON BEHALF OF (NAME ALL YOUR CHILDREN) I [name snipped] SUI JURIS... sui juris: having full legal rights or capacity. I am appealing to you again to let me have access to the people who have contacted you. I have contacted some of the people [name snipped] has forwarded to me and the response is a very positive one.

Most people have returned my calls while on the road and I was unable to

Thank You [name snipped]
Connecticut Civil Rights Council

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