Thursday, April 28, 2005

Michael Ross

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Michael Ross Video Interview
12:23 PM EST,
January 12, 2005

Michael Ross, who is scheduled to be executed Jan. 26, was videotaped Dec. 15 during a court-ordered psychiatric evaluation conducted at Osborn Correctional Institution by Dr. Michael Norko.

These images are from a copy of the tape, which was submitted Tuesday (Jan. 11) to the state Supreme Court, which is considering his competency.
During the interview, Ross discussed a wide range of subjects, including the long history of his legal case and what he is trying to accomplish, his emotional state, the medications he takes, his nightmares about his execution, and his daily routine now and how it compares to his life on death row.

Ross also talked about his concerns that he would not be found competent to make his own decisions, and he repeatedly expressed anger and frustration about his former public defenders' continuing attempts to intercede in his case

Michael Ross talks about his nightmares about execution.
Ross describes how he tried to avoid an execution date around Christmas.
Ross expresses his worry about the competency evaluation and his anger at his former public defenders for continuing to try to intervene in his case.
Ross explains that he won't be sorry not to live any longer in prison, but that if a life sentence were offered to him, he would take it.


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