Friday, April 01, 2005

“My Name, Not Toby”

LeVar Burton in the television series "Roots" Posted by Hello

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Taking a look back at how Native Americans, African Americans as slaves (the civil rights era and now into the modern ‘Drug Wars’), the Japanese interment during World War II, the abuse of Chinese nationals building the railroad, etc., when our government and courts took and didn’t take actions, says much about our future and where we might be headed as a nation and as humans, worldwide, as we travel dangerously into a One World Government, headed by Corporate Dictators.

If the infrastructure that allowed such injustices and atrocities isn’t fixed, more will follow.

After 9-11, less oversight and accountability, now reigns, and NOT just in the United States of America.

If history has taught us just one lesson, if government and its officials aren’t watched, aren’t accountable, and can do as they please, humanity as a whole, suffers.

-Steven G. Erickson aka Vikingas

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A letter I sent to ex-Governor John G. Rowland, landing in a Pennsylvania Federal Prison, today, complete with foul language and abusive words meant to make him feel even more uncomfortable on his first day behind bars. (post March 31, 2005, on

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