Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Note sent to Congressman Simmons through his website:

Dear Honorable Sir and Staff,

you and Betty Wagner have been most helpful and seem genuinely concerned about a number of issues.

Christopher Kennedy, cell phone [snipped], and I get together at least once a week at a law library. He lost his kids and faces a decade in prison for having complained about Judge Jonathan Kaplan of Rockville.

I complained about Kaplan and tried to have him fired and he later retaliated by throwing me in prison.

Should redressing grievances to elected officials by proposing legislation to force the courts and police to abide by the 14th Amendment be a reason for an American citizen to be thrown in prison losing family, job, home, and everything ever worked for?

Should complaining about crime, heroin and crack cocaine dealing, and police doing little about it, cause a citizen to be threatened, harassed, beaten, and then thrown in prison?

Should caring about one's own children, for those in the community, and those in America, proposing legislation and requiring courts to act morally a reason to be thrown in prison?
There are more and more cases of citizens just asking for justice and fairness being thrown in prison.

Productive citizens that are being taken offline, ruined. Families and children are suffering. Cops and courts are using criminals giving them immunity to ruin productive, honest citizens that dare speak out. Should a criminal parasites be peferred by police and courts for revenue collection over morality?

I planned on sending my A Student, Honor Society daughter to UCONN and have her live in my Connecticut house. I was forced out of my home and my career ruined. My daughter has little to do with me because I chose to operate a business, have my home in Connecticut, and speak out about injustice.

Because I was beaten up on my property during a robbery attempt should she, I, and the economy suffer endlessly.

I can't leave to get a job, can't get a job packing boxes in a truck, can't travel to visit family and can't function with restrictive probation and a criminal record hanging over me. I have done nothing illegal.

A congressional investigation should be carried out to correct the problems with the courts, route out the criminals within the system, and at least try and right some of the wrongs.

Connecticut courts aren't following the most basic federal rules regarding running of the courts and procedures. They aren't following state regs either, and there is no consistency, nor fairness.
It is obvious to those that live in the state and those NOT considering moving to Connecticut.
Please help, its an emergency.

Would President Bush be ok with citizens being thrown in prison for caring and trying to interact with government in a Constitutional way?

Answer: I think not.

I also think this is an issue that you, too, take to heart.

Please help Chris Kennedy, please help me, please help our nation's children.

Thank you and God Bless,

Steven G. Erickson

cell phone [snipped]

* * * *

Chris' email:


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