Saturday, April 30, 2005

Should Connecticut be shut down for illegal behavior?

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Text of letter mailed out:

To Governor M. Jodi Rell or to whom it may concern:

I was the first speaker at the public forum section of the CHRO, the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights, Thursday night, April 14, 2005. I spoke on judicial corruption, that of law enforcement in Connecticut, and how pervasive corruption, unfairness, and retaliation against whistleblowers, is in the state. I’m asking that something be done about the continuing problem of corruption and illegal behavior regarding public officials in Connecticut, or why shouldn’t all branches of Connecticut Government be shut down until such a time as they act Constitutionally, legally, and in the best interest of Connecticut citizens?

The crowd there that night seemed to be more state workers than citizens such as myself. An African American Manchester, Connecticut former police officer, claimed that his complaints regarding his former employer, the Manchester P.D. are yet to be heard over a year later.

Those in the prison system, department of mental retardation, UCONN workers, and more all seemed to spout off the same theme, the CHRO and Connecticut, in general will go after those that dare speak out about corruption and improper behavior of others in their departments, are fired, retaliated against, black balled, and could conceivably be railroaded to prison with too many officials willing to cooperate with each other covering up crimes and silencing whistleblowers.

An African American woman brought the UCONN policy book where she stated that within the book, a worker could be fired for airing grievances outside of the UCONN hierarchy. She stated that it was a policy violation for her to appear in front of the CHRO (or bring a case in court?) and she could be fired. The Connecticut Commission on Human Rights is supposed to be the forum for such a complaint to be heard and dealt with, not a policy violation.

Too many complained about the CHRO to the CHRO.

Excuses by CHRO staff were given why a complaint wouldn’t be heard. Many were waiting over a year to have their complaints heard.

The State is doing a horrendous job at fielding and correcting problems with its own workers, citizens can fare even worse when abused by the state officials.

The State can’t seem to oversee itself, judges give each other a rubberstamp of approval for all behaviors, so do cops, so do lawyers, and so do other officials in other branches and bodies of government in Connecticut.

Foxes should not oversee other foxes that are in collusion, raiding henhouses.

People are talking in Connecticut. Many are complaining about Rowland’s prison sentence and special treatment, which is surprising given the extent of Rowland’s crimes, day after day, month after month, year after year of his administration.

There are concerns that there was a deal made with Rowland, and with other officials, not to expose others involved in his corrupt organization (of officials and cronies), to get a lenient sentence, to save countless others from being prosecuted for crimes.

Were Rowland’s cronies and staff members involved in shredding documents, destroying documents, and making secret pacts to obstruct justice?

Christopher Kennedy of Ellington, Connecticut, said at the CHRO public forum, that Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan stated on the record that the reason he was not allowing Mr. Kennedy to see his kids is that he is Irish, that there is strife in Ireland, and Christopher Kennedy must be unstable to have lodged a complaint against a judge. This is a clear example of retaliation for speaking out and lodging complaints in Connecticut. Or, is taking away children based on one’s ethnic background?

Don Christmas of Enfield, Connecticut, a landlord upset with the lack of protection and service of police regarding downtown property and business owners got mouthy about that, and the unfairness in Connecticut courts to newspaper reporters, proposed civilian oversight of police as legislation, and threatened to sue police for violations of his civil rights. A police officer’s 16 year old prostitute girlfriend yelled at, and slapped Donny from behind on his property. Only Donny faced a year and a half in prison for this. What!!!???

I did the same things as Donny at an earlier date, I also complained my 14th Amendment rights were violated testing the 1st Amendment, spouting off in newspapers, proposing Civilian Oversight of Police to local elected officials, and told those same officials that I was going to sue Connecticut State Police for violating my civil rights. Representative Mordasky’s aid recommended that I sell my properties and leave Connecticut before police retaliated for my having proposed laws and gotten “mouthy’ in newspapers, telling me that a police liaison to legislators told her I would be toast.

I was then attacked by a police informant on my property at night after being terrorized and threatened by the individual, very publicly. The informant was given immunity for serious crimes to prosecute me, maliciously, as revenge, for having used pepper spray to end the beating I was taking from the individual, allegedly encouraged to harass me out of Connecticut by Connecticut by Connecticut State Police. Other individuals were also given immunity to break laws to harass me out of Connecticut to shut me up and retaliate against me for my political activities. I became a political prisoner in Connecticut, losing all that I had ever worked for in my life.

Jeffrey Yeaw lodged complaints to DCF about DCF workers. His kids were then taken away from him. DCF failed to adequately secure his children as he was easily able to ask the children to follow him out of a supposedly secure facility after the children complained of abuse in DCF care, and Mr. Yeaw believed his children were suffering serious psychological trauma under DCF care and abuse.

George H.W. Bush signed legislation passed by Congress regarding accessibility of the courts, regarding ADA regulations. I brought up at the CHRO, on the record, that Connecticut Courts are still not following federal laws 15 years later. It doesn’t seem to me that Connecticut Court personnel and judges care about federal and state laws, proper procedures and following rules, rules of law, nor honoring the State, nor the US Constitution. If Connecticut judges can’t follow the rules they should be removed in courthouses, closed.

Judge Scheinblum allegedly would tell defendants to take a deal, or face very stiff penalties, without the defendant being able to consult a lawyer. This was reported in newspapers. Has judge Scheinblum been removed and ALL of his cases reviewed to correct cases that Unconstitutional and illegal? What about other Connecticut judges that are blatantly breaking the law violating citizen’s rights?

I’m requesting that you either clean house, having the guilty investigated, justly punished, and help install safeguards to prevent this type of wholesale corruption and retaliation against whistleblowers from happening in the future, or possibly face federal intervention, the closing down of Connecticut branches of government until such a time as they operate Constitutionally, legally, and in the best interest of the citizens of Connecticut, AND the rest of America.

I also would like the retaliatory criminal case against me whipped out along with my record and that Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan and former Connecticut State Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada for illegal and Unconstitutional behavior into their retaliation tactics involving me and other Connecticut citizens.

Taxpayer dollars are being pilfered and citizens, abuse.

Please act FOR the Citizens of Connecticut,

Thank you,
Steven G. Erickson, PO Box 730, Enfield, CT 06083

* * * *

Postal Receipt Posted by Hello

Attorney General, Richard Blumenthal April 30, 2005
P.O. Box 120
Hartford, Connecticut 06141-0120

To Attorney General Blumenthal or to whom it may concern:

I would like you to review trial transcripts of Docket # CR01-0074672, Rockville Connecticut court GA #19. I believe there will be circumstantial evidence of illegal behavior and collusion between Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan and former Police Commissioner, Arthur L. Spada. Police investigate and prosecute criminal behavior as described in this letter.

Please check out the webpage,, for more information.

Please also review the transcripts of the Christopher Kennedy’s trial where his kids were taken away because Kennedy is Irish, there is strife in Ireland, and Judge Jonathan Kaplan further went on the record saying Kennedy was unstable for lodging a complaint against a judge. This is pure retaliation and I believe against state and federal law. Please investigate Kaplan for crimes committed in that case as well.

Please prosecute Kaplan under State and Federal hate crime statutes.

I believe that in order for Rowland to get away with across the board corruption and thievery, he had to have coconspirators in the judiciary and in the upper ranks of the Connecticut State Police.

I believe Rowland Staff members, judges, and Connecticut law enforcement officials conspired to silence whistleblowers, obstruct justice, destroy and manufacture evidence, shred documents, lie, commit perjury, violate their oaths, and act in illegal collusion to defraud the citizens of Connecticut.

Please look into Rowland and his whole criminal crew for crimes against Connecticut citizens.

Please respond to this letter to acknowledge receipt. Please also inform me of what you plan to do in response to this letter.

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson
PO Box 730
Enfield, CT 06083



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