Monday, April 04, 2005

The White Man's liquor, laws, and lies

I'm exhausted, without sleep, and I know I have been reading too much text found in a law library as I now have had to just put on my, less than $10 Wal-Mart reading glasses. A sign I have been abusing my eyes.

I now type on a laptop that has already given its life in dedicated service, being thrown around in airports all over the world. I am now without spell-check and other programs that I depend on as I had help giving this abused little black box, a new heart.

Reading the laws of our land, written down, I know most of you don't know the bullshit, contained within the mountain of books.

I've had such little sleep, I see myself as a Native American experiencing America in a "pure" way seeing what is to be seen, for what America really is, and really is about.

No, I haven't yet gone crazy, I have a point to make ...

There were those that were given scrolls of paper, with seals, ornaments, delivered with ceremony and and aire of honor.

To see their hard work, promises to their people, keeping their end of the bargain, only to be slaughtered, women, children, and old men, on the cold American plains, blood spilled. Only to go crazy from the scrolled paper with the White man's lies contained within.

There were those angry with themselves for not fighting back, giving their lives for common good.

There were those send down on trains to Florida, away from any life they knew, or any life worth living.

-Steven G. Erickson aka Vikingas

Why did hits to drop off the map?


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