Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Are some surveys crap?


In the below survey Connecticut got the highest marks for giving children physical activity K through 5, and legislated to have non-fat drinks in schools. My own personal survey where I have seen most US states and talked to those that live or have lived in all US states, Connecticut gets the absolute worst marks for how they treat families, children, and individuals that come to invest in Connecticut downtown real estate or business, a solid ‘F’. Connecticut get $90,000 per child in federal dollars to rip children from their parents, $74/day/inmate to lock up citizens no matter what they did or didn’t do, and look at small business and downtown property owners as revenue, fine, and property confiscation targets. What!!!???

The 10 Best & Worst States for Children

The best state for children is Connecticut. The worst is Alaska.

That's the word from an annual survey of national experts, child health advocates, and physicians conducted by Child Magazine that ranked the states on 20 categories--from safe playgrounds to requirements for physical education and from school nutrition policies to the number of fast-food restaurants--to determine the best places for healthy children.

Connecticut was chosen as the top state due in large part to recent legislation that requires physical activity daily for kids in kindergarten to fifth grade. This could be a gym class or recess. The law also requires that schools sell low-fat dairy products, water, and fruit in places where children buy food.

Alaska was relegated to 50th place because it only requires physical education for high school students. When it does offer PE in the lower grades, it is taught by the classroom teacher instead of someone certified in phys ed. In addition, Alaska's playgrounds in the state parks are rated very poorly.

The top 10 states for bringing up baby:

1. Connecticut

2. New York

3. Vermont

4. Massachusetts

5. Missouri

6. Maine

7. West Virginia

8. Wisconsin

9. Arkansas

10. Illinois

The worst states for children:

50. Alaska

49. Nebraska

48. Nevada

47. Mississippi

46. Kansas

45. South Dakota

44. Alabama

43. Idaho

42. Wyoming

41. Iowa

The above found (here) on the web.

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My reasons Connecticut should be on the worst list:

Good youth promoted to go bad, bad behavior rewarded, good punished

A Village: What It Takes

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