Saturday, May 28, 2005

Follow up to story on two teens facing prison for building a snow fort on school grounds


TWO STUDENTS FINED FOR TRESPASSING -- Framingham High School seniors Jenna Schroeder and Jason Osorio, both 18, have each received a fine of $100 plus a $25 surcharge for trespassing on school grounds, according to Osorio.

The two were found guilty this month of trespassing in January, when they built a giant snow cave next to their school on a day when classes were canceled.

''I hate to throw out that kind of money for no reason," said Osorio, who maintained his innocence after the sentencing.

''I'm glad it's over because my life can go on."

Police have said the students were given a chance to leave but were placed under arrest because the large cave was seen as a possible danger to the pair or to younger children if it collapsed.
-- Lisa Kocian

the above found here on the web

My May 9 post on the pair found here


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