Sunday, May 01, 2005

Gender Bias and the Law

My friend called me. He’s near sixty and his wife is near 40.
They were at a wedding last night and the party that followed.

She wanted to stay and more than mingle. He says there is plenty of history and evidence that she likes to mess around on the side.

She became agitated and threatening and allegedly pulled a knife on him.

He called the police and they refused to do anything and told him, he could not bar her from their Connecticut home.

Ok, now reverse the genders with all the events as described above, a WHOLE different reaction by police would have been initiated, with him arrested, barred from his home, and restrained from contact from HER.

The ‘
runaway bride’ broke the law making a false police report. That should be punished, whether a man OR a woman files a police report.

If a woman commits assault or murder, it is still assault and murder, and she shouldn’t get special treatment, just because she is a woman.

The courts are already arbitrary and unfair; they need a little consistency in punishments, and need to start acting in the interests of the general public, families, and children.

But, NOW, the courts don’t, not even close.

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