Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Good Reasons to question our legal system


How come court orders have to be observed by men, but not by women?

Restraining Order issued against Christopher Kennedy of Ellington, Connecticut Posted by Hello

The above 'restraining order' isn't properly filled in, contains blanks, and wasn't originally intended to keep Christopher Kennedy from being able to see his kids. But, Connecticut judges can't concern themselves with fairness nor actually observing and following laws themselves.

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Excerpt from the Christopher Kennedy trial, Rockville Connecticut Court Posted by Hello

Chris Kennedy of Ellington Connecticut is fighting for Men's Rights

Should a ‘blank’ restraining order be issued, or one that results from a computer order that a judge is aware of be issued, issued with much stricter conditions, and/or be a tool for a judge to arbitrarily take a man’s kids away because he dared complain about officials or the antics of an out of control legal system?

Should a judge be allowed to bring up your race and rule against you in the harshest way citing your race or national origin?

Christopher Kennedy's email:

Testing the First Amendment in the US is Dangerous

Steven G. Erickson's email:

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Received at 5PM EST May 25, 2005:

You don't have it
correct. - Judge Kaplan used the RO to remove my two
daughters. He intentionally removed my daughters, with the mother's
attorney's help to punish me. The corruption is that The RO, listed no
children and no abuse.

Talk to me tonight about the
facts of story.



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