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A letter sent to Connecticut State Police Commissioner Leonard C. Boyle

Receipt to letter send to Connecticut State Police Commissioner Leonard C. Boyle Posted by Hello

May 23, 2005

To Leonard C. Boyle or to whom it may concern:

I had complaints regarding the former Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada and had contacted the former Governor Rowland’s office talking with Carol Amino, February 21, 2003. She seemed to threaten me with further arrests and prison, insinuating that Arthur L. Spada would further retaliate against me for having complained about Connecticut State Police practices. Are you willing to investigate Arthur L. Spada for state and federal laws violated?

I proposed laws to State Senator Anthony Guglielmo and the former State Representative Mordasky after having bought rental property in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, starting around the Summer of 1998. I was told by Representative Mordasky’s aid in the Autumn of 2001 that I should sell my property and leave Connecticut before the Connecticut State Police retaliated for my having complained in newspapers regarding downtown law enforcement practices and for having proposed Civilian Oversight of Police. She told me that the Connecticut State Police liaison to legislators told me that I was really going to get it for my activities.

Is Free Speech, Redressing Grievances, and Proposing Laws to Elected Officials protected behavior in Connecticut?

I had lodged complaints against Connecticut State Police Internal Affairs and felt I was threatened by LT Wack and was taken aback when he told me he wasn’t willing to investigate ‘his friends’. What!!!???

If Connecticut can’t ensure quality and legal behavior of officers, shouldn’t oversight of police be taken away from police and legislated to an independent civilian review board?

I was told I ‘confessed’ in police custody 10-12-01 in the early AM hours to Sgt. Sticca. I contacted Major Wheeler regarding my supposed confession and then asked that the lock up tapes at Troop C, Tolland, CT, be reviewed and that Sgt. Sticca be charged. I heard nothing more about my supposed confession.

If Troopers, Langlais and Amaral, hadn’t committed perjury at my Rockville Connecticut trial for ‘overreacting’ to coming home in the dark to be jumped, beaten, and threatened with death if I didn’t give up my wallet, having used pepper spray to end the abuse I was taking, saying I had not asked to make a statement/complaint against my attacker, I would never have been falsely sentenced after the false arrest for being a crime victim.

I believe Arthur L. Spada himself ordered the harassment that led up to my false arrest and imprisonment.

I tested my theory that Spada had acted in illegal collusion with Judge Jonathan Kaplan, by sending Spada an email asking that the US Dept. of Justice webpage on Community Policing be taken off the Connecticut State Police website, citing that the policies weren’t being followed, indicating I was sending hardcopy to the US Dept. of Justice.

I felt if Judge Kaplan freaked out on my the following day it would mean that he had conspired with high ranking Connecticut State Police officers to punish me for having angered him by having my name come across his desk having complained to the governor’s office regarding Connecticut State Police officers’ inappropriate behavior and for having the audacity to propose laws that Spada didn’t like.

It is my opinion if that Connecticut State Police, as an organization, can’t ensure the respecting of the US. Constitution, Connecticut, and US laws, then the organization should be dismantled or be made to take the word, “Police,” and “Law Enforcement,” off any buildings, uniforms, paperwork, badges, etc. to be replaced with the words, “Armed Revenue Collector,” instead.

I feel if Connecticut State Police officers can’t or are not willing to protect and serve the taxpayers that pay their salaries, we the people should sue in federal court to abolish the Connecticut State Police.

Honorable Police and fair courts ARE needed to not have anarchy.

I would like to see if you are part of the solution or part of the problem that needs to be fixed.

Please act accordingly,

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson
PO Box 730
Enfield, CT 06083


P.S. Please put the words “Arthur L. Spada” in a yahoo search engine, clicking on the “Arthur L. Spada” post on to view more information on my complaints against Spada. Please see that my case is ‘fixed’ by making sure my claims are properly and thoroughly investigated.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Abolish the CT State Police? That's idiotic! You need help with your conspiracy theories. You have no case and need mental help. Your solution is THE problem.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006 10:40:00 PM  

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