Sunday, May 22, 2005

Proof that Judges can act illegally, legally

Few doctrines are more solidly established at common law than the absolute immunity of judges from liability for their judicial acts, even when they act maliciously or corruptly.

Mireles v. Waco, 502 U.S. 9 (1991). This immunity is not for the protection or benefit of a malicious or corrupt judge, but for the benefit of the public, which has an interest in a judiciary free to exercise its function without fear of harassment by unsatisfied litigants.

Pierson v. Ray, 386 U.S. 547 , 554 (1967). The scope of judicial immunity is defined by the functions it protects, not by the person to whom it attaches. Forrester v. White, 484 U.S. 219 (1988). However, it is unquestioned that immunity applies to “the paradigmatic judicial acts involved in resolving disputes between parties who have invoked the jurisdiction of a court.”

more (15 years in prison for not being able to keep up with child support payments?)

even more ...

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Niggers and Second Class Citizens

America’s Twilight Zone, Part 1

Will it and it will be

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Victims of DCF and DSS

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For years Kathleen Dickson, a former chemist with Pfizer, fought for the rights of Lyme disease patients to (get) adequate treatment. In 2003 she sent information to the US Dept of Justice alleging that huge insurance and biotech corporations are corrupting Lyme disease science, and that patients are being left to rot without correct diagnosis or treatment as a result.



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Free Speech?

Ok then i can u call u a stark raving mad lunatic

USA is free
u can label beer cans as Hanuman beer

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