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Protest Prison Abuse Within US

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I just came across you(r) story about becoming an inmate. Yours is like
so many and all of us on the outside are suppose to be convienced
that jailers are not rude or abusive. Those that aren't are far and
few between!! Justice is not fair as you demonstrated in your story!!

I'm sure you could enlighten many with this personal issue. I think
you should contact this website and sign up as a speaker for a
historical event that's to take place on Aug. 13,2005:

Others like you have had to suffer through the deliberate
mistreatment and dehumanization at the hands of our prison system.

Too many are suffering and dying at the hands of corrupt individuals
who work and run the American prisons. It's time to bring these
issues straight to the public and our elected officials because we're
mad as Hell and aren't going to take this anymore.

On Aug. 13,2005 there's going to be a protest march/rally in
Washington,D.C. at Lafayette Park. The purpose is to wake up the
sleeping public and our government to the abuses and medical neglect
of the inmates in our American prisons.

If the public/government officials can assume to be upset over the
mistreatment of "war prisoners", then they need to be just as
outraged about the continual abuses of inmates here in our own
country. The American prison system needs a complete overhaul and the
inmates need to be treated more humanely.

We're fighting for the "civil rights" of all inmates! Please join us
and tell your story to everyone. Many participants have registered
from all over the United States and this is going to be a major media
event. For more detailed information, you may also contact, Roberta
Franklin, who's spearheading this project:

I hope you will join us in this fight.

Beverly Bittner

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Open Letter to Asst US Atty of Connnecticut

The Steven G. Erickson aka Vikingas Office

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