Saturday, May 07, 2005

“Slavery still exists in America”

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I heard that statement made by an African American woman speaking out about DCF and government abuses at a meeting of concerned parents at the Career High School this past Thursday in New Haven, Connecticut. My activism to get justice for myself and for others that are victims of the system has taken me to places I would have never have thought of going, and meeting people from all walks of life that I would not have talked to in my past life of not being educated in the school of hard knocks to have the knowledge of the world as it is, not as we are told it is.

The woman went on to say that kids that have the smallest of criminal records are crippled for life.

Suburban kids committing the same type of crimes, are warned by police and helped with warmth to get back on the right path.

Not so in the “Riffraff containment areas,” our cities, and downtown areas across the country in the United States of America.

Downtown kids are doomed to failure, or should I say, most of them. There isn’t enough government money and care going to these communities. The tax dollars are funneled to the richer areas and even wasted in corrupt shady deals making the rich richer.

Schools and neighborhoods are still separate and unequal. Jim Crow lives, not in laws still on the books, but in policies, still followed.

It doesn’t make sense, unless you considered the money incentives to break up families, throw citizens in prison, have vast populations addicted to drugs and alcohol, smoking cigarettes, committing crimes, not getting educations, and not being part of getting a piece of the American Pie, without a vote or a voice.

States may get $90,000 per child in federal tax dollars for ripping children out of their parent’s arms and care.

States get around $74/day/inmate in federal tax dollars. The prison population exploded 10 fold, 1980 to 1999, and there are vastly more today, just sickening.

States and the US government get taxes from cigarettes and alcohol. Property and confiscated property is the regular booty for continuing drug use, drug addiction, and drug dealing.

Having marital problems, disputes, and strife fuels the court system in dollars and more jobs created for those living as parasites on humanity, too many that are in law enforcement and in the courts.

Yes, there are good police officers and those in the courts, but I have noticed those caring individuals in the system that work to improve the systems or speak out about abuses are targets for a downfall, retaliated against, removed, and ruined, over and over.

It won’t be until we, the people, take the money incentives from ruining our lives away from the government, that the government will cease and desist from wrecking out lives and ripping us off in the process.

Felons SHOULD be able to vote, even while in prison, that is the one right that ALL citizens, that are citizens, should retain. Taking away voices of those that want improvement in their lives and for others wronged by the system, will only improve the quality of life, the country’s economy, and make a large force of productive, content, taxpaying Americans.

Do what is right, speak out and don’t take “no” as an answer.

-Steven G. Erickson aka Vikingas

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