Saturday, May 28, 2005

A State’s Greed for Federal Tax Dollars

ruins families, makes children into delinquent drop-outs, and puts more and more men in prison.

It is alleged that Connecticut, and probably other states too, get $90,000/child taken away from their families and $74/inmate/day.

So what is the incentive for greedy officials not to break up families and put as many citizens as possible in prison?

-Steven G. Erickson aka Vikingas

Read in between the lines, what are they admitting too with past policies?:

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Probate Measure Goes To Senate (Connecticut)
May 28, 2005 By BILL LEUKHARDT, Hartford Courant Staff Writer

Troubled families with at-risk young children could get help from special regional probate courts under a bill approved Friday by the state House of Representatives.

The bill, approved 124-19, would create six regional childrens' probate courts that would work to help youngsters just beginning to have serious problems.

The bill must be approved by the state Senate and signed by Gov. M. Jodi Rell to become law.

The courts would mirror an experimental court now operating in New Haven.Supporters said these courts would provide early legal intervention intended not to break families apart, but to give them the help they need to stay together and tackle problems that could be causing a child's poor behavior.

Truancy and other troubles at school are indicators in young children that something is going badly in their lives, supporters said.

"This should have been done long ago," said Rep. Kostantinos Diamantis, D-Bristol.

These courts will give struggling families a place to seek help that is less adversarial than criminal court or the state's child welfare system, he said.

James Lawlor, state probate court administrator, attended the meeting to watch. At earlier public hearings on the bill, Lawlor said early intervention by probate courts could nudge a child back on track and determine whether the parents were struggling, overwhelmed, addicted or derelict and in need of help.

In other business, the House approved Rell's choice of former six-term representative Frank P. Prelli of Winsted to be the state agriculture commissioner.

He will replace Bruce Gresczyk, who resigned in March amidst growing criticism from lawmakers and an investigation into two whistleblower complaints filed against him.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

See what happens when "state officials" get a little power under their belt?
This change is way overdo. The only people that ever had a chance were those with $$$ or those with connections.
Ripping children from their families makes them just a pawn for the system. The children always lose in the end.
Hope their actions speak louder than their words IF it actually happens> Thanks for the post~

Sunday, May 29, 2005 7:49:00 PM  

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