Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Why have a firewall installed?


Well there are authorities doing nothing except scanning the Internet for pornography, especially child pornography. So, you don’t them planting their crap on YOUR hard drive.

Planting ‘evidence’ or having images from a spammer or other undesirable sources that have attacked your computer can lead you directly to jail, do not pass GO.

Planting drugs on suspects or a ‘throw away’ gun on a citizen just shot for the ‘fun of it’ is more common than the average citizen can possibly imagine.

Professionalism and dedication is rare in the real world of law enforcement and the courts. It’s about revenue collection, not about criminal correction.

That’s why I’m against any library of DNA for citizens not convicted of any crimes. They can go to their DNA library and plant evidence for open and shut cases. Too many ‘Crime Labs’ have already been exposed for ‘manufacturing evidence.’

A great deal or very high percentage of people arrested and convicted, did do the crime. But, there still is a percentage that are wrongly arrested and ground through the system and abused further for protesting their injustice.

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Mitsubishi abandons employee

Jack’s story one year onOver a year has passed since Jack’s ordeal below began.

What have we learned? Confirmed by other stories on this web site, once convicted it is most difficult to obtain a reversal of the conviction and justice. In addition, if you are forced to plea bargain, especially in the US where it is used as a form of severe coercion, it is virtually impossible subsequently to argue innocence.

Because he was rendered penniless, Jack was not able to launch a counter attack on Mitsubushi who fired him and reported him to the police.

So very little on a personal level for Jack who was imprisoned, paroled, placed on a sex offender’s course, made unemployable – in short his life ruined. But perhaps if he can hold out, something may come out of it for him. More


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