Saturday, June 04, 2005

Accessibility of the Courts


Your access to the courts depends on your wealth and powerful political connections.

If you feel you were wrongly convicted or ruled against in court, the transcripts can cost you more than a thousand dollars at $3/page, before you are even able to hire a lawyer and pay all associated fees.

If you have a dispute with police or other officials, almost all lawyers will not want to take your case as lawyer know they can lose their jobs, family, assets, and freedom, like any other citizen that dare question what is now in America, The Legal Mafia- police, prosecutors, and judges acting together ‘to protect the integrity of the system’ while collecting as much revenue as possible. They have a lot of comfort and perks to lose doing something like actually caring about you or justice.

A judge can openly take your kids away and state on the record it is because of your ancestors’ country of origin. A judge can tell you to go out in the hall take the prosecutor’s deal or you are really going to get it without the benefit of a lawyer and it doesn’t matter if you are guilty or innocent.

Judges and prosecutors have judicial immunity. Little that they do is punished unless they are sloppy when they rape or kill or the case of one judge of using a penis enlargement pump and jerking off under the robe in court!

Most judges are former prosecutors and would rather sentence a citizen to death than to expose obvious police perjury or sloppily manufactured evidence.

Piss off someone powerful, be convenient to frame, be in the wrong place at the wrong time, kiss your ass good-bye.

-Steven G. Erickson aka Vikingas

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What First Amendment Rights in Connecticut?


No. 420 -- August Term, 1994(Submitted: September 22, 1994 Decided: December 29, 1994 )

Docket No. 94-7276

THEODORE KAMASINSKI, on behalf of Himself and Others,

Plaintiff-Appellant,v.JUDICIAL REVIEW COUNCIL, State of Connecticut; JOHN D. LABELLE, Executive Director; WILLIAM S. BROMSON, Chairman; ETHEL S. SOROKIN, Member; EUGENE C. BATEN, Member; SARFIELD G. FORD, Hon., Member; HOWARD J. MORAGHAN, Hon., Member; JAMES M. HIGGINS, Hon., Member; JOHN DONNELLY, Dr., Member; MICHAEL J. DALY, Member; REBECCA S. BREED, Member; RICHARD C. LEE, Member; DANIEL J. MAHANEY, Member,Defendants-Appellees.

Before: VAN GRAAFEILAND, MINER, AND McLAUGHLIN, Circuit Judges.Appeal from a judgment for defendants entered on January 26, 1994 in the United States District Court for the District of Connecticut (Cabranes, then-Chief Judge)* dismissing the complaint, the district court having rejected plaintiff's First Amendment challenge to the confidentiality provisions of the statute governing the proceedings of the Connecticut Judicial Review Council, see Conn. Gen. Stat. § 51-51l.Affirmed. more


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