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Complaining about Crack Cocaine and Heroin

being sold off my front yard and near my Stafford Springs, Connecticut, rental properties caused me to lose these fine pets and much more:

My Rotty/Great Dane/Black Lab mix, Alexandra Posted by Hello

Simona Posted by Hello

Police officers don't want to be forced to fight crime, help downtown kids become productive adults, or to get off their lazy asses, especially in Connecticut.

Should proposing legislation to elected officials and spouting off about police and judicial misconduct in newspapers be so costly?

I ask myself that everyday.

Added June 13, 2005, 10:15 AM EST (links are underlined). The below text was just sent out as a mass email:



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Mon, 13 Jun 2005 07:07:04 -0700 (PDT)

[connecticutcivilrightscouncil] The Connecticut Hall of Shame and Victims of the System

If a state can’t fix its injustice and corruption problem, maybe it is time to call for federal intervention.

The Connecticut courts allowed rich investors and greedy city officials to take homes from the middle class and the poor to displace them for housing for the rich, those able to pay larger taxes. Does it have to take the Supreme Court to intervene for any non-politically connected and non-corrupted Connecticut citizens to actually get justice?

The New London Eminent Domain Story:

Report corruption and abuse in Connecticut Government, in the former Governor Rowland Office, and in DCF, go to prison. The story of Kathleen Dickson a former Pfizer research scientist lodges complaints, then is thrown in a mental hospital, is thrown in prison for two months not told of her charges, intimidated to pleading guilty to false charges, then is made to sign papers that she won’t criticize the government:

Donald Christmas of Enfield, CT, a landlord, got mouthy to reporters about being abused in the courts based on where he lives, downtown, and his occupation, landlord. Donny proposed Civilian Oversight of Police to elected officials and police officers at a town meeting openly threatened Donny with arrest and prison for speaking out at a town meeting! Donny threatened to sue police and Connecticut for civil rights abuses. Donny was attacked on his property by a police officers 16 year old prostitute girlfriend and only Donny faced a year and a half in prison, no deals. His story:

Jeffrey Yeaw learned how out of hand and abusive DCF is having grown up under it. He then lodged complaints against DCF and then his kids were taken away. Jeffrey Yeaw felt his children were being abused and harmed in DCF care and took them from an unsecured, supposedly secure, DCF facility. His story:

Chris Kennedy’s story and more:

The chronology of events that caused me from pursuing the American Dream to living a Connecticut Nightmare I just can’t wake up from:

If a Judge breaks ranks with the Connecticut Injustice System and the Connecticut State Police dishonor guard, the judge faces removal and worse:

The Judge Speziale case:

The Judge Carmen Lopez story:

Are State Police Investigation outcomes for sale? The Heather Specyalski, Neil Esposito, Govenor Rowland story involving a Governor Rowland Crony getting oral sex crashing drunk and Esposito Clan influence to change the outcome of a State Police investigation so they get inheritance money and Specyalski gets nothing and falsely arrested and imprisoned.

Story and Picture:

Why would Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal refuse to return US Congressman Simmons letters and staff phone calls to just take a look at my trial transcripts to see if illegal acts were committed by Judge Jonathan Kaplan and former Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada? Story:

Juries in Connecticut see videotapes of how to find a defendant guilty but not innocent and nothing about reasonable doubt. With Connecticut State Police Perjury and my lawyer being told he wasn’t allowed to defend me, the fact that a Police worker was placed as jury foreman, and the jury saw a ‘jury tampering’ videotape I had no chance in a Connecticut Kangaroo Court. Story of the videotape in the comment section of this post:
(post also contains my picture)

When are laws and the US Constitution going to actually apply in Connecticut?

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson
PO Box 730
Enfield, CT 06083

Cell [snipped]

P.S. I can’t go to a family reunion this July in Minnesota as I am still on probation for being a crime victim on my own property. I haven’t seen these relatives since 1991. I can’t get employment, even loading boxes on a truck with a bogus criminal record. I have been offered insurance work and travel, but can’t take the job as I’m on probation. I can’t pursue my former import/export contacts as I can’t travel and am on probation.

I already have lost my 3 rental houses, 2 I fixed up from a boarded up condition pouring in 100’s of thousands of dollars and years of hard labor. My contracting business of 22 years was lost because of my false arrest and imprisonment.

The response to this email (included with the above)

John Huber wrote:


You are doing everything you know to get justice and to see you kids. Hold them in your heart untill you can hold them in your arms again. May God grant you the serenity to accept the things you cannot change; the courage and strength to change the things you can; and the wisdom to know the difference.

Be well, be safe my friend.

John Huber
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Sent: Sunday, June 12, 2005 11:40 PM

Subject: [f4jnewengland] CORRUPTION Continues with Judge Kaplan and State Prosecutors

On June 6, 2005, in Enfield, CT Criminal Court GA-13, I witnessed the Supervising State Prosecutor, Chris Parakilas lie to a Judge. After a meeting in chambers with the Prosecutor and my Defense attorney, the Judge removed my attorney from my case for the second time when I demanded a jury trial. Two years ago I was arrested by warrant and charged with refusing to return the children to the mother when she was gone for the night with her boyfriend. The police report and the mother's testimony have confirm she wasn't home.

The Supervision Prosecutor Chris Parakilas agreed to dismiss the charges if I completed 8 weeks of counseling, I did, but then he refused. He refused because the Judge Kaplan in my family case called him and ordered him not to dismiss the charges, but to prosecute me for my complaints against him. That was 15 month ago!

Steven Erickson also alleges that for his complaints against Judge Kaplan and the State Police, he was assaulted on his property and arrested by the State Police and sentenced to a year in prison by Judge Kaplan, in retaliation for his complaints.

For two years I have been going to Enfield court every month, over 24 court appearances and denied my repeated demands & rights to trial. Other cases younger than mine have gone to trial. I have witness abuse after abuse of prosecutor punishing minorities based on their lack of understanding of the law and without defense council.


Transcript of February 26, 2004, Judge Jonathan Kaplan, Administrative Judge of Rockville:
"I simply reported to the supervising State's Attorney in the Office, Mr. Parakilas…because he should not be entering a nolle…. He wanted to enter a nolle."

Transcript of June 6, 2005, Chris Parakalis:
"It's all unfounded, I don't know what transpired in GA19 with Judge Kaplan."
The Court: Have you ever represented that the Case was going to be nolled?

Mr. Parakalis: No.

The State Prosecutors in Enfield and Rockville, working with Judge Kaplan, have cost the State of Connecticut over $250,000 in Taxpayers money and Federal funding to maliciously prosecute this case without merit and deprive my children of a father.

My three children have been fatherless for a year and a half, my son has been arrested and I face 10 years in prison, all for my complaint against Judge Kaplan. Who will protect my children from this abuse? What if these were your children?

Chris KennedyEllington, CT 06029


* * * *

* * * *

Does CT Gov. M. Jodi Rell care about undoing the Gov. Rowland Corruption Damage?

The Outrage that should have been acted on back in 1997

The Steven G. Erickson Office, Favorite Links, and Contact Information


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Police officers don't want to be forced to fight crime, help downtown kids become productive adults, or to get off their lazy asses, especially in Connecticut." - VIKINGAS

Since when is it the policemans job to help kids become productive adults?????


Police give me plenty of breaks....just because you harass them doesnt exactly encourage them to help you....dumb ass!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005 5:51:00 PM  
Blogger The Stark Raving Viking said...

When kids and teens are committing crimes IT IS A COP'S JOB to do something.

Two teens were fighting drunk after midnight on my former Stafford Springs Connecticut property. I had complained to police before that about drug dealing.

The police did not arrest either teen that were smashing my windows, fighting, and drunk right in front of police.

One beat a man almost to death blocks away weeks later.

The other teen died in a high speed roll over involving drugs and alcohol. There was also another death.

Those deaths were unnecessary.

Those that own homes and businesses downtown depend on cops to protect and serve all equally.

In Connecticut police must think they are above serving certain citizens.

A woman I was dating was pulled over twice by police and searched twice and told she shouldn't see me anymore.

I had complained about heroin and crack cocaine being sold off and near my property with police not even following up on leads.

I was retaliated on for complaining about crime, not committing crimes.

I spent 100's of thousands of dollars fixing up rental properties and years of my life doing the public good.

Police harassed arrested me, and perjured themselves, and I was sent to prison.

So, I am supposed to be ok with that and shut up about not having anything I worked so hard for, my dog, nor my family.

Anonymous, are you a Connecticut cop?

Wednesday, June 15, 2005 7:53:00 PM  

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