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Ethics and Rowlandgate

A gag order not to expose corruption? Posted by Hello

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1. “No contact with victim, T. Gauvin (DCF) or family”
2. “Physic iatric Treatment deemed appropriate. Including inpatient treatment.”
3. “Take all medication”
4. “Do not post anything critical of the Government without approval of Adult Probation.”
5. “Do not fax any State/Local/Federal Agencies.”


Kathleen Dickson is a former research scientist. She is afflicted with chronic Lyme Disease.

Dickson was critical of the former Governor John G. Rowland administration. Rowland is now in federal prison on charges based on a federal corruption probe that exposed what Dickson was trying to expose in 2003, but received harassment, threats, was committed to a mental hospital, railroaded to prison, and forced to sign a document not to be critical of the government for exposing government and corporate fraud, illegal acts, and misconduct.


A large insurance company is alleged to have bribed and/or influenced numerous Connecticut politicians and other officials into allowing a less accurate Lyme Disease test so that insurance companies would not get a flood of claims. Less people would be diagnosed, so insurance companies would not have to pay out $12,000 per month for a lengthy treatment that actually tackles Lyme Disease. Medications of the ‘preferred’ companies could then put out expensive Lyme Disease medications that didn’t have to be as effective in fighting the disease.

Test kits sold by these pharmaceutical companies are another big moneymaker. Not selling accurate tests means more test kits will be sold …

Ms. Dickson claims that the allegations that landed her in a mental hospital, in prison, and then on probation with a gag order are completely false. If Ms. Gauvin’s allegations are completely false and not substantiated, shouldn’t an investigation of this additional scandal from the former Rowland administration be investigated by the Feds?

After reading 100’s of Kathleen Dickson’s documents I believe she has done absolutely nothing wrong.

Should whistleblowers lose their jobs, homes, friends/family, and the sum total of their life’s work for exposing corporate/government abuse of the public, misconduct, and illegal acts?

Should the rich and powerful be held to different standards and be above the law?

Courts and obtaining justice ISN'T available to average citizens. The courts AREN’T accessible but are merely tools of the rich and powerful to have an air of respectability and legitimacy as they rob us blind and have us railroaded to prison if we the people dare to complain.

Kathleen Dickson's report on some of the Lyme Disease scam on the public PDF

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