Friday, June 17, 2005

The fun of driving an almost 2 decade old vehicle

Out for a drive with my 1978 Silver Anniversary L-82 4 sp Chevrolet Corvette Posted by Hello

I used to have a 1978 L-82 Corvette with a 4 sp. I fixed just about everything on the car and really enjoyed driving it. I had to lose this car and much for having complained about the corrupt behavior of police, prosecutors, and judges. I guess they didn’t like what I wrote in newspapers and the laws I proposed to elected officials, as perjury of officers was needed to railroad me to prison.

I now drive a rusted out work van:

Gas pedal doesn't work so a rope will do to avoid a having to pay for a tow truck. Posted by Hello

Taking motor cover off inside van Posted by Hello

Not too long ago I was coming up on road construction and the two lane road with opposing traffic was reduced to one lane with a police officer directing traffic. The accelerator stuck and my van started barreling towards the cop. I had good breaks and the cop knew that something had just gone wrong with my vehicle.

It was in Massachusetts so I didn’t have a life altering event seeing a cop and having him see me.

I pulled the cover off the motor, noticed the return spring for the accelerator had broken, so I grabbed my tool box, an extra spring, and a pair of needle nose pliers and I was on my way in 10 minutes.

I was driving a couple of days ago, again in Massachusetts and the accelerator cable broke and the engine would only idle and I couldn’t go anywhere. I took the cover off the engine and then used a rope as a lanyard next to the carburetor to make the van go. I pulled out into traffic using the rope.

Before having lodged complaints about rogue, asshole Connecticut officials breaking laws and ruing lives, I could buy new vehicles and had credit, no more.

I got off lucky compared to some. I didn't face decades in prison, I wasn't sent to a mental hospital for pissing off asshole officials, and although my daughter has little to do with me since I was railroaded to prison I didn't go through the DCF crap a whole number of people have unnecessarily.


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