Monday, June 20, 2005

Is the Only way to even have a prayer at justice in America is to sue?

Lodge complaints against a corporation or official and your ass might just be grass. Very few 'little people' get justice in America. A fair shake is getting harder and harder to find.

Taking away our ability to sue those that ruin our lives will be the writing on the wall that the US is a police state and no longer a good place to live. I wouldn't no where to go, but if speaking out means being thrown in prison, there has to be other places in the world more conducive to Free Speech and Freedom.

A story of one man's saga against a corporate giant:

Russell Rich has in out with McDonald's Posted by Hello

Second trial pitting AIDS patient vs. McDonald's set to begin

CLEVELAND, Ohio (AP) -- It was tradition in Russell Rich's family that every Friday night his dad would take the kids to McDonald's.

Rich recalls gazing through the window of the local old-style McDonald's -- the kind with the big golden arches and no indoor seating -- and dreaming of flipping burgers like the workers inside.

He started working the cash register at age 13 and put in 21 years with the hamburger giant, eventually becoming a corporate manager. Then, he contends, he was pressured to resign in 1997 because he has AIDS.

Left without health insurance, Rich said he nearly died from the illness. In 1999, he became so sick and despondent that he sat in his garage with the car running. He began to feel the sting of the carbon monoxide, then got out of the car.

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