Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Big Lie

A Hall of Shame? Posted by Picasa

Back in around the time of the WTC disaster, before, and after it was well known that drug distribution of crack cocaine and heroin financed terrorists and other criminals acting against and to destroy America and the American, Free way of life. Did police and the courts aid and abet this, or help fight against it, and do they still? The answer may surprise you.

At the time of 9-11 police officers threatened me with arrest and told me to leave the state of Connecticut or else for complaining about crack cocaine and heroin being sold off my front yard 24 hours a day by teens swilling beer out of lawn chairs and by their older counterpart adult common criminal parasites, underage and adult prostitutes operating openly, drunk teens smashed my windows and fought sometimes right in front of police after midnight, and those that broke into local businesses and home could openly fence stolen merchandise, and I gave the names of teens that were robbing and beating those walking with baseball bats without the Connecticut State Police or Stafford Police being interested in following up on leads.

I couldn’t operate my rental properties if I didn’t get any police protection and service. I was being threatened by local and state police for ‘interfering’ with police for reporting criminals by name, crimes, and drug dealing. What!!!???


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