Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Curry on Corruptikut

Corporate Crime Reporter
18 Corporate Crime Reporter 3(8), January 19, 2004


In Connecticut, Governor John Rowland’s administration is being threatened with the worst public corruption scandal in the state’s history.

Three Connecticut mayors and the state’s treasurer already have been sent to prison.

The Governor’s former deputy chief of staff pled guilty to accepting gold coins in return for government contracts. He reportedly buried the gold coins in his back yard.

Governor Rowland has confessed that he allowed private corporations to renovate his cottage in Litchfield.

He first told the citizens of Connecticut that he paid for the hot tub and the cathedral ceilings – but later admitted that he lied.

He didn’t pay for them – the state contractors paid for them.

The state legislature has organized to investigate the Governor for a possible impeachment.

Bill Curry, the Democratic gubernatorial nominee who lost to Rowland in 1998 and 2002, now calls Connecticut “the most corrupt state in the nation.”


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'Juney Jails' Scam?

Link's visit to the cottage coincides with the time when state officials were awarding Tomasso's construction company the contract to build the $50 million Long Lane juvenile center for boys in Middletown. The timing hasn't escaped federal investigators, sources said.



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