Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Domestic Violence Involving Police Officers

Sometimes their 'buds' throw a blind eye, help terrorize the victim, and in rare cases turn the officer in for police misconduct or even arrest the officer.

Accused Trooper Gets Desk Work
Faces Charge Linked To Restraining Order
July 27, 2005 By GREGORY SEAY, Hartford Courant Staff Writer

A state trooper whose estranged wife claims he threatened her with a gun has been relieved of his badge and sidearm and is charged with violating a restraining order, authorities said Tuesday.

Michael E. Rondinone, 34, a former Middletown police officer who joined state police in 2001, is free on $2,500 bail pending an Aug. 26 appearance in Superior Court in Middletown. He was arrested Saturday by East Hampton police.

A state police spokesman, Sgt. J. Paul Vance, said Rondinone, who is assigned to the Troop I Barracks in Bethany, has been temporarily assigned to administrative duties pending the outcome of the criminal complaint.

Vance said Rondinone isn't being handled any differently in the wake of a fatal incident June 15 in the parking lot of a Middletown courthouse in which retired State Trooper Michael Bochicchio Jr. fatally shot his estranged wife and wounded her lawyer before killing himself.

Reached Tuesday, Rondinone, a Middletown resident who served eight years with the Middletown police, referred questions to his attorney and to state police.Family court records indicate Rondinone's estranged wife, Marlo Rondinone, 43, of Hog Hill Road in East Hampton, was granted a restraining order against her husband after she filed for divorce in February. The couple, married in Springfield in 2003, have two daughters, aged 2 and 1.

According to an affidavit Marlo Rondinone filed with the court, her estranged husband was verbally and physically abusive after he moved out on Feb. 5. She claimed in court papers that he had previously threatened her with his handgun.

"Because he is a state trooper and has a gun, I fear for my life during his violent, uncontrollable outbursts and threats," her affidavit says.

In a Feb. 20 incident, Michael Rondinone came to their house about 1:30 p.m. and threatened that if his wife didn't give him what he wanted, he "will blow my head off," the affidavit says.

He began slinging papers, a dish and other items that were on a counter onto the floor, then grabbed and shook her.

Another time, she claims in papers, he punched her in her upper arm.

Marlo Rondinone could not be reached Tuesday for comment.

According to court records, Marlo Rondinone was also the subject of a restraining order request.

Salvatore Salafia of Middletown, Marlo Rondinone's first husband, last November sought a restraining order against his former wife after she allegedly verbally harassed and threatened him during their 11-year-old daughter's weekend visit at his home.

Courant Staff Writer Josh Kovner contributed to this story.

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