Monday, July 04, 2005

An email into me regarding the Lyme Disease Big Business Fraud:


Subject :
Welcome to Rowlandgate and

Corresponding with another BigBusiness harassment victim

Dear Ms. Rose,

Interesting story. I exposed the FRAUD of
Lyme disease and Yale's bogus LymeRIX vaccine
and my "treatment" was to have my kids kidnapped
by CT DCF and given to a "sociopath" (not libel
or slander, since that's what he was diagnosed
as by our marriage counselor).

Then the CT DCF criminally charged me with the
same insane perjury and psychotic assertions
invented by the DCF "prosecutor" and a YALE
Psychiatrist determined I was insane to be
saying I was innocent.

I can't be sued for slander or libel, since
everything I say is true. The Lyme FRAUDS
are criminals, and committed scientific fraud.

They did not report adverse LymeRIX events to

LymeRIX and ImmuLyme were never shown to
prevent borreliosis, yet they both claimed
78% and 92% safe and effective vaccines.

But they actually could not even read their
Western Blot Lyme tests, and the CDC's criteria
for the serodiagnosis of Lyme is TOTAL SCIENTIFIC

I say this stuff right to the CDC's director.
In writing.

They can't touch me for saying stuff that
isn't true. Instead CDC is protecting their
crooked former CDC employees, Allen Steere and
Alan Barbour, and all CDC does, is continue to lie.

Note that in Jan 2004, CDC's Paul Mead, in preparation
to answer our Attorney General, said there was
"no substitute for sound clinical judgment" as
regards the diagnosis of Lyme.

That's because they know their testing for Lyme
is bogus. Notice also that this CDC statement
about the testing is on the DHHS's website and
not on the CDC's website:
He would not dare to lie to the CT AG in a public
report is known to Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal

The Lyme racketeering ring includes Kaiser,, Yale, SmithKline, L2
Diagnostics, Imugen, Dave Persing (formerly Mayo
Clinic) and Corixa Corp.,
Allen Steere (Harvard)
Alan Barbour (UCAL)
Lenny Sigal (? Left the bogus non-profit R Wood Johnson)
Eugene Shapiro (Yale)
Gary Wormser (NYMC,
John Nowakowski
Edward McSweegan (NIH)
Durland Fish, and everyone employed by Yale
Henry Feder (UCONN)
Larry Zemel (UCONN)
Phil Baker (NIAID)
The testing for Lyme is off-the-charts bogus.
They left OspA and B out of the standard testing for
Lyme, by using a weakened high-passage strain of G39/40.
NIH said not to do that, because high passage
results in the expression of OspB-A plasmid, among
others, and Yale mentions this in their OspA (LymeRIX
patent). This was becuase they wanted a monopoly
on the Lyme testing: Corixa, L2 Diagnostics, Imugen.
We think Allen Steere might be part owners of
Imugen. No one ever has a positive result from
Imugen. That would be on purpose.
Imugen then sends your blood to Corixa in
Washington State to look for new vector borne
diseases, but you, the patient, get nothing.
Especially, not treatment. They don't want
*anyone* treated for Lyme. This is scientific
fraud and medical negligence.
'Which is why the ALDF disclaims medical negligence,
but the CDC lists them as one of their primary
So, Quackwatch is bogus. Just like Ed McSweegan (Chuck)
"watches the Lyme newsgroup..." see if anyone has discovered that Lyme is not
a "controversy" but scientific fraud.
These guys are so bad, they are willing to have
people accused of Munchausens and Munchausen's
by proxy, if damaged by Lyme or LymeRIX, and that
is a PUBLISHED INSTRUCTION. The book that that is
published in is in the US Attorney's office in
New Haven.
The only problem with the US Attorney in New Haven
is that he is a Rowlandgate appointee. His wife
worked in Rowland's legal office during Rowlandgate.
Rowlandgate was about DCF, and jail-building,
CT probably has the highest incarceration rate of
children in the entire world, since it is the
highest in the US. That was the Rowlandgate crime.
They wanted to build a national chain of prisons
and pediatric prisons. Rowland was a National
Security advisor to George W. Bush, he claimed.
Rowland protected Yale and their FRAUDS, and he
protected the Insurance Industry, since his criminal
friends worked in the insurance industry, and Hartford
is the Insurance Capitol of Planet Earth.
Yale and Insurance, and the highest incarceration
rate of children in the world. You get the idea:
Deny all care, incarcerate everyone who is a nuisance,
drop Social Security, create slave labor camps.
The same Rowlandgate criminals who worked for CIGNA
were involved in the extra kidnapping of children
crime, for which Rowland is now in jail.
Blumenthal suing these criminals, including the
former DCF Commissioner:
Whoops, not that one, that one is the abuse of these
children in the Rowlandgate DCF pediprison.
I mean this one:
Because I said all these TRUE things, I was
treated to 8 months in jail, false allegations,
false arrest, etc. Guess who determined I was insane?
Tough to figure out. You need to find a decent US
Attorney. Write to James Comey and contact the FBI.
They knows all about the Lyme crimes.
If they find out you have been similarly harassed
they might expand their investigations through the
Patriot Act, just like hopefully they will investigate
the criminals who are harassing you, like Chuck P McSweegan
and Quackwatch. In the case of "LymeRIX disease" we're
hoping they take down KAISER PERMANENTE, since they
apparently help set up the bogus non-profit, the
American Lyme Disease Foundation at New York Medical
Note that Kaiser is TRAINING MDs at Valhalla.
We know what that training is: Tell everyone who complains
of Chronic Fatiguing illness that they are nuts, don't
run any valid testing, and then drop the insurance
for these people for a diagnosis of CRAZY.
Uncle Sam can pick up the tab, a la Social Security.
Imagine how much Kaiser is worth, especially when
you factor in all the wealth in the shell companies
and bogus medical schools on various off shore
islands, like what the Welds have done. And
especially when you factor in their other investments
in Oil and Timber and other rare raw material$
and natural resource$ (Wolfowitz is a chemist, so
he knows about such things).
David Weld was the head of the ALDF, and William
Weld, his brother and former Republican Massachusetts
governor, was interested in "reintroducing prisoners to
the joys of busting rocks." Peter Ellef wanted to
build all his National DCF-Rowlandgate Jails in
old stone quarries. You get the idea- sell these
rocks to Ellef Junior, to use in his landscaping
company, and for Ellef's high end garden centers,
which he also had visions of creating, after his
Rowlandgate Crimes Career.
There is probably a good reason you are being
harassed by these guys. Like you have revealed
the truth.
Welcome to the Big Business Harassment Victims Club.


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