Thursday, July 21, 2005

Email sent to U.S. Congressman Simmons


Dear Congressman Simmons,
Subject: The Patriot Act

With all due respect, the Patriot Act in my opinion is neither Patriotic, nor American.

The Act is too big and should be separated into various components, not be so broad, so that each aspect can be considered. There is not ‘save all’ single legislation. There never was and never can be a single act that preserves America, but there is one act that wreck America permanently, the Patriot Act.

100% of the average hard working, honest, taxpaying, homeowner, parents that I am aware of that have complained about heroin or crack cocaine dealers not being targeted by police, complain about the unfairness in the courts, lodge complaints against an official committing crimes, whistleblowers on corruption, those that threaten to sue for civil rights abuses, those speaking about the corrupt government practices in newspapers, those trying to make the government and the courts operate honestly, efficiently, and in the public interest, those proposing legislation to elected officials requiring officials and police to be held responsible for misconduct and inappropriate behavior, and those expecting America to be run Constitutionally have faced at the bare minimum, police threats and harassment.

Police Officers act illegally to cause honest citizens to lose or flee their homes and tell their employers to let them go. Others have been arrested, thrown in prison, losing their families, retirement, home, and the sum total of their lives, becoming instead of assets and the backbone of a community, are now living at taxpayers expense never to rebuild their illegally shattered lives.

The citizen abuse and the Patriot Act does not make sense for financial reasons and because the act is nothing our founding forefathers would have had any part in, should be axed.

We the people deserve America intact and the ability to be free and pursue happiness, mentor and raise our own children in a moral way not have our children ripped from our arms to be placed in an abusive, immoral state run facility. We deserve the right to pursue independent employment, not have our homes taken away for an arbitrary reason or for the lining of pockets of the criminal connected corporate elite.

Former Governor John G. Rowland obstructed justice, lied, committed perjury, ran Connecticut like a Mafia organization, ripped off taxpayers, hatched multi million dollar Enron style scams, conspired to maximize the misery of families by taking as many kids away as possible to scam federal dollars and was allegedly a party to making pediatric prisons or “Juvie Jails” a nationwide scam and abuse of humanity. Rowland’s criminal cronies are still in power and running the show.

Millions of dollars of taxpayer money has been misappropriated to run harassing police investigations, malicious prosecutions, and the exploding number of Connecticut Kangaroo Court cases. Taxpayers and parents are being taken offline in alarming numbers.

Does that kind of abuse foster faith in the system?

Should Americans have to leave America to be Free AND American?

The Patriot Act abused or used by John G. Rowland style criminals would squash the media exposing official corruption and would allow the covert ruining of whistleblowers.

Former Governor John G. Rowland could still be Governor if his criminal organization was more experienced at using the provisions of the Patriot Act.

The Patriot Act is designed to allow criminals such as former Governor John G. Rowland to stay in power and continue to cost taxpayers more and more of their hard earned dollars while taking more and more of OUR God given rights.

The Patriot Act is for abuse of Americans, not to protect Americans.

Please help end the wholesale abuse of Americans, ask that the Patriot Act be repealed.

If a doctor cuts off the wrong limb, he or she is financially and legally liable.

Elected Officials, unelected officials, police, prosecutors, and judges should not be written a blank check to break the law and piss on our U.S. Constitution as they are currently doing, especially in Connecticut. Please excuse my language as I feel officials are wrecking America while thumbing their noses at the core of America, average taxpayers.

There is absolute lawlessness and immorality in ALL 3 BRANCHES of Connecticut State Government and it can only get worse if there isn’t oversight. The rest of American can follow Connecticut’s lead into chaos and ruin.

I believe you carry the U.S. Constitution around in your pocket because you believe in we the people and wish to uphold the honor of America itself.

I believe you to be honorable and willing to do the honorable thing regardless of what other less moral politicians would want or be willing to do.

I am posting this letter to you on the Internet because I think it is important to get the word out. Americans are counting on you, Mr. Rob Simmons.

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson
PO Box 730
Enfield, CT 06083

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