Sunday, July 31, 2005

An Email to CPS:


To whom it may concern:

Is criminal behavior, perjury, rape, robbery, murder, assaulting, terrorizing, and stalking citizens allowed by the top brass in the Connecticut State Police and with Connecticut State Police Internal Affairs?

If crack cocaine and heroin dealing directly finance terrorists are police helping them with their financing?

Are police party to the wholesale breaking up of families for the $90,000 per child allegedly the state is able to collect in federal dollars for each child ripped from his/her parents arms? Is there a push to maximize arrests and confinement of fathers for federal dollars for handing restraining orders against men out like candy and throwing as many citizens as possible, guilty of crimes or not, for the $74/inmate/day for as many citizens as can be packed into prisons are packed into prisons whether they fit or not?

Is it policy in Connecticut to hide inmates from federal investigators investigating abuse and horrid conditions:

Are taxpayers supposed to foot the bill for State Police to terrorize, investigate, stalk, maliciously prosecute, and falsely hold Americans that are whistleblowers that expose police misconduct, corruption, and flagrant violations of laws and the US Constitution by officials living off of tax dollars?

I tested Free Speech, and found out we don’t have rights if they’re not protected. Some of what I lost and pictures:

Pictures of some youths beaten and/or injured by Connecticut Police and more:

Should those that expose corporate/government corruption have her kids taken away, be arrested, maliciously prosecuted, thrown in a mental hospital, held months without being told what she is charged with, and then made to sign an agreement not to be critical of government and officials? What!!!???
The Kathleen Dickson saga:

I accused Troop C Tolland Troopers, Amaral, Langlais, Mulcahey, Sgt. Sticca, and former Connecticut State Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada of lying, filing false police reports, police misconduct, harassment, collusion, perjury, and/or high crimes and misdemeanors here:

Names named, and the former #2 post when you put, “Governor Rowland” in a yahoo search engine:

The number 3 post when you google “Governor M. Jodi Rell”:

Google, “Connecticut State Police Misconduct”:

I am posting this letter here:

And here:

Christopher Kennedy, an Ellington Connecticut homeowner, father, law abiding citizen, and taxpayer, accused Connecticut Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan and Prosecutor Parakilas of acting inappropriately, perjury, and then about a day or two of accusing a Connecticut State Police Officer of misconduct, complaining to Lt. Fox of Troop C, Tolland State Police, was told to turn himself in and now face up to 33 years in prison for arrests and charges he would have not received had he not lodged complaints against a police officer and others. Posted here:

More links:

From what I understand getting in the way of heroin and crack cocaine dealing and other crimes that help Connecticut State Police collect as much revenue as possible, and for maximum confiscation of assets, cash, and property is considered “interfering with police”, threatening to sue police for civil rights abuses, embarrassing police in newspapers, proposing Civilian Oversight of Police to elected officials, and/or lodging complaints against police, prosecutors, and judges and other thin skinned officials acting in illegal collusion is an excuse to follow a citizen around, threaten, stalk, investigate, terrorize, arrest, maliciously, prosecute, tamper with witnesses, manufacture evidence, tamper with juries and trials, and cause political prisoners held illegally in Connecticut prisons to get further abuse and risk to their lives with Connecticut’s wholesale cruel and unusual punishments:

I understand having an opinion contrary to a police officer’s opinion is probable cause for arrests and throwing a citizen in jail, so please call or email me for being arrested for testing Free Speech again.

I told Rowland off in maybe his first letter in prison here:

I told Arthur L. Spada and John G. Rowland to go F themselves and eat excrement by email and then posted in on the Internet while both still held officials positions, here:

I posted a letter to current Police Commissioner Leonard C. Boyle here:
and here:

An open letter to Connecticut Chief Justice Sullivan:

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal refused to write or call back US Congressman Simmons and/or his staff for simply asking he read my trial transcripts for my October 2002 Kangaroo Trial at Rockville Court.
Why haven’t I been sued for making such serious accusation? If a citizen’s complaint against a police officer is 1/10 of 1 percent in error, isn’t that citizen arrested for making a false statement to police and other charges.

Letter to Bush:

Registered letters to Gov. M. Jodi Rell and Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal:

Surely, since you have unlimited funds, possibly millions of dollars to spend on examining the over 2000 posts I have posted for a grammatical or other slight error to throw me away for life as a terrorist or even come up with a plan to set me up?

Are Connecticut State Police investigation outcomes for sale?:

Are Judges that expose State Police misconduct and shoddy investigations subject to police harassment, being removed or forced to retire or resign:

If police aren’t required to obey laws and have no quality control, even if 99% of its members are straight up, good police officers, you are all considered a bunch of jackbooted thugs operating like Mafia.

If police officers, prosecutors, and judges can perjure themselves, manufacture evidence, tamper with witnesses, omit evidence, arrest and imprison at their will, then we live in a Police State and elected officials are mere puppets.

Qualified immunity and no civilian oversight means you are wrecking American as our forefathers intended, wrecking families, ruining lives, the US economy, and the perceptions of America, worldwide.

Officers, prosecutors, and judges that break the law need to be adequately investigated, prosecuted, and imprisoned, or are you all first class and we, 2nd, and subject to royal whims?

I spent 100’s of thousands of dollars fixing up boarded up downtown Connecticut rental properties and you police and members of the judiciary skipped over criminals, drug dealers, prostitutes, common criminal parasites, thieves, child molesters, and other scum FOR YEARS to target me for arrests and prison.

Good Ole Boy Network:

Donald Christmas also a landlord, that also spouted off to reporters about abuse by police and in the courts, also threatened to sue police, also proposed Civilian Oversight of Police, was also attacked on his property by a law breaking police pet, where only he faced a year and a half in prison not his assailant:

I will do all I can to expose your lies, abuse, and illegal behavior.

You’ll have to kill me as long as I have a keyboard to type on, a pen and paper, and a voice I can speak with, I WILL NOT EVER SHUT UP, if you want me shut up.

I tested Free Speech, was falsely arrested, lost my home, retirement, credit, dog, family, career, network of friends, business contacts, the ability to have and own firearms, travel internationally, ability to have faith in government, courts, and police somehow owe over $10,000 in taxes with fees, penalties, and interest mounting for no legitimate reason.

So either come get me or ask me to turn myself in on some trumped up charges and arrest me, arrange a hit on me, or why don’t you possibly act in an unexpected way, act honestly to clean up your own act, arresting the police officers, prosecutors, and judge that violated laws and the US Constitution?

Is your sacred oath valid or is the blue code of silence and retaliation, police policy?

-Steven G. Erickson
PO Box 730
Enfield, CT 06083

* * * *

The Connecticut State Police Official website


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