Friday, July 29, 2005

Epidemic of Abuse


DCF Supervisor Arrested, Suspended

COLIN POITRAS Hartford Courant Staff Writer
July 29 2005

A Department of Children and Families social worker is accused of fabricating
evidence and tampering with a witness in a child endangerment case in Hartford earlier this year.

Valerie M. Miles, a social work supervisor in DCF's Hartford office, turned herself in and was arrested about 2 p.m. Thursday. She was released on $10,000 bail pending an appearance in Superior Court scheduled for Aug. 11 in Hartford.

Hartford police were not releasing any further details and DCF officials were
reluctant to comment on the matter.

It was unclear Thursday whether the charges related to one of Miles' child abuse and neglect investigations at work or to an incident in her personal life.

Miles, 48, lives at 53 Dogwoood Road, Plainville.

Hartford police said the charges were based on an incident involving the risk of injury to a child at 296 Hudson St. in Hartford on May 27. Miles was charged with two counts of fabricating physical evidence and one count of witness tampering.

Miles was placed on paid administrative leave on July 7, said DCF spokesman Gary Kleeblatt.

State records show her current salary is about $103,000 a year. Miles has worked at DCF for 16 years.

"We're cooperating with police," Kleeblatt said.

"This is under investigationand we will take appropriate disciplinary action as warranted up to and including termination."

"Allegations of this nature are extremely troubling and we are going to take them very seriously," Kleeblatt said.

Miles could not be reached for comment Thursday.

She is represented by West Hartford attorney Leon M. Rosenblatt. He also was reluctant to discuss thedetails of the case.

"It is in fact true that she surrendered to a warrant today," Rosenblatt said."Beyond that, stay tuned."

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Proof that US Courts are racist and abusive

The Steven G. Erickson aka Vikingas Office, Favorite Links, and Contact information

How do I tie in?
Does a pattern of official abuse become obvious in my case and that of others?

Are those lodging complaints against DCF or DSS arrested and face prison?:

Ms. Scruggs threatens to sue for her son's suicide, is arrested and railroaded to prison

Wife a millionaire, divorced father a pauper, does the Bill Mulready case speak volumes about gender bias and abuse of men in the courts? Do men almost automatically lose their credit, small businesses, rights, retirement, and sometimes freedom just for being a father in divorce and custody proceedings?

Chris Kennedy was forced to close his small business, lost his children for lodging complaints, and now faces 33 years in prison for complaining about police, prosecutorial, and judicial misconduct.
Is it typical for men to be abused in court, and thrown in prison if they complain as 'normal' divorce litigation in court. Why are civil matters turned into criminal matters when it involve's father's rights?

What happens when the father is deemed the better parent, the kids are then taken and abused by DCF, and the father dares complain?
The Jeffrey Yeaw story


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