Tuesday, July 05, 2005

"Ethics ... Smethics ..."

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Governor's Task Force on Contracting Reform
(in Connecticut)

I'm not questioning the governor, but am conserned about the ethics of some of the ethics of members on the commission.

Chief State's Attorney Christopher Morano is on the ethics commission. Should Christopher Morano complain to himself about himself regarding ethical misconduct?

From Jan 9, 2005

You Me and the Death Penalty”—Northeast Magazine, Hartford Courant

“….I thought of this affair as the ultimate farce of Connecticut justice until I involved myself in the more recent Haddam-Killingworth bus arson case.

The torching of $500,000 worth of school buses in 1994 led police to a teenager named David Saraceno. A 10-hour, high-pressure state police interrogation forced false admissions that were neither written down at the time nor recorded.

Saraceno was convicted and imprisoned but later released after a private investigation discovered that the prosecutor was protecting four other young men who almost certainly did the crime. The chief state's attorney's office uncomfortably joined the defense in a motion to overturn Saraceno's conviction.

This should have freed the youth from further jeopardy. Instead, in 1999, under threat of extending the legal nightmare that had already cost his parents $100,000, Saraceno accepted guilt for "hindering prosecution by falsely confessing.

"Under the statute of limitations, the state had allowed the five-year window for prosecuting the known suspects to close. No one except the wrong man did jail time for the crime.

The law officer most responsible for compelling Saraceno to declare it was all his fault is Chief State's Attorney Christopher Morano. Yet I believe him to be quite good at his job, as are most of our lawmen most of the time.

They protect us bravely.

It is only their inability to admit and correct mistakes in high-profile cases that throws them off the true course of justice.

“Would Rell lose face by changing her mind, just as Ribicoff changed his, although in the other direction? I leave it to a bit of verse from the 1960s, urging America to call off the bombings in Vietnam, by Danish scientist and poet Piet Hein:

The noble art of losing face

May someday save the human race

And turn into eternal merit

What weaker minds would call disgrace.”

----Donald S. Connery of Kent is writing a history of miscarriages of justice. Copyright 2005, Hartford Courant

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Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell shaking hands with Steven G. Erickson 12:15 PM EST July 1, 2005 Posted by Picasa

I brought up Chris Kennedy.

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Ethics and Rowland-gate


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