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Bits of homeland stupidity
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I’ve been holding on to a few bits of homeland stupidity for a slow news day, but I don’t think we’re going to get a slow news day anytime soon. So here they are.

Summit, N.J. kicked a homeless man out of a train station, saying the Patriot Act allowed them to do it. He then filed a lawsuit challenging the action. “Unless they’ve been smoking those funny cigarettes, I can’t see how my civil lawsuit has anything to do with the Patriot Act,” said Richard Kreimer.

Rhode Island has passed a bill protecting medical marijuana patients and sent it to the governor for signature, who promptly vetoed the bill. Support for the bill was so overwhelming that the veto override has already passed the Senate and is expected to pass the House.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services objects to the publication of scientific research on how terrorists might poison the nation’s milk supply.

Ronald Bailey of Reason argues that suppressing scientific research will not improve homeland security.

The Transportation Security Administration loses over $300 million to waste and fraud.

I don’t know who they called in Iowa City or why the call cost $526.95, but I know they didn’t call me.

In the wake of the Kelo v. New London eniment domain decision, several cities are moving forward with plans to seize property from homeowners and small businesses to transfer it to large business development projects.

The CIA has been secretly inserting students into university classes to train them for careers in espionage.

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