Saturday, July 30, 2005

Politicians and their cronies profit by putting as many children and adults in detention centers as possible

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There are videos of children being abused by guards at the children detention centers. I’m not aware of those Connecticut DCF guards being punished.

More and more kids are being taken away. To test and break kids they are thrown in cells naked and observed on a ‘suicide watch’, beaten, and broken too often. Children have the greatest chance of being abused, raped, and killed in State care than with their parents.

‘Juvie Jails’ are being built at an alarming rate by states to suck up as much of your federal tax dollars as possible. A figure of $90,000 per child taken away from parents is a bounty to take away as many kids as possible.

Former Governor Rowland and his cohorts in various departments allegedly conspired to take this nightmare national in a McDonald’s style franchise of pediatric prisons. Good thing a small handful are being punished on other corruption related federal charges.

We are supposedly a free nation and violent crime keeps going down, yet from 1980 to 1999 prison capacities have increased ten fold, and there has been an explosion of growth of prison beds since. Prison libraries have been scrapped and prison lunch areas are used as a mass cell for incoming inmates to sleep packed in as sardines for states to collect as many times as possible the approximate $74/day/inmate. Married couples, who argue loudly, are arrested, put on probation, or filling cells when they happen to violate probation. Father’s late on child support gives states quick money by throwing men in jail, but hurts our nation, families, quality of life in the long run.

I saw a Channel 8 Connecticut news video in late 2002 or early 2003 where a group of guards beat a man to death as he was tied in 5 point restraints unable to move. I have not heard of any of the guards being prosecuted for murder.

The prison system is a business.

Prisons building is a scam where politicians and their corporate cronies are getting rich at your expense, while taking away your rights and freedoms.

It is time for you sheeple to wake up.

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