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John Dibiase, Jr. (left) and Chris Kennedy on the left in front of Hartford Court on Lafyette St. Posted by Picasa (picture taken at 9:15 AM EST today)

Chris Kennedy of Ellington Connecticut was a little miffed when the charges were thrown out against his wife for having stabbed him and she was then awarded sole custody of their 3 children.

Chris is a mechanical engineer with a professional manner to match, a good father.

Accusing Connecticut Judge Jonathan Kaplan and Prosecutor Chris Parakilas of retaliation and/or perjury in cases against Chris Kennedy has caused Chris to be facing a maximum of 33 years in prison.

Risk of Injury to a minor allegedly involving yelling in front of his kids was the first felony arrest. He is facing 10 years plus on that charge.

After Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell’s legal staffer, Kevin Rasch, sent out a letter asking what was going on in the Chris Kennedy’s case to the head of DCF, the Chief State’s Attorney and others, and after Chris went to Troop C, Tolland Connecticut to lodge a complaint against a State Trooper who allegedly bashed him repeatedly with a clip board, Chris was told to turn himself into Hartford Court to face perjury and manufacturing evidence charges, facing two decades or more of possible prison in addition to the other cases pending.

Chris believes he would not have ever been arrested had he not complained about illegal behavior of a judge, prosecutors, and a police officer.

It has been reported in newspapers recently that a man responsible for tormenting a retarded man causing his death was given 3 years probation. I also read when I was in prison for having overreacted to being beaten during a robbery attempt in my dark driveway that a repeat offender guilty of sexual assault got probation as well as an armed robber that got ten years probation, NO PRISON. What!!!???

Solid taxpaying citizens that have saved money, maintained good credit, worked hard, mentored and loved their children for decades are now being harassed, threatened, arrested, and thrown in prison for exposing misdeeds of police, members of the judiciary, and other officials.

Productive citizens pay taxes and contribute to society. Does breaking up families, wrecking lives, and ruining productive citizens make sense?

The Connecticut economy in trouble, says volumes.

Would you want to move to a state where you could lose all you have ever worked for, your home, family, job, pets, and worldly possessions could disappear in a flash?

If I had stayed in Massachusetts, Vermont, or even over in Lithuania I think I would still have had credit, ability to buy a home, travel, and pursue happiness would still be intact.

Instead I lived a Connecticut nightmare.

As Chris Kennedy and so many other citizens in Connecticut live through the same nightmare, maybe things will have to change or people will leave Connecticut in a mass exodus.

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added July 2, 2005, at 7 AM EST:

High Bonds

Placing an unusually high bond on a person means they will have to stay in jail a year or so. This is harassment, bias, and absolute unfairness all in one.

The bond of Chris Kennedy was $50,000 and the prosecutor and/or others in Chris Kennedy’s case were diligent in trying to make the bond $500,000.

If you follow the trends in most cases, you’ll realize Mr. Kennedy’s bond would have been way out of whack at $500,000. Should Chris Kennedy have ever been arrested for anything so far?

Kennedy has been arrested 3 times to date.

Most people don’t have that kind of money or assets, so a bail bondsman gets 10% of your bond to bond you out. That is not refundable. Families and minorities are hardest hit.

You are at risk of losing your job, home, car, investments, retirement, credit, pets, and the sum total of your life's work. There is a huge incentive to plead guilty to bogus charges just to be free and get the minumum fines and/or imprisonment to go on with life.

Judge Howard Scheinblum tells defendants that they are to take the prosecutor’s deal, often with no counsel present, to take the deal “or else” really get nailed. This is not even Constitutional and the Connecticut judge is still on the bench even though that judge’s misconduct and illegal behavior is widely reported.

If any kind of study were taken, it would be found that any citizen that lodges complaints or is up against a politically connected citizen, the ‘victim’ has absolutely no luck in court and get the maximum inconvenience, fines, and/or prison time.

I was in prison and it is filled mostly with minorities and many are saying they wish to leave Connecticut for a state not so full of harassment and unfairness. Is that the plan of officials in Connecticut to rid the state of as many minorities as is possible?

Chris Kennedy had alleged Judicial, Prosecutorial, and Police Misconduct and THEN was arrested on perjury charges. Chris Kennedy claims he has proof there is perjury involving Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan and/or Prosecutor Chris Perakilas in cases involving Mr. Kennedy.

A prosecutor or judge would use all of their power to keep their jobs, to keep from being arrested, and/or prosecuted. The abuse of Citizens in Connecticut and other states begs for Civilian Oversight of the Courts, Police, and other institutions that restrict rights and imprison people.

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added July 5, 2005, 8 AM EST (at request of George Mason):

Connecticut Portal
Find emails, info, etc. of the 3 branches of CT government
Find info on your state or on National Government and Agencies

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Blogger George Mason said...

Is it possible to have an email link to legislators of CT and maybe a "template" to quickly communicate our frustration with the government of CT by "WE THE PEOPLE"

Monday, July 04, 2005 12:08:00 PM  

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