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White Collar Woes
Norm Pattis

I am a ham and egg lawyer. I have never worked in a big firm. I never clerked for anyone. Law review looked like a stupid waste of time, the professional equivalent of a circle jerk. I don't have institutional clients. The people I represent are usually in a jam of one sort or another with the Government. The so-called "big cases" don't come my way.

So I thought I would try hand at some white collar defense.


For the better part of the past two weeks I have been in trial in a federal workers compensation fraud trial. Mrs. X is alleged to have exagerrated her injuries to obtain a disability pension. My client, her husband, is charged in a superceding indictment as a coconspirator. That's right; the spouse is a louse in the Government's view.

The Government rested last night. The sole evidence against my client? He testified before an administrative law judge about his wife's pain and limitations; he also testified that the Post Office sometimes penalizes those it wants to force to retire by placing them on undesirable shifts. He is a postal union steward.

Perhaps this was a big enough issue to cost the the taxpayers of this country the time and talents of two prosecutors, the time to prepare scores of exhibits, the travel and housing costs of witnesses brought from around the country. But it seems so depressing. There is no dispute that Mrs. X suffers from circulatory problems, degenerative disc disease and nerve damage. The case is about whether she exagerrated.

Most depressing of all was the fact that the Government surveilled this woman for eight months, mounting a camera in a neighbor's home to peer in my clients' backyard and record the woman gardening, carrying things, painting her deck and shoveling snow. No one ever claimed she was a quadrapelegic in an iron lung.

Her doctors told her to be as active as she could be. The courtroom almost filled with Government groupies who sat rapt as a videotape of highlights was played. At the intermission there were giggles all around. This is the Government at work?

My client is dubbed a co-conspirator. He has aided and abetted his wife in the receipt of about $140,000 in benefits over the past decade, the Government says. Of course, the Government is trying to keep the jury from hearing the details of Mrs. X's federal lawsuit against postal officials for denying her a reasonable accomodation.

I am arguing a motion for judgment of acquittal as to her husband this morning. Wish me luck. And watch your back ...
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RIP Freedom in America


Christopher Kennedy of Ellington, Connecticut is a good man, father of 3, former small business owner, homeowner, intelligent, a good neighbor, calm, collected, and holds a job that involves making vital parts for our nation’s fleet of fighter jets. Chris is also a displaced father, which too often means you are ground to a pulp in a US Court just for getting a divorce that also involves children.

There is blatant bias against fathers. If only 25% of kids will see their biological parents together until they graduate high school, 3 out of 4 men risk being forever ruined, maybe not being a part of their kids lives, may be forced off the grid of being productive and tax paying, and have a chance of being revolved in and out of prison.

Like many men, Chris could no longer have and run his small business after the divorce. He had a consulting business related to engineering. The payments for alimony and child support exceeded his ability to pay, because he was held to an earning potential, not what he had for tax records for profit and loss. You can’t pay out more than you earn even if a state will keep putting you in prison if you don’t.

Chris is an outspoken father wanting judicial accountability. I believe Chris has proof in black and white that is documents that are a smoking gun for police, prosecutorial, and judicial misconduct.

Chris is still involved in a bitter custody battle. His wife was arrested and facing charges for stabbing Chris, yet she was awarded the children before these charges went to trial. Chris’ nightmare began from the day he questioned this twisted logic. So, for complaining, legitimately, Chris’ ex-wife was given immunity for stabbing Chris to maliciously prosecute Chris for anything that was thrown against the wall that would stick.

About 2 days after lodging complaint against a Connecticut State Police Officer, Chris now faces up to 53 years in prison and would not have been arrested had he not lodged legitimate complaints.

A legal staffer, Attorney Kevin Rasch of Governor Rell’s office had just allegedly sent out a memo to the head of DCF, the judiciary, and other departments asking for answers of questionable, possibly illegal official behavior involved in the retaliation against Chris Kennedy for exposing official misconduct and illegal behavior. The letter also pre-dated the last retaliation arrest of Chris Kennedy.

Why should you care? Well good citizens that pay taxes and consume goods as consumers are ending up being turned from productive citizens to costing you money to maliciously prosecute and imprison, to not pay into the system.

We the People are getting FUCKED over on this one, and the millions of good fathers, also have, one by one. Speak out against the abuse or lodge a legitimate complaint against an official and then, welcome to the Political Prisoners in America Club, you just know what the system is about and dared to inform others.

Steven G. Erickson aka Vikingas

* * * *
Getting Involved in the Legislative Process and/or Complaining about Officials can be detrimental to your quality of life, credit, retirement, your family, and in extreme cases may cost you your life, even in America. (post)

My thoughts on being an American

Chris Kennedy and I know each other as Judge Jonathan Kaplan set out to ruin our lives. Kaplan succeeded on me and Chris Kennedy is still just fighting to survive. Kaplan may have countless victims of his illegal and abusive reign. (post)

Is America Injustice Inc.?

Were a Police Commissioner and Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan acting illegally to ruin whistleblowers in Connecticut?

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Where is Jeffrey Yeaw, Now?

[click here] for March 9, 2012, update to this post. Berlin, Connecticut, Police shoot Jeffrey R. Yeaw 3 times.

DCF officials are known child abusers, liars, and sociopaths willing to commit perjury to increase misery.

Have your kids taken away under questionable circumstances, get harassed, face 30 or so years in prison, and know that the courts are fixed to do you in, while mocking you and playing psychological terror games, what would you do?

Well I think Jeff Yeaw took the bait and fled the corrupt courts in Connecticut.

He had some good evidence of abuse and illegal behavior of officials, but if he is a fugitive from justice having skipped his court dates he can be found guilty in absentia, sparing the DCF officials and others guilty of official, police, prosecutorial, and judicial misconduct.

If DCF never should have taken the kids from the parented deemed stable and good for the children, if DCF Big Wigs hadn’t retaliated for Jeff lodging complaints, and the court hadn’t played with the dates scaring Jeff off, the kids, Jeff, and the Connecticut taxpayers would have been much better off.

If Connecticut abuses displaced dads, the self-employed, small business owners, landlords, the middleclass, the poor, minorities, and other deemed ‘undesirable’ taking more property, displacing more and more people and taking more and more homes and businesses to benefit rich private investors and a town’s bottom-line in tax collection, why should anyone that is not a Connecticut connected rich Blueblood live in Connecticut?

Other states could follow Connecticut corruption connection lead by wrecking more and more lives with ‘Drug War’ policies, Eminent Domain, and covert illegal deals to ruin those that blow the whistle and/or stand in the way.

Let Connecticut get away with this and expect the same abuse in your state sometime soon.

Saying Good-bye for the last time, the Jeffrey Yeaw story

Non-custodial parents' rights groups meet to discuss National Judicial Accountability Legislation

Rowland and the Exclusion Mafia

Cindy Sheehan

It's amazing how much press Cindy Sheehan of Crawford, Texas, has gotten.

Whether or not I agree or not, I'd like to know how she got so much press?

Is it just because she can be observed by President George W. Bush going to and from his ranch?

Arcades and Fat Middle Aged Hairy Men Wearing Thongs on the Beach


They could all be history with Eminent Domain. Go to your local beach, whether it is on the East Coast, or the Left Coast, and notice a change. Poor and Middle Class are out the Elite are in. By removing the areas where less desirable people that don’t make six or more figures, then there ain’t no riffraff hangin’ around. Well, I think somebody should say something before we’re all shipped to some bad section of Montana where we’re in a fenced in trailer park.

Disclaimer: I love the beautiful State of Montana

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The Myth of Freedom

If you are like most Americans, you will read the title of this article, and think to yourself, "I am free, it's not a myth it's a fact." I have the disconcerting challenge of proving you wrong, explaining how it got this way, and letting you know what we can do about it.

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Connecticut Medical Injustice



1601 N. Tucson Blvd. Suite 9
Tucson, AZ 85716-3450
Phone: (800) 635-1196
Hotline: (800) 419-4777
Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, Inc.
A Voice for Private Physicians Since 1943
Omnia pro aegroto
Hall of Shame - Pillars of Injustice - "Absolute Immunity"

"Absolute Immunity" AMA, Connecticut State Medical Society amicus brief in Chadha case

Appellate Court of Connecticut Opinion - Chadha v. Charlotte Hungerford Hospital

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Dropping the Monday Morning Bomb

Troop C Tolland Connecticut State Police probably hate me enough for those that seek the results of word searches for:
Connecticut State Police Misconduct Brutality
Armed Revenue Collectors
Can cops rape, rob, beat, and murder with immunity?
Connecticut Judicial, Prosecutorial, and Police Misconduct
Arthur L. Spada
Connecticut State Police Commissioner Leonard C. Boyle (a post of mine is usually in the top 10)
Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal
I have even been #3 in the past when Governor M. Jodi Rell was googled.

But Connecticut State Police might get miffed beyond their usual terrorize, abuse, and perjure themselves over this: (POST)

But these might be a close 2nd:

A Connecticut State Police Officer's Limp Winky, a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle, and a movie idea

* * * *

The History of Abuse of Citizens arbitrarily caught up in the legal system(Former Governor Rowland, government for sale, bribes, a blowjob, a Connecticut State Police investigation fixed for Rowland cronies, and a court and law enforcement system so sleazy their crimes are obvious to the taxpayers getting screwed)

Can cops rape, rob, beat, and murder with immunity?(pictures of young adults brutalized by Hartford Police, a 1978 L-82 Corvette, and the White Victorian I lost to police and judicial corruption)

Testing the Water in New Hampshire


Many politicians, including Mitt Romney, Massachusetts Republican Governor, may be seriously thinking of a Presidential run.

The waters can be tested in New Hampshire. Many ‘events’ are only reported in New Hampshire Newspapers.

Getting an issue to be an issue might mean hoofing it up to New Hampshire.
I intend on using my media, radio, and blogger credentials to get me some airtime on some of the issues dear to me and to those I care about.

I don’t have a phone, my own transpiration, or even a dollar to my name, but I will do what I have to do as long as I have my relative freedom, and if I again am held as a political prisoner in a Connecticut Gulag for testing Free Speech, and I have so much as a pencil and a roll of toilet paper, I will still try and get the word out.

Do you hear that you corrupt officials and corporate criminals in Connecticut?

Well if you want to keep your asses out of hot water and also prevent legislation that would require you to have some ethics and maybe respect the people who support you and pay your salaries, the Constitution, and obey at least a few state and federal laws, you’d better do a better job of arresting me, maliciously prosecuting me, having cops commit perjury, intimidate witnesses, manufacture and suppress evidence, and fixing the trial by again having illegal collusion with a judge, such as the case with Rockville Connecticut Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan.

-Steven G. Erickson aka Vikingas

P.S Family, friends, and those that are closest have suffered because of the aftermath and the stress involved from the beginning of when I was retaliated upon for having proposed 'Civilian Oversight of Police' legislation, for having exposed a corrupt judge and Connecticut courts, and for having a 'Big Mouth.'

For those that have suffered because of my personal nightmare and their closeness to me and because they care about me and extended a helping hand, I'm truly sorry, and there is no way to pay back and account for all the generosity.

My days are probably numbered and I have seen and heard what has happened to those 1/1000th as vocal and a not even as close to being the pain in the ass as I have been, have met their demise, or live life afraid of their own shadow.

If I die, it will never be at my own hand, I love life too much, and I would fight on blind, paralyzed, and deaf.

There are those close on my heels that want to do me great harm.

Others just want what they are out due to my predicament and economic status.

Everything is my fault as I could have made or not made some pivotal choices.

My daughter and family have probably suffered the most. My political activities cost me a close relationship with my daughter, and that lost time, is lost forever.

Thank you to all that have been so positive and caring. I'll say good-bye here and now in case I'm not able to in the future.

I intend on fighting on, but one never knows their own future ...

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The Big Question

11 DEMENTED PINHEADS found (here) on the web

Who’s really in Charge the governor of a State or the Police Commissioner?

Subject: attn Connecticut Public Safety Committee Members

Email sent to:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Dear Connecticut Legislators on the Connecticut Public Safety Committee:

I propose and have past proposed, Civilian Oversight of the Police, Prosecutors, Judges, and of the Courts. I proposed legislation to make the above mentioned accountable to rules, laws, the Constitution, and to act in the best interest of the public, and that officials do not oversee each other, field complaints, nor decide punishments for transgressors. We need this legislation and I feel it is mandatory that it is introduced, passed, and enacted into law.

I know of 3 people that proposed Civilian Oversight of Police, myself, Donald Christmas, and Ritt Goldstein. Ritt Goldstein a successful small business owner in Connecticut and rising political force was so harassed by Connecticut Police he felt it necessary to flee the US and ask for political asylum in Sweden.

All 3 of us were arrested after, were stalked, harassed, terrorized, blatant attempts to disrupt our personal, business, financial, family, and safety concerns were attempted in an organized and cruel way through police officers on the streets and their higher ups.

Chris Kennedy was arrested a day or so after having lodged a complaint against a police officer in Connecticut and is facing 53 years in bogus, retaliatory charges.

I could keep on naming names of injustice. Judges, police officers, and prominent people have been caught up in Connecticut’s retaliation and corruption machine. Rowland was just one of its goons.

Should police be able to terrorize, arrest, and commit perjury to get a citizen silenced, ruined, and retaliated upon for having proposed legislation to elected officials, looked to redressed grievances, and speaking out in print, and public meetings, and online?

Legislators drive the same roads the public does, can go through the same civil and criminal proceedings in courts, and have the same vulnerability of family, financial, safety, and reputation concerns as an average citizen. Do these concerns override a legislator’s ability to legislate and represent the people?

The answer is yes if officials in law enforcement and in the judiciary aren’t required to follow rules, laws, the Constitution, having morals and ethics to actually serve the taxpayers that pay their salaries. Civilian Oversight is needed for your safety, our safety, and so that Connecticut is run as our Forefathers intended, not as a Mafia Don would prefer.

There seems to be a marked gender, sexual orientation, and racial bias in the Department of Public Safety Department and the Connecticut Judiciary. The highest ranking police woman was demoted by former Commissioner Spada. Judge Lopez is a minority and a woman and there was an attempt to remove her. It seems that gay bashing is ok with Connecticut State Police Internal Affairs.

Ernie Newton, an African American, on your committee seemed to have gone after because of his reform efforts and whether he is guilty of anything or not, is not the point I’m trying to make.

I owned a small business, as did Chris Kennedy, as did Bill Mulready, as did Ritt Goldstein, as did I, as did Don Christmas (he’s now selling his rental properties due to police harassment and being followed around, and police officers telling his employers to fire him) and it seems that small business owners are under siege as the corporate big wigs give more to campaigns and have been to known to procure covert bribes and freebies.

Is Connecticut anti-small business, anti-individual, anti-Civil Rights, anti-poor and middleclass, anti-American, anti-family, anti-independence, and Pro-Big Government and Criminal Corporate Elitists?

Should Connect be about shaking hardworking citizens down, not serving them? (Code Enforcement post)

Multiple towns taxed me on the SAME vehicles, and I was sent a fraudulent $140,000 or so bill by the Connecticut Revenue Department that personal knew had no basis at all. Are authorities in Connecticut about fraud, phishing, and robbing the public?

I am posting this email to you on FreeSpeech (dot) com with links and maybe a few of your pictures and links to your official websites.

As the person in charge of Connecticut, should the signs going into Connecticut be changed from having Governor M. Jodi Rell’s name on them to have, Connecticut State Police Commissioner Leonard C. Boyle on them to signify who is really in charge in Connecticut?

With all due respect, this is what most citizens would want to say, the Public Safety Committee is in a position to act for the people, put the power back where it belong in the elected legislators hands representing people, and can help end the across the board citizen abuse in Connecticut.

Steven G. Erickson
PO Box 730
Enfield, CT 06083

P.S Please leave any telephone messages for me on Chris Kennedy’s line, 860-871-8538, as I don’t have a home address nor a telephone at this time. Please notify me that you have received this email. Thank you.

Putting a human face on the abuse of the public with public safety policies is Josh D. (click). If citizens call to complain about quality of life issues and the neighborhood they’re calling from isn’t wealthy enough, police answering phones can be rude, disrespectful, threatening, and even will refuse to help. Not get help and demand it can subject the complainer to false arrest and malicious prosecution.

Josh D. could have been a good citizen with all sorts of potential. Because there isn’t early intervention and a community spirit of helpfulness between police and citizens, many kids can grow up wrong, get addicted, die an early death, as lifetime common criminal parasites, or as inmates living off of taxpayers.

Too many taxpayers are harassed offline and too many are just fed up with what is going on Connecticut looking into leaving the state or even the US, the Connecticut experience can be that bad!

The History of Abuse of Citizens arbitrarily caught up in the legal system(Former Governor Rowland, government for sale, bribes, a blowjob, a Connecticut State Police investigation fixed for Rowland cronies, and a court and law enforcement system so sleazy their crimes are obvious to the taxpayers getting screwed)

Testing Free Speech can be Expensive

Can cops rape, rob, beat, and murder with immunity?(pictures of young adults brutalized by Hartford Police, a 1978 L-82 Corvette, and the White Victorian I lost to police and judicial corruption)

Anatomy of the Good Ole Boy Network
(Dec. 12, 2003, post)

What is prison really like?
(Oct. 6, 2003, post)

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Blind Faith

Blind Faith in picking a State

What would you think of a state that had a governor that bragged on his website about taking away 445% more children when child abuse was down 45%? (post)

What would you think of a state where the population has been stagnant for about 10 years or so but government and the taxes they collect from the same amount of people increases 24% as the State Government knew nothing of efficiency, restraint, morals, ethics, and in actually serving the public?

What would you think of a state that was in a mad dash to build as many adult and child prisons as they could build?

All to bilk you out of as many of your federal dollars as possible, as States get more federal dollars to take as many kids as they can take away, and adults that they can throw in prisons.

What do you think of a state that will skip over heroin and crack cocaine dealers, vandals, and thieves to pull grandma over in a school zone, wreck small business owners, take landlord's and other homeowner's properties on excuses, and will try to get taxes that aren’t owed, sending out multiple bills with fraudulent charges?

You don’t have to imagine, welcome to Connecticut, the wreck your family, take your last dollar, and arrest you and throw you in prison if you dare to complain, state.

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Assault on the Economy, the Family, and Freedom

Connecticut's Good 'Ole Boy Network

More from behind the Iron Curtain- Corruptikut


State Appellate Court Overturns Court Official's Drug Conviction
Judge Not Impartial, Decision Says
By LYNNE TUOHY Hartford Courant Staff Writer
August 19 2005

The state Appellate Court has reversed the drug conviction of a former chief judicial marshal in the New Britain Judicial District, saying the judge who signed the search warrant for Eric Edman's home and car could not possibly have been impartial.

Edman, 36, of Bristol, has been free on an appeal bond since being sentenced in January 2004 to 40 years in prison for possession of steroids, marijuana and the painkiller OxyContin.

Edman and his attorney, Hugh Keefe, claimed on appeal that Superior Court Judge William L. Wollenberg was not a "neutral and detached magistrate" when he signed the search warrant in the Edman investigation in December 2001.

Edman claimed in an affidavit submitted to Judge Susan B. Handy, the trial judge, that he had known Wollenberg since 1996 or 1997, when Edman was working as a special deputy sheriff at the Bristol courthouse, where Wollenberg was stationed. Edman said he and Wollenberg often discussed financial, family and work-related issues, and that Wollenberg endorsed his application to become chief judicial marshal.

Wollenberg subsequently asked Edman to resign from that position when it was revealed that Edman had not disclosed a 1992 drug conviction. Edman was a lieutenant judicial marshal assigned to Superior Court in New Britain at the time of his arrest.

Edman also said that, about two weeks before his arrest, he told Wollenberg at a reception they both attended that he was considering filing a lawsuit against everyone involved in his having to give up the chief marshal position.

Edman said in the affidavit that when police came to his home to execute the search warrant, they told him it was Wollenberg who had signed it and that Wollenberg had told them he was "sick to his stomach" to have had to do it.

Handy refused to suppress the evidence against Edman, saying there was nothing to suggest Wollenberg lacked fairness and impartiality, despite the numerous professional and social contacts between the two.

The Appellate Court unanimously disagreed, reversed Edman's conviction and directed Handy to suppress the evidence police had gathered during the searches.

The state had argued that, if anything, the friendship between the two men would have made Wollenberg more likely not to sign the affidavit, or to ensure that the evidence supporting the affidavit was solid, a view Handy adopted.

"By making those statements, the court and the state acknowledge that an inherent temptation existed for Judge Wollenberg to treat the case differently from any other case," Judge F. Herbert Gruendel wrote.

"In addition to the personal nature of his relationship with [Edman,] Judge Wollenberg had learned from [Edman] just two weeks before he issued the warrant that [Edman] was considering filing a legal action against every individual, including any judge, who was involved in his having to resign from the position of chief judicial marshal."

The court said it was "the unique confluence of factors that leads us to conclude that Judge Wollenberg did not qualify as the neutral and detached magistrate guaranteed by the Fourth Amendment.

"Handy held no evidentiary hearing and Wollenberg submitted no affidavit stating his position on the issue of possible bias. In the appeal, the state asked the Appellate Court, if it was inclined to reverse Edman's conviction, to remand the case back to the trial court for a full hearing. The court declined to do so, however, saying the prosecution's failure to request a hearing at the trial court level amounted to a waiver.

Assistant State's Attorney Robert J. Scheinblum, who argued the appeal, said his office was considering whether to appeal the ruling to the state Supreme Court.

Connecticut Segregation 101


Anyone questioning ethics and accountability of officials is maliciously investigated and prosecuted.

Ernest "Ernie" Newton, an African American elected official in Connecticut questioned police tactics and ethics. He proposed fixing the problem.

Next thing you know Newton is being investigated and taken down.

Most politicians have something to hide and anyone not playing ball is ripe for a take down in Corruptikut.

Police officers in Connecticut are fired or demoted based on race and gender, too often.

Gay bashing seems to be a good sport for officers on officers, based on how Connecticut State Police Internal Affairs handles the issue.

Prosecutors and Judges also face no punishment for violating your civil rights and breaking laws. If you are a minority, or poor in Connecticut, a judge can tell you without your ability to consult a lawyer, to take a deal, whether you are guilty or not, or get much worse punishment.

That is as unconstitutional as you can get. A Connecticut Judge that does this is still a judge and still doing this even after it was widely reported in newspapers.

Minorities and poor often get criminal records, guilty or not, that cripple families and their children for life.

Eminent Domain is used to displace poorer residents for richer ones. Should the sign into Connecticut read, “Rich Caucasians ONLY, all others go away?”

Drug laws are used to keep residents separate and unequal. The schools are obviously segregated, separate and unequal.

Those helping the economy in depressed neighborhoods that are helping minorities and the poorer residents have are punished to keep the Jim Crow System no longer law on the books, but just covert policy.

By police refusing to offer protection and service, by overly enforcing laws against those helping minorities and the poor with housing and daily needs, by digging through financial records having a barbecue for the smallest mistake, blocking access, allowing drug and alcohol abuse, and other crimes to discourage customers, etc, police, prosecutors, judges, and elected officials can keep the down and out, down and out.

Drive into a rich suburban neighborhood and if you look like you don’t belong it will be about 30 seconds until you have a cop behind you looking for a reason to pull you over.

Call the police from a rich, suburban neighborhood, and get prompt, respectful, and thorough protection and service.

Call from a “bad neighborhood” and get threatened by police for reporting crimes, and hear how rude and disrespectful you can be treated by an official paid with your tax dollars.

They’ll refuse to protect and serve if you call from a downtown area or the “Red Zone” area on maps that aren’t supposed to exist for realtors and police, but they do. Loans don’t get written and residents are considered not good enough to get services and respect.

It is unofficial policy in Connecticut to go after the self-employed, landlords, contractors, independent bars and liquor store owners, mom and pop shops, etc. to get rid of riffraff, white trash, and minorities.

Citizens are then dependent on corporations and their corrupt government cronies.

Officials don’t want there to be a quality of life in downtown areas as those deemed less desirable need to be blocked from the good jobs and good neighborhoods. Allowing self-employment and small business in these areas would allow citizens to get the social skills and financial ability to move into the white suburban home and work world.

Allowing children to drink and drug themselves to addiction, crime, dropping out of school, an early death, or as life long criminal parasites, keeps government growing and segregation as any Mr. Jim Crow fan would like.

Fostering self-employment, small businesses in all neighborhoods, fairness, and accountability of police, prosecutors, judges, and elected officials to a code of ethics, obeying laws, and to serve the public’s best interest, will only improve the economy by producing more taxpayers happy with their lives and the system of government.

Yes we can all live together and get along.

Let’s demand that our government act in our best interest by not dividing us, breaking up our families, and taking all they can get away with.

Testing the First Amendment in Connecticut is Dangerous

My favorite links and contact information

My letter to an Asst. US States Atty of Connecticut

The Good Ole Boy Network

Lyme Disease 101


Lyme Disease Hits Home
By Stacy Troiano

Initially discovered 30 years ago in Lyme, Connecticut, Lyme disease has not only continued to affect lives, but it has become a widespread epidemic in the northeast almost without residents knowing. Stories about West Nile virus and encephalitis are taking over front pages everywhere, while Lyme disease flies under the radar. Doctors and citizens alike need to become more aware of this rampant, debilitating illness.

Lyme disease is reported worldwide and throughout the United States, but the states of New York, Massachusetts and Connecticut account for the majority of the cases. It is a bacterial infection caused by a spirochete form of bacteria known as Borrelia burgdorferi, and it is transmitted to animals and man through the bite of infected ticks. The tick usually responsible for transmitting the disease in northeastern United States is the black leg tTick, also known as the deer tick, however, there is growing evidence that there may be other vectors of transmission besides this isolated type.

A tick bite is painless, so most victims do not know they've been bitten, which allows the tick to remain attached long enough to spread its infection.

In about 50 percent of Lyme disease cases, a characteristic bull's eye rash appears around the site of the tick bite after a few days, but it's very important to understand that even if a rash does not appear, it does not mean there is no Lyme infection; the rash is just one symptom.

Other common symptoms of the beginning stages of Lyme disease include flu-like symptoms, headache, sore throat, stiff neck, fever, muscle aches, fatigue and general malaise. If left untreated, later stages of Lyme disease can cause complications such as arthritis, meningitis, facial palsy, heart abnormalities and other neurological symptoms. Heart, eye, respiratory and gastrointestinal problems can also develop.

"There is not a person who I've met in Durham that doesn't either have Lyme disease or know someone closely who has it," said Sandra Ulbrich of Durham, who has been infected with Lyme disease for 16 years.

I had a chance to talk to Sandra about her journey through the disease, and I was totally taken by her story. In 1989, Sandra began feeling ill, and her records read like a classic Lyme patient with throbbing headaches, fatigue, swollen glands and problems with her right shoulder and right hip. At that point doctors medicated her, but they didn't know what it was.

Two years later, Sandra was not only uncured, but she was feeling progressively worse with severe fever added to her growing list of symptoms. She was put on different medications, but doctors still could not tell what it was. She began to have pain all over her body which kept getting worse until it became diffuse achiness everywhere. Some doctors ventured that she suffered from depression or chronic fatigue, but Sandra was not buying it. In 1992, she tested positive for Lyme disease, but the "specialist" at Yale told her she was not positive enough and insisted she didn't have it.

As time went on for Sandra, the infection continued to bring out more and more symptoms including intestinal problems and intense dizziness. She began feeling what she described as lightning bolt shockwaves going into her brain, and she saw a neurologist who also was stumped.
The late stages of Lyme disease wreak havoc on the brain. Sandra went in for a brain biopsy about one and a half years ago, which found a demyelinating lesion in her right parietal lobe.

Doctors still were avoiding a Lyme disease diagnosis. Some doctors thought it was cancer, others said maybe she had a stroke, and still others thought it could be multiple sclerosis because of bacterial similarities. Sandra had done her reading on the subject, and with help from her sister who is a doctor herself, she was nearly certain that the other diagnoses were incorrect, and the cause was actually Lyme disease that had now manifested itself in the brain.

The hyperfusion and encapsulated lesion in her right parietal lobe would require brain surgery for Sandra, and at the time she entered the hospital she could not raise a finger or a toe on her left side; it was completely dead. "This was devastating to me. I'm a trained classical pianist.

Music is a very big part of my life, and now I couldn't use my left hand," she said. Sandra's new doctor wanted to see all of her records, including any tests given for Lyme disease, from years ago when the symptoms began. The doctor who had performed the test and had deemed Sandra "not positive enough" claimed that he no longer had records from that long ago. Sandra was not satisfied. She persisted and called the doctor's secretary who informed Sandra that she did indeed find her records, including the positive Lyme test. After about 12 years, Sandra was finally diagnosed correctly.

"I wanted to talk about Lyme disease not for myself because the damage is done, but I want people, especially in this area, to be aware of what an epidemic it's become and what it can do to a person," Sandra said.

Connecticut has one of the highest infection rates for Lyme disease in the country, and misdiagnosis and proper treatment are clearly a problem.

"Any kind of fever, any kind of aches and pains, any stiff neck or headaches, do not let doctors tell you its depression or chronic fatigue or anything else. Investigate Lyme. Get on some antibiotics."

Sandra also stressed that the most important thing to remember if you are possibly infected with Lyme is that the tests are not always reliable. Clinical symptoms are the only way to truly tell whether or not the disease is there.

"I was very lucky to have such amazing support from my family. I just want to use my experience to make people aware. That's the most important thing. Just be aware that it does happen, and in this area almost everything carries it. There's no such thing as being too cautious," Sandra said.

There's no way to be completely impervious to a tick bite, and not all deer ticks carry Lyme, but there are precautions to take that will greatly lessen your chances of being infected. Always inspect yourself for ticks whenever you have been outside. Wearing lightly colored clothing will make it easy to see any ticks that may have attached themselves.

Wash and dry clothes to kill any remaining ticks. Clear brush from any yard area and keep grassy areas mown. And most of all, wear insect repellent, preferably with Deet. If a tick is found on the body, immediately remove it. To safely remove a tick, grasp the mouth of the tick with tweezers as close as possible to the attachment site, being careful not to squeeze or puncture the body of the tick, which may contain infectious fluids.

More information on Lyme disease can be found through the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS).

After being able to talk extensively with Sandra Ulbrich, I found myself very engrossed in her story. Here is a woman who had suffered from nearly every single symptom of Lyme disease, and is now doing everything she can to inform other people.

I started reading many articles, researching anything I could find about Lyme disease, and telling a number of people about what an amazing person I had met in Sandra; I couldn't stop thinking about her story. When I was leaving her house after we had talked, she told me that if she could affect even one person and make them become more conscious of the widespread problem of Lyme disease around here, then she would be happy.

I hope I am the first of many.

The above was found here on the web

* * * *
I found that nail polish spread on a tick's back will make it back out and then die.

If Lyme is more expensive to treat than HIV and AIDS, would insurance companies do anything they could, legally and illegally, to pay out as little as possible and find a way to skew tests so there are as few as possible testing positive for Lyme.

Corporate America does much behind the scenes. Corporate Big Wigs have most to all politicians in their pocket and we the people are screwed and if one of us dares question the abuse there is an arrest, your family is broken up, you lose your home, credit, retirement, credibility, and the sum total of your life as punishment for being caring and honest in a system set up on lies by crooks.

Ethics and Rowlandgate

Putting Polish on a Hairy Wart

My favorite links and contact information

What is prison really like? (America's Abu Graib)

Modern Racist Policies and Segregation
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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Will I trade my American Flag for this one?:

(click) for more

this blogger's email:

I tried to have Judge Jonathan Kaplan removed from the bench for his bias against free thinkers and the self-employed in civil cases. I tried for over two years to get the piece of shit removed from the Rockville Court in Connecticut, and I was then sentenced to prison for being an attempted robbery and beating victim. I was sentenced to a year in prison, 3 years probation for using pepper spray. Kaplan was ok with giving an alcoholic substance abuser, violent criminal, immunity for attacking me, trying to rob me, and threatening my life as I have a "Big Mouth."

I guess Freedom and Free Speech has gone farther downhill in America. Chris Kennedy was stabbed by his wife. Christopher Kennedy of Ellington, Connecticut, thought Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan should be arrested and thrown in prison for Kaplan's telling Kennedy he was taking away Kennedy's kids in open court stating because Chris is Irish, and there is strife in Ireland, that his kids were being taken away. Chris is facing 53 years in prison for yelling at his kids and some stuff prosecutors and/or the judge made up. Chris' ex-wife was given immunity for stabbing Chris and was awarded the 3 children to maliciously prosecute Chris.

* * * *

The US Constitution

One who reads and studies closely the full explanation in the text will discover that each clause or word in the Constitution was carefully designed to protect the individual -- his life, his liberty and his property.

By a few, the erroneous belief has been spread that the Constitution is a barrier in the way of American progress. Actually the Constitution is a coat of mail which man himself has fashioned for his own protection, and which he has changed from time to time that the protection might be the more complete -- protection against the abuse of power by his servants in the legislature or Congress, whom he may dismiss at election time or by impeachment, and against whose invasion of his rights he can appeal to the courts; against his executive officers, whom he may dismiss by impeachment or ballot; against his judges, whom he may remove for lack of "good behavior." His government is not his master, as the king or dictator has always been, but his servant."

"In questions of power then," wrote Jefferson, "let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution."

The Founders of the Republic feared parties of the people as much as they did a royal government.

"Whenever there is an interest and power to do wrong," wrote Madison to Jefferson in 1788, "wrong will generally be done, and not less readily by a powerful and interested party than by a powerful and interested prince."


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Americans seeking Political Asylum out of the US


From :
Steve Erickson
Sent :
Thursday, August 18, 2005 4:34 PM
To :
Subject :
RE: American Seeking Asylum in Canada

Mr. Scott,

things in the US are not good for citiizen in the US post 9-11-01.

Free Speech and rights are a thing of the past in the US. Those that lodge a complaint against a police officer, judge, or other official that has broken the law can cost one their home, job, freedom, and loss of family and everything then have ever worked for. Americans desiring freedom from persecution are looking to Canada and other countries seeking politicial asylum.

Police officers and officials blowing the whistle are also fearing for their lives and families.

My friend Chris Kennedy tried to have a judge removed for judicial misconduct. His kids were taken away and now he is worried that he'll lose his job, his home, never see his children again and is facing 53 years after numerous arrests on invented charges.

His story:

Jeffrey Yeaw lodged a complaint against a Department of Children worker and had his kids taken away and now faces 3 decades in prison. His story:

Ritt Goldstein a successful small business owner proposed legislation where police crimes were to be investigated by a Civilian Oversight board. Ritt was attacked by police until he fled to Sweden and asked for political asylum. His story:

A retired [city and state snipped] detective contacted me regarding his son returning home from the Marine Corps to see a police officer stomping a man, kicking him in the testicles, etc. The son allegedly turned the officer into police internal affairs. The retired cop's house was then invaded and his veteran son was arrested as was his [teen number snipped] year old son, taken to the police station, and then both were beaten. Neither son had been arrested before and had done nothing wrong. I have not yet veried this story.

Kathleen Dickson a former research scientist, exposed corporate and state officials involved in corruption, her kids were taken away, she was put in prison, not told what she was charged with for two month, spent almost a year in prison, and was let out after she signed papers she wouldn't be critical of the government. Her story:

The State governments will make up fictitious amounts owed will double charge vehicle taxes, and police will promote heroin and crack cocaine dealing to take businesses and homes from good citizens for corrupt town hall official's cronies. The poor and minorities are displaced for the rich, using the Supreme Court decision, Eminent Domain.

Families are being broken up, political prisoners are being thrown in prisons and there is no more room and conditions in US prisons are inhumane.

Police, Prosecutors, and Judges are legally able to break the law, lie, commit perjury, manufacture and suppress evidence, intimidate and coach witnesses, and follow no rules at all.

Many Americans wish to have intact families, have a small business, own rental property, and not worry about having their doors kicked in during the middle of the night to be hauled off, beaten, and arrested, facing years or life in prison.

How hard is (it) to get political asylum and work permits in Canada?

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson

my story:

P.S. it is ok to share these stories with your media.

The above is a reply to this email:

From: "Scott.Greg" To: Subject: American Seeking Asylum in CanadaDate: Wed, 17 Aug 2005 15:20:08 -0400

>Hi Steve,

>> A colleague in the Department of Foreign Affairs Canada asked me to follow up with you, as I understand you had some specific questions regarding Americans Seeking Asylum in Canada. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are still looking for information on this topic. Thanks, Steve.

>>Greg Scott>Media Relations Spokesperson Porte-parole, relations avec les médias>Communications Branch Direction générale des communications>365 Laurier Avenue West, 19th Floor 365, avenue Laurier Ouest, 19e étage>Ottawa, Ontario>Telephone: 613-941-7028 Téléphone : 613-941-7028>Fax: 613-941 7022 Télécopieur : 613-941 7022>>

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Wikipedia Encyclopedia entry on John G. Rowland


John G. Rowland (born May 24, 1957 in Waterbury, Connecticut) was the Governor of Connecticut from 1995 to 2004. He is married to Patty Rowland, his second wife, and the couple have five children between them.
1 Personal facts
2 Political facts
3 Spousal abuse allegations
4 Corruption as governor
4.1 Impeachment process and Federal case
4.2 Further investigations

Personal facts
Rowland's family has lived in Connecticut for more than 200 years. His father and grandfather each served as comptrollers for the City of Waterbury.

Rowland attended Holy Cross High School in Waterbury, where he was on the school's wrestling team. After graduating from Holy Cross, he advanced to Villanova University. He has since received honorary degrees from the University of New Haven, the University of Hartford, and Teikyo Post University.

In January of 2003, Rowland was inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame after receiving the "Outstanding American" Award.

Political facts

A member of the Republican Party, Rowland's political career began in 1980 when, at age 23, he was elected to the Connecticut State House of Representatives. He held his seat until 1984, when he was elected to represent Connecticut's 5th Congressional District in the United States House of Representatives, where he served three consecutive terms.

After losing the gubernatorial race to Lowell Weicker, Rowland worked as a consultant for
United Technologies Corp. He was later elected governor in 1995 at age 37 (the youngest governor in Connecticut history), and later defeated Democratic challengers Former US Congresswoman Barbara Bailey Kennelly 63%-35% in 1998, and Former State Comptroller Bill Curry, 54%-46% in 2002.

Rowland resigned as Governor of Connecticut effective July 1, 2004. Lieutenant Governor M. Jodi Rell is serving out the remainder of his term.

Spousal abuse allegations

Rowland's first wife divorced him before he was elected governor in 1994 and filed a spousal abuse charge in June 1995, but Rowland has never been charged or arrested for domestic violence. There was a request filed under the FOIA which is available at the state website. Police reports not resulting in arrest are not required to be released.

Corruption as governor

Impeachment process and Federal case

In the first years of Rowland's third term, rumors began circulating that contractors doing business with the state paid for and made improvements to his weekend cottage, that he benefited improperly from the sale of a condominium in Washington, D.C. at an inflated price, that he took gifts from subordinates in state government, and that he took partial ownership in businesses immediately before they were granted state contracts. These eventually led to federal investigations and then indictments of some of Rowland's close aides, who then cooperated with federal investigators.

Rumors continued that the investigation was building a case against Rowland himself; Rowland publicly denied the allegations.

However, in December 2003, Rowland abruptly appeared on television and admitted that work had been done by contractors on his cottage at no charge, and that his earlier statements to the contrary were untrue. Matters were exacerbated when his wife, Patty Rowland, wrote a caustic/sarcastic/satiric poem deriding the media for investigating her husband's admitted wrongdoing.

He claimed that since the work was done he had paid the contractors in full, but in January 2004, an official investigation began into charges of corruption, and whether he should face impeachment.

On April 30, a special investigation panel started the impeachment process. On June 18, the Connecticut Supreme Court required Rowland to appear before the investigative panel seeking his testimony, which could have resulted in him giving evidence against himself in the ongoing criminal investigation. On June 21, Rowland's lawyers announced that he would resign. The resignation went into effect at noon on July 1.

On December 24, 2004, Rowland entered a plea of guilty to stealing honest service. The Hartford Courant reported that the plea came after the assistant US Attorney Nora Dannehy was planning to convene a grand jury to investigate racketeering and conspiracy charges against him.

His plea bargain included granting his choice of the judge who would impose his sentence.
Rowland was sentenced on March 18, 2005, in New Haven, Connecticut to one year and one day in prison, four months house arrest, three years probation and community service. On April 1 he entered the Federal Correctional Institution in Loretto, Pennsylvania. His Federal inmate number is 15623-014.

Further investigations

Investigations, by Ct. Attorney General Richard Blumenthal and by a state legislative committee, concerning several separate possible improprieties by him and associates, ensued after Rowland's resignation:

Work he took between his resignation and imprisonment, as a consultant (and possibly an unregistered lobbyist), would clearly have been illegal if the state's revolving-door law explicitly included the governor as it does other state employees.

Three non-profit organizations closely associated with large contributors to his campaigns for public office are also mentioned by investigators:

Bolton Charities Inc., formerly called the Michael Bolton Foundation and established by his contributor, the musician Michael Bolton

National Science Center Foundation, a Georgia-based vendor to the state and one of the controversial consulting clients

The Executive Residence Conservancy, Inc., which paid for expenses of the governor's mansion during Rowland's residence there
(Mainstream journalists, but as of May, 2005, not official investigators, have publicly noted that

Harry Gray was
head of United Technologies when (before Rowland was congressman or governor) it employed him as a consultant,
a large contributor to Rowland's election campaigns,
the conservancy's largest contributor and
head of National Science Center Foundation, when it employed Rowland as a consultant between his resignation and conviction.)

Painting a Target on Yourself?


Want To Be A Landlord?
Understand The Risks Housing Boom Makes Investments Appealing, But Potential Pitfalls Abound
August 16, 2005 By JAMES R. HAGERTY, Wall Street Journal

Determined to profit from the housing boom, many Americans are acquiring rental properties. But some of them may be underestimating the risks and complications that come with being a landlord.

"We get a lot of inquiries from naive people," said Mike Phillips, who owns Century 21 All-Pro, a real estate brokerage in Kansas City, Mo. He gets calls from people in California, Florida and New York who think that property in Kansas City must be a steal.

Phillips tells inexperienced investors that they need to examine such factors as the health of the local economy and the supply and demand for rental housing. In much of the country, the fundamentals look bleak for landlords. Low interest rates have allowed many former renters to buy houses in recent years, removing some of the most reliable tenants from the mix.

According to the Census Bureau, the vacancy rate for rental housing in this year's first quarter was 10.1 percent; that rate has been gradually rising since the late 1970s, when it was about 5 percent.Investors also need to ask whether they can cope with the hassles of dealing with tenants.

"What if the renter's kid shoves G.I. Joe in the toilet?" Phillips asked.

"You have to have a game plan because they're going to call you."

Yet Americans' faith in real estate is remarkably strong. During this year's first four months, investors accounted for nearly 10 percent of new mortgage loans used to buy homes in the United States, up from 6 percent in 2001, according to LoanPerformance, a unit of First American Corp.

For those willing to put up with the ordeals of owning rental property, here are some tips from seasoned landlords.

Figure out your total costs. Unless you take into account all of your costs, you won't know whether you're making money.

"Most people underestimate their expenses dramatically," said Jonas Lee, a managing partner at Redbrick Partners LP, a New York firm that invests in single-family rental housing in Baltimore, Philadelphia and other Northeastern cities.

The costs include obvious things, such as insurance, maintenance and property taxes. But they also include items that some landlords overlook, such as periods of vacancy, bad debts, the occasional need to replace expensive items, such as roofs or furnaces, and time spent managing the properties, Lee said.

All of these costs can easily eat up half of the expected rental income, Lee said. And that's before you consider financing costs, which may absorb the rest of your rental income, or more.

Screen potential tenants. Many landlords use a variety of Internet services to check on applicants' credit histories, as well as any past evictions or criminal troubles.

"My theory is that if they don't pay Citibank, they're not going to pay me," said Jean Yevick, president of the Western Pennsylvania Real Estate Investors Association.

Some landlords also consider such things as whether the applicant shows up on time for an appointment and can communicate clearly. Neatness helps.

"If they have a car that's full of junk and is disgusting-looking, the likelihood is that they're going to keep a dirty house," Yevick said.

Don Werner, a Denver landlord who is chairman of a committee of independent rental owners who belong to the National Apartment Association in Alexandria, Va., requires his tenants to have monthly income of at least three times the rent.

Understand the Fair Housing Act. Among other things, this 1968 law prohibits discrimination in the renting of housing based on race, color, national origin, religion, gender, family status or disability.

That does not mean you have to rent to anyone who comes along. But you should strictly follow written policies about your criteria for selecting tenants so you can't be accused of bias. It is lawful, for instance, to refuse to rent to convicted criminals. But you could be vulnerable to complaints of discrimination if you applied that rule only to certain applicants. If you want to run criminal checks on some applicants, run them on all.

React quickly when tenants cause trouble or don't pay.

"There are a lot of people who have convincing stories" about why they haven't paid the rent, said Chris Ballard, who owns rental houses in the Atlanta area, as well as Century 21 Gold Medal Realty in Atlanta. But "you have to stick to your standards," he added.

"You learn over time to be polite, but firm and direct."

After 30 days, he starts the eviction process. Some landlords start even sooner.

Many rely on the courts to evict deadbeat renters. But Rich Sommer, a landlord in Stevens Point, Wis., said he can usually work out problems informally by visiting tenants.

"Most often a five-day notice will encourage them to leave," he said.

If tenants violate Sommer's rules, which include a ban on kegs of beer, he urges them to find another home more suitable for their lifestyle choices. To show his good faith, he sometimes shows up with a check refunding part of the deposit and promises to pay the rest if the tenant leaves within a few days without causing damage.

Inspect the property regularly. Ballard, in Atlanta, makes sure to inspect each unit once every six months. In the past, he was less disciplined about inspecting. He then discovered that one tenant had let more people move into the house without Ballard's knowledge. That eventually caused a septic tank to overflow and leak into the backyard. Be ready for problems. Sommer has had a suicide in one of his apartments and a drug raid in another.

Expenses can come in big lumps. Mike Weston, a financial planner in Highlands Ranch, Colo., said sewer lines broke in two of his rental units within a month.

"I'm assuming it was a total coincidence," he said.

The cost totaled more than $10,000. Other tenants called him in to unclog toilets or shoo away bees from the backyard. Eventually, he decided the headaches were too frequent and sold his properties. Make sure you are properly insured. Ted Webersinn, a commercial property appraiser in Surry, Maine, and his wife, Susan Sokol, owned rental rowhouses in Baltimore in the 1980s. They initially expected the neighborhood where they invested to improve, but the crime and blight only grew worse. The property manager they hired carried a gun while collecting rents. Eventually, the couple sold four of the houses and gave one to the city.

More than a decade later, a former tenant sued them, alleging that the tenant's children had suffered from exposure to lead paint. The case rumbled on for years before being settled out of court. The couple's insurer paid for the settlement and legal fees. As soon as that suit was settled, a second tenant filed a similar one. Altogether, Webersinn and his wife endured about a decade of litigation. Without insurance, Webersinn said, they probably would have had to file for bankruptcy.

Don't count on rapid appreciation."People are real high on appreciation right now," said Sommer, the Wisconsin landlord.

"They think they're just going to make gajillions."

But house prices are unlikely to keep rising indefinitely at the rapid clip of the past few years. That means some investors may find themselves remaining in the landlord phase longer than they expected while waiting for a good opportunity to sell.

Landlord Rights and Free Speech

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

CT inmate 228850 David Hayes

David Hayes sold drugs openly for years and possibly over decades, openly, all hours in front of police, local politicians, and local Stafford Springs, Connecticut, downtown businesses, year round. He was finally busted when he was no longer a useful tool for police.

Inmate Number:
Inmate Name:
Date of Birth:
Latest Admission Date:
Current Location:
Bond Amount:
Controlling Offense:
Date of Sentence:
Maximum Sentence:
15 Year(s) 0 Month(s) 0 Day(s)
Maximum Release Date:
Estimated Release Date:
Not Applicable

"Stevie" Carver lived with his mother, and her boyfriend David Hayes in Apt.7, 99 Main St., Stafford Springs, CT. Stephen Carver had a fight with another youth smashing my windows on Church St., drunk, in front of Connecticut State Police Officers. They did nothing. Stevie, weeks later almost beat a man to death during a mugging with a baseball bat. The other died about a month or so later in a high speed roll over involving drugs and alcohol.

Stevie's brother Jon Turner, aka JT, sold crack cocaine off and near my Church St. properties.

Police did little to help most downtown home and business owners. Crimes went unsolved because cases were never investigated and tips never followed up on. Police had mostly revenue collection duties and did little for the public good.

Good, young girls were raped, and later ended up as prostitutes and/or substance abusers. Too many kids were just thrown away due to policies of police. Too many ended up dead and in and out of prison, because they were allowed and encouraged to do wrong.

Work, open a business, fix up your home and if you aren't connected to town hall the police and the courts will target you for your cash, assets, and even have their sites on getting your home if they feel they can get away with it.

I was charged taxes by multiple towns for vehicle taxes. Towns I never lived in. I was once sent in a tax bill for $140,000 form the Connecticut Revenue Dept. and they knew I owed nothing. Too many officials pull scams like that.

Many honest Connecticut taxpayers are fed up and want to leave.

Inmate Number:
Inmate Name:
Date of Birth:
Latest Admission Date:
Current Location:
Bond Amount:
Controlling Offense:
Date of Sentence:
Not Applicable
Maximum Sentence:
0 Year(s) 0 Month(s) 0 Day(s)
Maximum Release Date:
Not Applicable
Estimated Release Date:
Not Applicable

More names named in Landlord Rights and Free Speech post

Assault on the Economy, the Family, and Freedom


Racist Policies and Segregation

Are schools in America separate and unequal?

Is there still us and them, but now just no discernable middle?

John Julian, the former Stafford Springs, CT, selectman was quite open about covert policies in Connecticut. He clearly didn’t mind white drug dealers as some had set up shop in clear view of his office, the town hall, and in view of police. He didn’t want any “nigger drug dealers” in town. These policies, openly or covertly, should not exist in modern America.

Small businesses that cater to, give lodging, comfort, and/or supply minorities, “White Trash”, and riffraff are not given protection and service from police and the courts, are overly investigated for code violations, officially harassed, threatened, access and parking blocked, and their owners face being under the spotlight for every minute transaction for a take down.

With 3 arrests a home or business can be taken under the nuisance statute, so crime does pay handsomely for authorities. Old policies didn’t work fast enough so Eminent Domain to just displace poorer and minority residents, their homes, and businesses. Rip off the poor and give to the Rich, it IS AMERICAN POLICY.

William Mulready had a thriving concrete business in the Southwest section of Connecticut above New York City. In his divorce his wife got most everything, including the business assets, business equipment had to be sold off, Bill got the bills, and his wife got everything and the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Bill got next to nothing and was held to alimony and/or child support payments as if he still had an intact business and good income. Arrests, trials, and short stints in jails are at your expense. Another hardworking consumer/taxpayer has been taken offline.

Christopher Kennedy of the Ellington/Somers Connecticut area in North Central Connecticut had a good business in the engineering field. He got divorced and he was made to pay child support and/or alimony to his “earning potential” not his actual net. You can’t pay out more than you make. Kennedy had to close his business because of bias and unfairness in the courts.

The same sexist policies applied to which parent got visitation, etc. Kennedy brought up valid complaints and possibly perjury of a prosecutor and judicial misconduct of Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan. Chris was maliciously investigated, faced numerous arrests, trials at your expense, attempts of a bond too high for him to pay to silence him as a whistleblower were made, and he is now facing 53 years in prison for all charges and is still being maliciously prosecuted.

Ritt Goldstein owned a small business in the Norwalk/Stamford Connecticut area above New York City. He proposed Civilian Oversight of Police and the accountability of cops for their actions. He questioned numerous officers’ assertion that an African American committed suicide, not having been shot by police. Goldstein was so harassed and terrorized by police he fled the country and asked for political asylum in Sweden.

I bought rental property and ran a small business. I proposed Civilian Oversight of police and was critical of police and the judiciary in newspapers. I was harassed and terrorized by police and their informants out of Stafford Springs, Connecticut, and was railroaded to prison on Connecticut State Police perjury. I had faced a year and a half in prison for having been attacked on my property by a police mascot/criminal, no deals.

I started meeting with Donald Christmas and other Thompsonville and Enfield Connecticut landlords regarding suing police and Connecticut for failing to provide equal protection and services because we are or were downtown landlords and business owners. Donny was then attacked on his property by a police officer’s 16 year old prostitute girlfriend. Donny faced a year and a half in prison, was offered no deals, except to plead guilty, initially, and the same as me, his attacker was given immunity for serious crimes, to maliciously prosecute in order to silence a whistleblower and retaliate against a person who dared speak out and propose legislation to elected officials that police or members of the judiciary didn’t like.

Jeffrey Yeaw is the father of three young children that was the cause of an Amber Alert when he ‘rescued’ his children from DCF abuse according to him. I saw documents where he is considered stable and a good parent and his allegedly mentally ill ex-wife was a threat to Jeff and to the children. If Jeff’s kids weren’t taken away without thought to the children’s and the public’s best interest Jeff Yeaw wouldn’t face spending a good share of the rest of his life in prison or as a ‘fugitive from justice’.

The list could go on and on. Jeff had his own architectural drawing business and was an asset to Connecticut, now he is a liability.

The list could go on and on.

Do you see a pattern?

Each person and family ruined because of an out control court, police force, and local and national government costs those left producing, consuming, and paying taxes, 100’s of thousands, if not millions, FOR EACH CITIZEN ground to a pulp for having too much of an independent and moral attitude on what should be in America, but is getting harder and harder to find- FREEDOM and JUSTICE.

If small businesses and downtown property investors are a target for annihilation, where will freedom stand?

Well, not in America, so I suggest those that want to have their home, assets, family, and job intact for their lives, I suggest you consider leaving the US and becoming a free American out of America, or if you have already been screwed over by the racist/Satanic corporate agenda in the US, seek asylum in a country that will take an American Patriot and their families.

Free Speech is punished. Redress of grievances to elected officials is punished. There are policies to break up your family and expand juvenile jails and adult prisons and more and more political prisoners are being held in America.

-Steven G. Erickson
PO Box 730
Enfield, CT 06083-0730 USA


My picture and other stories of injustice

My thoughts on being an American

Is Free Speech and Redressing Grievances to Elected Official illegal in the US?

Women are also having their kids taken away and thrown in prison for exposing corruption with Free Speech

The Story of never ending sleaze

Blow 2001, The Movie

Johnnie Depp and Pee Wee Herman

website for the Movie, "Blow"

This is the story of George Jung, marijuana, and then the cocaine trade of the 70’s and 80’s.

It is a great movie to bring your kids if you want to turn them off drugs.

I saw the movie again tonight. It is simply a great movie on a whole lot of levels.

Parenting, growing up, values, there is just too much for words.

What is unfortunate in modern America as someone, adult or teen, that starts a small business or has independent employment, is that they risk arrests, fines, and even prison sometimes more so than criminals and drug dealers, a theme not in the movie.

Why should kids feel they’ll be more nailed for legitimate, independent employment than crime and selling drugs?

Shouldn’t independent employment and small business be mandatory as part of a school curriculum?

Monday, August 15, 2005

Live Free or Die

Mel Gibson in the movie, "The Patriot"

Live Free or Die

Can Living in an Area be so horrid you want to leave your own country?

Yes, Connecticut was that horrid that I am giving serious thought to leaving the US, for good.

Many others that just came to have a small business, work, raise their families, and retire found out what a bunch of lying thieves run Connecticut.

Every time you turn around their charging you something, other towns will try and tax you on property you’ve already paid taxes on, the Revenue Department will send you bills with outrageous fictitious charges, and there is an all out effort to take your children, your home, and your rights away for profit or for the federal tax dollars incentives for wrecking you life.

The greed and the abuse is plain for all to see.

I haven’t yet decided if I want to renounce my citizenship and become a national of another country.

Most other countries don’t burden citizens with so much hype and propaganda about freedom and rights that don’t exist.

There is no longer any confusion in my mind what a government out of control is all about. They grow, they feed, they get so big they destroy outwardly and then self-destruct.

I didn’t like heroin and crack cocaine being sold off and near my yard. I didn’t like seeing prostitutes from 14 and older selling themselves openly. I didn’t like seeing kids go bad, get addicted, die, end up in prison, or as lifelong criminal parasites, so all of them were left alone to shut me up, make me lose my family and all I had ever worked for to throw me in prison and label me a criminal.

Too many good kids are wasted on bad policies and corruption. Millions are being spent on each taxpayer/consumer offline, arrested, and thrown in prison when they learn the truth and inform others.

Any country that is not safe for and do not foster some self-employment, small business, and independence are not free countries nor good places to live. There is a corporate form of socialism/communism brewing in America. There will be just the rich corporate, ruling elite, and the poor, separate and unequal.

Police officers lied, the prosecutor protected the lying cops, and the judge didn’t care what laws were broken in shutting up a pain in the ass that expected government, police, and the courts to act as advertised.

I have nothing am not allowed to travel until I’m off probation as a political prisoner.

I wonder what country would be a good host for an American Ex-patriot?

As soon as GPS devices are installed as license plates and we are taxed by the mile, are every move and location recorded, there is no longer paper money, and as soon as the fence around the US is used to keep Americans in, less than outsiders out, I’ll be out, dead, or in prison, but I won’t sit here and idly watch the whole shithouse burn in a hell fire.

I wish to live free or die.

-Steven G. Erickson aka Vikingas

P.S. If I die it won’t be at my own hand or for having done something stupid going down in a blaze of glory. I can make more of a statement voting with my own back and asking others to follow.

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