Thursday, August 18, 2005

Americans seeking Political Asylum out of the US


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Steve Erickson
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Thursday, August 18, 2005 4:34 PM
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RE: American Seeking Asylum in Canada

Mr. Scott,

things in the US are not good for citiizen in the US post 9-11-01.

Free Speech and rights are a thing of the past in the US. Those that lodge a complaint against a police officer, judge, or other official that has broken the law can cost one their home, job, freedom, and loss of family and everything then have ever worked for. Americans desiring freedom from persecution are looking to Canada and other countries seeking politicial asylum.

Police officers and officials blowing the whistle are also fearing for their lives and families.

My friend Chris Kennedy tried to have a judge removed for judicial misconduct. His kids were taken away and now he is worried that he'll lose his job, his home, never see his children again and is facing 53 years after numerous arrests on invented charges.

His story:

Jeffrey Yeaw lodged a complaint against a Department of Children worker and had his kids taken away and now faces 3 decades in prison. His story:

Ritt Goldstein a successful small business owner proposed legislation where police crimes were to be investigated by a Civilian Oversight board. Ritt was attacked by police until he fled to Sweden and asked for political asylum. His story:

A retired [city and state snipped] detective contacted me regarding his son returning home from the Marine Corps to see a police officer stomping a man, kicking him in the testicles, etc. The son allegedly turned the officer into police internal affairs. The retired cop's house was then invaded and his veteran son was arrested as was his [teen number snipped] year old son, taken to the police station, and then both were beaten. Neither son had been arrested before and had done nothing wrong. I have not yet veried this story.

Kathleen Dickson a former research scientist, exposed corporate and state officials involved in corruption, her kids were taken away, she was put in prison, not told what she was charged with for two month, spent almost a year in prison, and was let out after she signed papers she wouldn't be critical of the government. Her story:

The State governments will make up fictitious amounts owed will double charge vehicle taxes, and police will promote heroin and crack cocaine dealing to take businesses and homes from good citizens for corrupt town hall official's cronies. The poor and minorities are displaced for the rich, using the Supreme Court decision, Eminent Domain.

Families are being broken up, political prisoners are being thrown in prisons and there is no more room and conditions in US prisons are inhumane.

Police, Prosecutors, and Judges are legally able to break the law, lie, commit perjury, manufacture and suppress evidence, intimidate and coach witnesses, and follow no rules at all.

Many Americans wish to have intact families, have a small business, own rental property, and not worry about having their doors kicked in during the middle of the night to be hauled off, beaten, and arrested, facing years or life in prison.

How hard is (it) to get political asylum and work permits in Canada?

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson

my story:

P.S. it is ok to share these stories with your media.

The above is a reply to this email:

From: "Scott.Greg" To: Subject: American Seeking Asylum in CanadaDate: Wed, 17 Aug 2005 15:20:08 -0400

>Hi Steve,

>> A colleague in the Department of Foreign Affairs Canada asked me to follow up with you, as I understand you had some specific questions regarding Americans Seeking Asylum in Canada. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are still looking for information on this topic. Thanks, Steve.

>>Greg Scott>Media Relations Spokesperson Porte-parole, relations avec les médias>Communications Branch Direction générale des communications>365 Laurier Avenue West, 19th Floor 365, avenue Laurier Ouest, 19e étage>Ottawa, Ontario>Telephone: 613-941-7028 Téléphone : 613-941-7028>Fax: 613-941 7022 Télécopieur : 613-941 7022>>


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