Saturday, August 13, 2005

Are there good reasons not to choose Michael H. Agranoff as your lawyer?


Are there good reasons not to choose Michael H. Agranoff as your lawyer?

Michael Agranoff's email:

My email:

I ask Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, "Give me Liberty, or Give me Death!"

Information on Attorney Michael H. Agranoff

Is a lame attorney angry with me for what I posted about him?

A December 3, 2003, an open letter to Agranoff
I tell him off and it takes him over a year to get angry enough to respond.

A letter I wrote to Governor John G. Rowland Oct. 2, 2003

I tell Rowland to go "F" himself in a letter sent to arrive for his first day of Federal Prison

My picture and other stories of injustice

Testing the First Amendment in the US is Dangerous

A Nation Rots from its City Centers Outward, A National Disgrace

A Connecticut State Police Officer’s Limp Winky, riding into the sunset on a Harley, and a movie idea

A crooked Governor, a blowjob, a state police investigation for sale, and a judge silenced for caring

Malcolm X for sale on eBay, Niggers and 2nd Class citizens, and other links

Did Judge Jonathan Kaplan and former Connecticut State Police Commissioner act illegal collude together to obstruct justice and deny Free Speech?

Ethics and Rowlandgate


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Mr. Agranoff might have been threatened. All lawyers are far more aware of the dastardly tricks lawyers play on the public, and on each other, than we normal people are.

Especially vicious, would naturally be the State "prosecutors," since no other kind of people would want that job, except naturally vicious people.

And Mr. Blumenthal is his own man and not a player for anyone. Look how many times he criticized the DCF's and Ragaglia's handiwork with Jeane Milstein, the Child Advocate.

Guess who was the first Child Advocate? Ragaglia. Appointed by guess who. Johnny Handout, who's buddy is the extra-racist cop Arthur Spada.

Spada, Ragaglia, Rowland, Ryan.

Blumenthal did as well as he could surrounded by all these criminals and in the presence of Yale, but still throwing the Yale criminals in jail would have been the priority.

If they were actually an academic institution, they would have been giving us good advice on everything.

Now we know much better what Yale is about.

Yale used us ALL, including the DCF victims, as their lab animals and made us pay for this service.

The enemy is Yale. They get what they want. They are the paid whores for the courts. Yale Psychiatrists won't diagnose the mental illnesses of these State prosecutors even though it is obvious, because that would not suit their end. Proving that Psychiatry is bogus.

The word "slut" comes to mind.

Selling your wares on the cheap.

Prostituting one's profession.

Steve, the one thing for sure is that they all know they will rot in hell and when you say this to them they become even more vicious, proving that they know what they are doing is wrong, because wrongdoing is stupid, and thus they persist.

If they were smart, they would not try to harm people, and not *continue* to harm people, in order not to get caught in their crimes, and have to pay the increasing price of their crimes.

The thing about Satan is that he was jealous of God, and wanted to be Number One. Do you see any similarities in the primary characteristics of Satan, Evil, Lying to get what you want, Jealousy as a cause of lying, and the State's Attorneys?

They are one and the same.

You hold a mirror up to them, or shine a light on their crimes, and they flip out and attack you. They absolutely hate to be exposed, which is why that is the primary thing we have to do. This gives them the opportunity to save their souls, but guarantees their damnation if they make the wrong choice.

You see. They choose stupidity due to their pride and self-aggrandizement.

The number one crime of all time.

A one way ticket to Hell. Which is where Satan wants them, and makes it so easy for them to be his captives.

All you have to do is lie. And lie, and LIE.

You won't see many lawyers in Heaven.

Saturday, August 13, 2005 11:36:00 PM  

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