Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Assault on the Economy, the Family, and Freedom


Racist Policies and Segregation

Are schools in America separate and unequal?

Is there still us and them, but now just no discernable middle?

John Julian, the former Stafford Springs, CT, selectman was quite open about covert policies in Connecticut. He clearly didn’t mind white drug dealers as some had set up shop in clear view of his office, the town hall, and in view of police. He didn’t want any “nigger drug dealers” in town. These policies, openly or covertly, should not exist in modern America.

Small businesses that cater to, give lodging, comfort, and/or supply minorities, “White Trash”, and riffraff are not given protection and service from police and the courts, are overly investigated for code violations, officially harassed, threatened, access and parking blocked, and their owners face being under the spotlight for every minute transaction for a take down.

With 3 arrests a home or business can be taken under the nuisance statute, so crime does pay handsomely for authorities. Old policies didn’t work fast enough so Eminent Domain to just displace poorer and minority residents, their homes, and businesses. Rip off the poor and give to the Rich, it IS AMERICAN POLICY.

William Mulready had a thriving concrete business in the Southwest section of Connecticut above New York City. In his divorce his wife got most everything, including the business assets, business equipment had to be sold off, Bill got the bills, and his wife got everything and the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Bill got next to nothing and was held to alimony and/or child support payments as if he still had an intact business and good income. Arrests, trials, and short stints in jails are at your expense. Another hardworking consumer/taxpayer has been taken offline.

Christopher Kennedy of the Ellington/Somers Connecticut area in North Central Connecticut had a good business in the engineering field. He got divorced and he was made to pay child support and/or alimony to his “earning potential” not his actual net. You can’t pay out more than you make. Kennedy had to close his business because of bias and unfairness in the courts.

The same sexist policies applied to which parent got visitation, etc. Kennedy brought up valid complaints and possibly perjury of a prosecutor and judicial misconduct of Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan. Chris was maliciously investigated, faced numerous arrests, trials at your expense, attempts of a bond too high for him to pay to silence him as a whistleblower were made, and he is now facing 53 years in prison for all charges and is still being maliciously prosecuted.

Ritt Goldstein owned a small business in the Norwalk/Stamford Connecticut area above New York City. He proposed Civilian Oversight of Police and the accountability of cops for their actions. He questioned numerous officers’ assertion that an African American committed suicide, not having been shot by police. Goldstein was so harassed and terrorized by police he fled the country and asked for political asylum in Sweden.

I bought rental property and ran a small business. I proposed Civilian Oversight of police and was critical of police and the judiciary in newspapers. I was harassed and terrorized by police and their informants out of Stafford Springs, Connecticut, and was railroaded to prison on Connecticut State Police perjury. I had faced a year and a half in prison for having been attacked on my property by a police mascot/criminal, no deals.

I started meeting with Donald Christmas and other Thompsonville and Enfield Connecticut landlords regarding suing police and Connecticut for failing to provide equal protection and services because we are or were downtown landlords and business owners. Donny was then attacked on his property by a police officer’s 16 year old prostitute girlfriend. Donny faced a year and a half in prison, was offered no deals, except to plead guilty, initially, and the same as me, his attacker was given immunity for serious crimes, to maliciously prosecute in order to silence a whistleblower and retaliate against a person who dared speak out and propose legislation to elected officials that police or members of the judiciary didn’t like.

Jeffrey Yeaw is the father of three young children that was the cause of an Amber Alert when he ‘rescued’ his children from DCF abuse according to him. I saw documents where he is considered stable and a good parent and his allegedly mentally ill ex-wife was a threat to Jeff and to the children. If Jeff’s kids weren’t taken away without thought to the children’s and the public’s best interest Jeff Yeaw wouldn’t face spending a good share of the rest of his life in prison or as a ‘fugitive from justice’.

The list could go on and on. Jeff had his own architectural drawing business and was an asset to Connecticut, now he is a liability.

The list could go on and on.

Do you see a pattern?

Each person and family ruined because of an out control court, police force, and local and national government costs those left producing, consuming, and paying taxes, 100’s of thousands, if not millions, FOR EACH CITIZEN ground to a pulp for having too much of an independent and moral attitude on what should be in America, but is getting harder and harder to find- FREEDOM and JUSTICE.

If small businesses and downtown property investors are a target for annihilation, where will freedom stand?

Well, not in America, so I suggest those that want to have their home, assets, family, and job intact for their lives, I suggest you consider leaving the US and becoming a free American out of America, or if you have already been screwed over by the racist/Satanic corporate agenda in the US, seek asylum in a country that will take an American Patriot and their families.

Free Speech is punished. Redress of grievances to elected officials is punished. There are policies to break up your family and expand juvenile jails and adult prisons and more and more political prisoners are being held in America.

-Steven G. Erickson
PO Box 730
Enfield, CT 06083-0730 USA

email: stevengerickson@yahoo.com

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