Friday, August 05, 2005

Banging One's Head against a Brick Wall?:


Dear Attorney General Richard Blumenthal,

If only 1 in 4 children will have both parents in the home, birth to graduating High School, I would assume that means only 1 in 4 men will be in the family home, birth to HS with their children. Some very important issues are waiting for you to address them.

Men are then, up to 3 out of 4, risking arrests, prison, losing their credit, homes, car, retirement, their jobs, or even ability to get a job, just for being a divorced, displaced Dad.

Locating to Stafford Springs, CT, I noticed the police, prosecutors, and judges liked ruining the self-employed, downtown business owners, and especially landlords, that is if they didn’t have a grandfather buried in the local cemetery, lacked political clout, and/or were ‘in the way’ of a Connecticut official or local.

Should you as Attorney General make sure that the Good Ole Boy network is put in line in Connecticut, that Connecticut will be safe for Fathers and others that are currently in Connecticut’s line of fire for a downfall?

I proposed laws to elected officials, wrote about injustices in newspapers, tried to have Judge Jonathan Kaplan removed for his bias in small claims cases, tried to have a Rockville prosecutor removed twice for refusing to serve landlords by prosecuting tenants and drug dealers that rip landlords off.

Connecticut State Police Officers told me to shut my big mouth and leave the State, “Or else,” pulled a woman over twice that I was dating telling her not to date me, and encouraged others to break laws to harass me out of Stafford.

I told two local legislators to Stafford Springs, Connecticut, that I had intended to sue Connecticut State Police for violating my 14th Amendment rights. I was attacked on my property soon after by a police informant, where only I was arrested, after police had refused to protect and serve me based on my occupation and geographic location.

Donald Christmas of the Thompsonville section of Enfield, CT, also a landlord, also got mouthy to reporters regarding Connecticut injustice, also proposed Civilian Oversight of police, who also openly stated he intended on suing police for civil right abuses, also was attacked on his property by a police mascot, in his case it was a 16 year old prostitute girlfriend of a police officer. Donny faced a year and a half in prison, no deals, and his assailant was given immunity to maliciously prosecute Donny. Do you see a pattern?

Donny claims police officers continue to follow him around and harass him. Donny also claims that police officers caused him to be fired from 3 jobs so far when officers visit Donny’s employers suggesting they fire Donny.

I posted Donny’s story on various websites, and hundreds of letters poured into the Enfield Superior Court and numerous calls were placed to the Enfield PD asking what the hell are they doing as police.

A navy man contacted me after returning home to Connecticut from war. He claimed that a mentally ill daughter of a Connecticut State Police Officer made an obvious false statement to Connecticut State Police causing his false arrest and bogus charges. It was later known to police that the navy man was completely innocent of wrong doing, but faced retaliation and intimidation from Connecticut State Police in his attempt to undo the wrong that was done to him at the hands of police. Do you see a pattern?

I learned about Kathleen Dickson exposing Rowland corporate crony fraud, causing her kids to be taken away, her being brought up on bogus charges, being put in a mental hospital based on false statements, and then put in prison not knowing what she had been charged with. She was coerced into signing a statement that she would not lodge complaints nor expose Connecticut officials committing crimes. What!!!???

Chris Kennedy became upset with his ex-wife’s malicious attacks, including stabbing Chris, and the lack of any fair and just treatment in Connecticut courts, lodged complaints against officials including Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan, got vocal exposing the corruption, and then had his kids illegally blocked from seeing him, was arrested numerous times, his wife was given immunity for her serious crimes, including felony assault, to maliciously prosecute Chris Kennedy for being a whistleblower regarding official and judicial corruption.

Chris faces up to 53 years, not for any crimes committed, but for testing Free Speech and Redressing Grievances in Connecticut.

Should 100’s of thousands, if not millions, of taxpayer dollars be used for malicious investigations, prosecutions, and imprisoning whistleblowers, those that lodge complaints against officials, and those proposing laws to elected officials that police or the legal community has a common dislike for?

The First Amendment obviously doesn’t apply in the Constitution State of Connecticut.

Do state and federals laws apply in Connecticut? Does the Constitution? Are elected officials, police, prosecutors, judges, and officials such as DCF, immune from prosecution with they ruin lives, are immoral sociopaths, bent on breaking every law, state and federal, as flagrantly as possible?

Police will refuse to take police misconduct complaints and threaten, intimidate, and arrest a citizen making legitimate complaints. Prosecutors can do as they please, and judges that are in charge of overseeing and investigating Judicial Misconduct, refuse to discipline their friends, unless the judges are attempting to remove another judge for being a minority and/or a woman.

With nothing being done about the above cases or the hundreds to thousands of similar abuses in Connecticut, why should men or women, marry, have kids, buy a home, work, locate a business, and/or trust Connecticut with their lives, kids, cash, and assets?

Well, Attorney Richard Blumenthal, I am just asking you to read and review the excuse I had for a trial, docket # CR01-0074672, and look into my allegations of misconduct against Arthur L. Spada, Judge Jonathan Kaplan, two prosecutors, and others.

Can citizens actually get justice, and can officials committing crimes actually face investigations, arrests, ethical prosecutions, and receive prison sentences inline with what civilians would face committing similar crimes?

Until police, prosecutors, and judges in Connecticut actually face arrest and prison, the abuse will only continue. Connecticut’s reputation as a rogue and unreasonable state, and the numbers of citizens unwilling to move or stay in Connecticut will only increase if you and other top officials don’t act for America and for Justice.

So, Mr. Blumenthal is Connecticut about cronyism and corruption, or is it about justice and living the American Dream?

Is Connecticut about morals and unity of families or is it about misery and ruining children and their parents to suck up as many federal dollars as possible for the state?

Actions speak louder than words.

Steven G. Erickson
PO Box 730
Enfield, CT 06083

P.S. I am posting this letter to you on FreeSpeech (dot) com

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