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The Big Question

11 DEMENTED PINHEADS found (here) on the web

Who’s really in Charge the governor of a State or the Police Commissioner?

Subject: attn Connecticut Public Safety Committee Members

Email sent to:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Dear Connecticut Legislators on the Connecticut Public Safety Committee:

I propose and have past proposed, Civilian Oversight of the Police, Prosecutors, Judges, and of the Courts. I proposed legislation to make the above mentioned accountable to rules, laws, the Constitution, and to act in the best interest of the public, and that officials do not oversee each other, field complaints, nor decide punishments for transgressors. We need this legislation and I feel it is mandatory that it is introduced, passed, and enacted into law.

I know of 3 people that proposed Civilian Oversight of Police, myself, Donald Christmas, and Ritt Goldstein. Ritt Goldstein a successful small business owner in Connecticut and rising political force was so harassed by Connecticut Police he felt it necessary to flee the US and ask for political asylum in Sweden.

All 3 of us were arrested after, were stalked, harassed, terrorized, blatant attempts to disrupt our personal, business, financial, family, and safety concerns were attempted in an organized and cruel way through police officers on the streets and their higher ups.

Chris Kennedy was arrested a day or so after having lodged a complaint against a police officer in Connecticut and is facing 53 years in bogus, retaliatory charges.

I could keep on naming names of injustice. Judges, police officers, and prominent people have been caught up in Connecticut’s retaliation and corruption machine. Rowland was just one of its goons.

Should police be able to terrorize, arrest, and commit perjury to get a citizen silenced, ruined, and retaliated upon for having proposed legislation to elected officials, looked to redressed grievances, and speaking out in print, and public meetings, and online?

Legislators drive the same roads the public does, can go through the same civil and criminal proceedings in courts, and have the same vulnerability of family, financial, safety, and reputation concerns as an average citizen. Do these concerns override a legislator’s ability to legislate and represent the people?

The answer is yes if officials in law enforcement and in the judiciary aren’t required to follow rules, laws, the Constitution, having morals and ethics to actually serve the taxpayers that pay their salaries. Civilian Oversight is needed for your safety, our safety, and so that Connecticut is run as our Forefathers intended, not as a Mafia Don would prefer.

There seems to be a marked gender, sexual orientation, and racial bias in the Department of Public Safety Department and the Connecticut Judiciary. The highest ranking police woman was demoted by former Commissioner Spada. Judge Lopez is a minority and a woman and there was an attempt to remove her. It seems that gay bashing is ok with Connecticut State Police Internal Affairs.

Ernie Newton, an African American, on your committee seemed to have gone after because of his reform efforts and whether he is guilty of anything or not, is not the point I’m trying to make.

I owned a small business, as did Chris Kennedy, as did Bill Mulready, as did Ritt Goldstein, as did I, as did Don Christmas (he’s now selling his rental properties due to police harassment and being followed around, and police officers telling his employers to fire him) and it seems that small business owners are under siege as the corporate big wigs give more to campaigns and have been to known to procure covert bribes and freebies.

Is Connecticut anti-small business, anti-individual, anti-Civil Rights, anti-poor and middleclass, anti-American, anti-family, anti-independence, and Pro-Big Government and Criminal Corporate Elitists?

Should Connect be about shaking hardworking citizens down, not serving them? (Code Enforcement post)

Multiple towns taxed me on the SAME vehicles, and I was sent a fraudulent $140,000 or so bill by the Connecticut Revenue Department that personal knew had no basis at all. Are authorities in Connecticut about fraud, phishing, and robbing the public?

I am posting this email to you on FreeSpeech (dot) com with links and maybe a few of your pictures and links to your official websites.

As the person in charge of Connecticut, should the signs going into Connecticut be changed from having Governor M. Jodi Rell’s name on them to have, Connecticut State Police Commissioner Leonard C. Boyle on them to signify who is really in charge in Connecticut?

With all due respect, this is what most citizens would want to say, the Public Safety Committee is in a position to act for the people, put the power back where it belong in the elected legislators hands representing people, and can help end the across the board citizen abuse in Connecticut.

Steven G. Erickson
PO Box 730
Enfield, CT 06083

P.S Please leave any telephone messages for me on Chris Kennedy’s line, 860-871-8538, as I don’t have a home address nor a telephone at this time. Please notify me that you have received this email. Thank you.

Putting a human face on the abuse of the public with public safety policies is Josh D. (click). If citizens call to complain about quality of life issues and the neighborhood they’re calling from isn’t wealthy enough, police answering phones can be rude, disrespectful, threatening, and even will refuse to help. Not get help and demand it can subject the complainer to false arrest and malicious prosecution.

Josh D. could have been a good citizen with all sorts of potential. Because there isn’t early intervention and a community spirit of helpfulness between police and citizens, many kids can grow up wrong, get addicted, die an early death, as lifetime common criminal parasites, or as inmates living off of taxpayers.

Too many taxpayers are harassed offline and too many are just fed up with what is going on Connecticut looking into leaving the state or even the US, the Connecticut experience can be that bad!

The History of Abuse of Citizens arbitrarily caught up in the legal system(Former Governor Rowland, government for sale, bribes, a blowjob, a Connecticut State Police investigation fixed for Rowland cronies, and a court and law enforcement system so sleazy their crimes are obvious to the taxpayers getting screwed)

Testing Free Speech can be Expensive

Can cops rape, rob, beat, and murder with immunity?(pictures of young adults brutalized by Hartford Police, a 1978 L-82 Corvette, and the White Victorian I lost to police and judicial corruption)

Anatomy of the Good Ole Boy Network
(Dec. 12, 2003, post)

What is prison really like?
(Oct. 6, 2003, post)

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