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Email in from Connecticut DCF watch:

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"Connecticut DCF Watch" ctdcfwatch@snet.net

Tue, 2 Aug 2005 14:11:52 -0400
[connecticutcivilrightscouncil] Hartford, CT: DCF corruption is wide spread and bigger than Supervisor, Valerie Miles.

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From: Connecticut DCF Watch
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Subject: Hartford, CT: DCF corruption is wide spread and bigger than Supervisor, Valerie Miles.

DCF Corruption is Wide Spread and Bigger than Supervisor, Valerie Miles.

Thomas M. Dutkiewicz, President
Connectict DCF Watch
Special Family Advocate

August 2, 2005

Hartford, CT -- Hundreds of complaints are filed with the governor's office and Commioner, Darlen Dunbar's office each year detailing the corruption within DCF, its supervisors and case workers.

It is a common practice to manufacture evidence and falsify documents.

These complaints are NEVER taken seriously contrary to DCF spokesman, Gary Kleeblatt statements to the Hartford Courant. By their actions and inactions and they have shown a callus disregard of the rights of children and parents. The dirty little secret is that if they do not engage in criminal acts and violate the consititutional rights of parents and children, DCF lose their funding.

What DCF Supervisor, Valerie Miles did is no different than if a police officer planted drugs in a home in order to get a conviction. The scary part is what if she was successful? You have a parent attempting to defend themselves with fraudulent evidence and Miles never even proved that it was drugs. How many other cases has she tainted with fraud depriving parents of their constitutional rights.

This is just another example of a lawless organization who feel they are above the law. Miles was going to put that in her petition to the judge but then never offers up any documentation or test results that the bag was in fact drugs. She wants the judge to blindly accept her unprofessional opinion that there was drugs in the bag.

As ruled by the federal courts, all DCF workers are government officials like the police and are subject to ALL of the prohibitions placed on government officials. The Constitution is not limited to one type or kind of official but to any.

In the case by the undersigned that is about to be filed in the Supreme Court, DCF workers Valerie Jackson-Coleman, Nana-Kia Johnson, Greg Hudson, Lisa Sedlock-Reider, Christine Lau, Robert Lapadula, Maureen Daly, Katherine Hart, Karrol-Ann Brown, Esq. Sherrie Labowski, Esq. knowingly and willingly filed fraudulent charges against Thomas and Aimee Dutkiewicz in July of 2002 and to date Mr. Kleeblatt nor the Attorney General have never investagated the criminal activity by DCF workers. Maureen Daly is on a case right now that we are aware of where she has lied under oath.

Even though the physical evidence showed the Dutkiewicz's son's home schooling was approved by the State of Connecticut and the Superitendant of Schools and he had no special needs DCF employees intentually charged them with educational neglect and that their child had special needs even though it was an out right lie. DCF never bothered even to look in the record kept at the Board of Education. DCF fabricated the entire charge of education neglect.

They also charged them with medical neglect without investigating thier son's immunisation card which was also in his school record. He completed his Hep-B series 4-months before they even began an investagation. DCF policy even states clearly that failing to give immunization shots is not medical neglect. Immunization shots are not "Medically Indicated" treatment and never medical neglect.

DCF employees said Mr. Dutkiewicz was a victim of domestic in court even though the DCF record states clearly that their was "no history" of domestic violence toward Mr. Dutkiewicz. In fact DCF destroyed evidence when Mr. Dutkiewicz filled out a survey about domestic violence and he indicated that there was NEVER domestic violence. DCF destroyed that evidence because it didn't fit into what they wanted.

DCF case workers along with their supervisor condone and participate in purjury, conspiricy to commit purjury, manufacturing of evidence, threatening, coerisive behavior, harrassment, 4th and 14th Amendment violations, due process violations and they do this on a daily basis unbeknown to the public. This is not hipe but a known fact among innocent parents.

How would you like it to have your children adopted out never to be seen again because a DCF worker intentually lied and manufactured evidence?

There needs to be an immediate committee set up to take formal complaints from parents who can document intentinal lying, manufacturing of evidence, threatening, coersion and 4th and 14th Amendment violations.

There is a free handbook in the attachment to document the federal rulings contained in this article.

Thomas M. Dutkiewicz, President

Special Family Advocate

Connecticut DCF Watch

P.O. Box 3005

Bristol, CT 06011-3005




P.S. Check out our web site for the FREE handbook on parental and children's rights. It cites over 100 cases dealing with unlawful removals and 4th and 14th Amendment violations. There is also a manual on Title IV-E dealing with "reasonable efforts".

* * * *
added Aug. 10:

DCF Supervisor Arrested, Suspended

Courant Staff Writer July 29 2005

A Department of Children and Families social worker is accused of *fabricating evidence* and *tampering with a witness* in a child endangerment case in Hartford earlier this year.

Valerie M. Miles, a social work supervisor in DCF's Hartford office, turned herself in and was arrested about 2 p.m. Thursday. She was released on $10,000 bail pending an appearance in Superior Court scheduled for Aug. 11 in Hartford.

Hartford police were not releasing any further details and DCF officials were reluctant to comment on the matter.

It was unclear Thursday whether the charges related to one of Miles' child abuse and neglect investigations at work or to an incident in her personal life.Miles, 48, lives at 53 Dogwoood Road, Plainville.

Hartford police said the charges were based on an incident involving the risk of injury to a child at 296 Hudson St. in Hartford on May 27. Miles was charged with two counts of fabricating physical evidence and one count of witness tampering.

Miles was placed on paid administrative leave on July 7, said DCF spokesman Gary Kleeblatt. State records show her current salary is about $103,000 a year. Miles has worked at DCF for 16 years."We're cooperating with police," Kleeblatt said.

"This is under investigation and we will take appropriate disciplinary action as warranted up to and including termination."

"Allegations of this nature are extremely troubling and we are going to take them very seriously," Kleeblatt said.

Miles could not be reached for comment Thursday. She is represented by West Hartford attorney Leon M. Rosenblatt. He also was reluctant to discuss the details of the case.

"It is in fact true that she surrendered to a warrant today," Rosenblatt said. "Beyond that, stay tuned."

Copyright 2005, Hartford Courant


Anonymous Anonymous said...

DCF-type "services" is creating a crime wave. The children kidnapped by DCF are learning, sometimes the hard way, about crimes they might not yet be enjoying from living with other such DCF kidnappees. The women's prison in Corrupticut is absolutely packed with women who are victims of DCF in one way or another.

Most often they are self medicating their DCF traumas.

Either they were slammed into jail trying to protect their own children under false criminal charges by DCF, or they were DCF's victims as children.

That the FBI has "Parental Kidnappings" on their website? Don't believe it.

These are probably mostly people who have kidnapped their own kids back from the insane and maniacal DCF.


It started right here in Corrupticut.

Don't turn these people in. Help them hide their children from the diabolical DCF.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005 3:55:00 AM  
Blogger saynotodcf said...

How we coul destitute the DCF and its partner in crime the children protective services?. The goverment sends our troops abroad to fight agains people that we don't know, when we have to live next door to those unlicesenced social workers that are a really terrorist threat to our system. We need an agency that protects our children, not tax-waged kidnappers that run a profitable biz on us.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008 12:44:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look, I need to know the statue of limitations on bringing a civil suit against specific investigators and their superiors.I took them all the way to administrative hearing and was found to be "UNSUBSTANTIATED" This was in 2004. I am sure it is too late, but why not ask.I seek no money , just justice,i want their jobs!!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009 1:43:00 AM  
Blogger Steve said...

10 Years ago my children were taken from me by CT DCF my son 15 years old at that time ended up in jail for his own protection while the trial took place (4 months) supposedly from me a single father the children's mother had died from cancer. In jail he was beaten and probably worse after the trial (where it was found I had committed no abuse) Supposedly again for the protection of the children they were placed with their uncle a methamphetamine addict who only wanted to collect welfare he immediately put my son out on the street continued to collect welfare while my son was in and out of jail 1 week ago my son was shot by the and killed police CT DCF killed my son.

Saturday, March 27, 2010 8:13:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am interested in this post which is dated back to 2005 - what is the status of the Supreme Court filing? I recognize names of Sherri Labowitz, Esq. (who lied to a judge in 2008) in my case and DCF admitted she lied yet no one (AG office or DCF corrected situation of perjury). Names also are Chritine Lau and Robert Lapadula. My understanding is that no person can sue DCF until child is 18 years old. And, I was told by my lawyer that since DCF is not on trial, only the parent, no evidence of DCF abuse and neglect of my child (forgetting to pick him up at daycare two times), refusing him medical services -- that such information can NOT be admitted into evidence -- only the parent is on trial. Thus, a judge will overrule any attempt at any court hearing about what DCF does. Thus, you have to settle whatever DCF proposes because you can never even appeal the Court granting what DCF wants because there will never be evidence regarding what DCF has done.

Monday, March 29, 2010 8:55:00 AM  
Blogger The Stark Raving Viking said...

I'm not sure, I'm just an unpaid blogger ...

If you post your email, maybe those who do similar word searches may inform you.

Swedish documentary producers have emailed me looking for an individual who fled Connecticut seeking political asylum in Sweden. So blogs are read for such information.

Good luck.


Monday, March 29, 2010 9:34:00 AM  

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