Saturday, August 13, 2005

Eminent Domain brought to you by the Connecticut Mafia

(The art above signifies "Lady Justice" at a secret back room Connecticut Star Chamber meeting)
Eminent Domain brought to you by the Connecticut Mafia

The precedent is now nationwide. Watching who goes down in Connecticut and who skates tells a tale if you read the newspapers and pay attention to the trends and what is being said in-between the lines.

The cops, the courts, and the politicians act as though there part of an organization in Connecticut.

The Whitey Bulger/FBI scandal of corruption and government running and acting like a syndicate will be paled in comparison to what can be uncovered when “the thing of ours’ is broken up in Connecticut.

There are enough cracks in the façade, that the wall will come down.

Judges, top law enforcement, and career politicians will come down, no matter how arrogant they are. The guilty, criminal dirtbags will pay. No one is the above the law and everyone is accountable, and soon American Justice will actually apply in Connecticut.

RICO needs to be used to take down the Connecticut Mafia and give the people back their say and a little more use of their own money.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the Name of God, and for the Love of the people, this state is going to be turned completely upside down.

And then it will be upright.

Sunday, August 14, 2005 6:32:00 AM  

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