Monday, August 01, 2005

Josh D.

The above picture was taken around noon EST, August 20, 2005, and this post was actually posted around the same time.

Josh, 19, allegedly got ‘at home arrest’ for having grown marijuana plants and selling the pot out of his parents house. He now is at an apartment complex, confined to the grounds.

Josh allegedly sells and does drugs daily. Josh also openly walks around with a beer, or sits as pictured with a rum and coke, the end of a 29 hour binge according to Josh.

Notice the transmitter on his ankle for his at home confinement.

Josh plays horseshoes, stays up all night partying, and allegedly goes out to water and/or tend to his marijuana plants daily.

Do I worry about Josh for posting this? Well, Josh seems to openly make drug deals on a cordless phone, yells from a balcony over the quality and price of illegal narcotics, and tenants, apartment supervisors, have claimed to have contacted the Connecticut State Police regarding Josh's drug dealing and drinking activities. His probation officer also has allegedly been notified of Josh's activities.


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