Monday, August 15, 2005

Live Free or Die

Mel Gibson in the movie, "The Patriot"

Live Free or Die

Can Living in an Area be so horrid you want to leave your own country?

Yes, Connecticut was that horrid that I am giving serious thought to leaving the US, for good.

Many others that just came to have a small business, work, raise their families, and retire found out what a bunch of lying thieves run Connecticut.

Every time you turn around their charging you something, other towns will try and tax you on property you’ve already paid taxes on, the Revenue Department will send you bills with outrageous fictitious charges, and there is an all out effort to take your children, your home, and your rights away for profit or for the federal tax dollars incentives for wrecking you life.

The greed and the abuse is plain for all to see.

I haven’t yet decided if I want to renounce my citizenship and become a national of another country.

Most other countries don’t burden citizens with so much hype and propaganda about freedom and rights that don’t exist.

There is no longer any confusion in my mind what a government out of control is all about. They grow, they feed, they get so big they destroy outwardly and then self-destruct.

I didn’t like heroin and crack cocaine being sold off and near my yard. I didn’t like seeing prostitutes from 14 and older selling themselves openly. I didn’t like seeing kids go bad, get addicted, die, end up in prison, or as lifelong criminal parasites, so all of them were left alone to shut me up, make me lose my family and all I had ever worked for to throw me in prison and label me a criminal.

Too many good kids are wasted on bad policies and corruption. Millions are being spent on each taxpayer/consumer offline, arrested, and thrown in prison when they learn the truth and inform others.

Any country that is not safe for and do not foster some self-employment, small business, and independence are not free countries nor good places to live. There is a corporate form of socialism/communism brewing in America. There will be just the rich corporate, ruling elite, and the poor, separate and unequal.

Police officers lied, the prosecutor protected the lying cops, and the judge didn’t care what laws were broken in shutting up a pain in the ass that expected government, police, and the courts to act as advertised.

I have nothing am not allowed to travel until I’m off probation as a political prisoner.

I wonder what country would be a good host for an American Ex-patriot?

As soon as GPS devices are installed as license plates and we are taxed by the mile, are every move and location recorded, there is no longer paper money, and as soon as the fence around the US is used to keep Americans in, less than outsiders out, I’ll be out, dead, or in prison, but I won’t sit here and idly watch the whole shithouse burn in a hell fire.

I wish to live free or die.

-Steven G. Erickson aka Vikingas

P.S. If I die it won’t be at my own hand or for having done something stupid going down in a blaze of glory. I can make more of a statement voting with my own back and asking others to follow.

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