Wednesday, August 03, 2005

“Putting polish on a hairy wart”


Connecticut is trying to look good after spending 57 million dollars of taxpayer’s money to build an adult style prison for boys, part of Rowlandgate and corruption, and lining corporate cronies’ pockets. A prison for kids, it is just completely outrageous. The operating expenses were going to be in addition to the cost of building yet another “Juvie Jail.” Why care? Well, if you’ve read a book on Supreme Court cases or have been paying attention, you know that Connecticut leads the nation in racism, ridiculousness, and abuse of OUR Constitution and good sense of what is right. Don’t let Connecticut; wreck America with any NEW bullshit precedents.

Kids were stripped naked, deprived of anything human and good, and a vigil of sick and deprived child molesters and abusers, posing as guards, made children suffer in a more depraved way than any ‘bad family’ environment ever tortured a soul for life, too often.

If Governor Rowland hadn’t been implicated in across the board corruption, the nightmare of prison for kids could have gone national. Building prisons and other detention centers is a good way to hide kickbacks and allows states to maximize on the collection of federal funds. The people suffer in a state’s shortsightedness.

‘The fix’ is 33 million MORE on a new facility with MORE operating expenses. They fuck up, we pay. They wreck our lives, WE PAY. They keep fucking up and the solutions cost more money.

Are any of you out there paying attention?

I attended a legislative committee’s hearing on reforming DCF at the Legislative Building in Hartford, yesterday. The public wasn’t able to comment, just the head of DCF, other officials, and members of the judiciary committee- State Representatives and State Senators.

Kids are being put in child jails for marijuana possession, violation of probation or parole, driving without a license or permission to use a car, for petty and serious reasons. Facilities are needed. When the State becomes involved in people’s lives too easily, it gives the pubic the impression the state is just out to take away one’s cash, freedoms, and family arbitrarily and on the whims of officials that do how they please, when they please.

Complain or lodge complaints against an official and often DCF is the first ‘tool’ used to adjust the complainer. Kids are taken away for political reasons.

Homes and jobs are taken for political reasons. Adults are being railroaded and held in prison based on punitive investigations, malicious prosecutions, jury tampering, evidence being withheld and manufactured, witness tampering, authorities illegally colluding and acting in concert to barbecue whistleblowers, and filling the ever growing amounts of adult prison beds with political prisoners.

Watching the judiciary committee in action shows how far we have gone down the path of ruin, abuse, and how far we have departed from what our forefathers intended.

What freedoms do we the people have left? What are our soldiers now fighting for, if it isn’t freedom?

Well, I think it is for maximum taxation, property, and asset confiscation.

We are getting closer to the saturation point and more and more people are interested in a general uprising for no other reason than being fed up with no hope of any quality of life.

The ‘Haves’ have more and more. The ‘Have Nots’ have less and less. The middle has shrunk to the point of no longer existing.

Once freedom is wrecked as well as our nation, the toothpaste can’t be put back in the tube.

If jerks in your Jr. High growing up were in charge they’d do a better job than the bozos that are sucking up your freedoms, your dollars, and the future of America.

Uncle Sam is a Crack Addict looking for a ‘fix’ on your last dollar and doesn’t care if he sells what is left of America’s soul.

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Wake up or I’ll just leave you sheeple behind and be a ‘free’ American elsewhere.

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson
PO Box 730
Enfield, CT 06083

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SENATORS MCDONALD, (Chair), 27th District; HANDLEY, (Vice Chair), 4th; COLEMAN, 2nd; MEYER, 12th; NEWTON, 23rd.

SENATORS KISSEL, (Ranking Member), 7th District; CAPPIELLO, 24th; RORABACK, 30th.

REPRESENTATIVES LAWLOR, (Chair), 99th District; SPALLONE, (Vice Chair), 36th; BARRY, 12th; BERGER, 73rd; CANDELARIA, 95th; CURREY, 10th; DILLON, 92nd; DOYLE, 28th; DYSON, 94th; FOX, 146th; FRITZ, 90th; GERAGOSIAN, 25th; GODFREY, 110th; GONZALEZ, 3rd; GREEN, 1st; HAMM, 34th; MCMAHON, 15th; MICHELE, 77th; OLSON, 46th; SERRA, 33rd; STAPLES, 96th; STONE, 9th; WALKER, 93rd.

REPRESENTATIVES FARR, (Ranking Member), 19th District; CAFERO, 142nd; GIEGLER, 138th; HAMZY, 78th; HOVEY, 112th; KLARIDES, 114th; LABRIOLA, 131st; O'NEILL, 69th; POWERS, 151st; ROWE, 123rd; WINKLER, 41st.

Senior Committee Administrator:

Diana H. Caliendo

Room 2500, LOB 860-240-0530


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