Friday, August 26, 2005

Where is Jeffrey Yeaw, Now?

[click here] for March 9, 2012, update to this post. Berlin, Connecticut, Police shoot Jeffrey R. Yeaw 3 times.

DCF officials are known child abusers, liars, and sociopaths willing to commit perjury to increase misery.

Have your kids taken away under questionable circumstances, get harassed, face 30 or so years in prison, and know that the courts are fixed to do you in, while mocking you and playing psychological terror games, what would you do?

Well I think Jeff Yeaw took the bait and fled the corrupt courts in Connecticut.

He had some good evidence of abuse and illegal behavior of officials, but if he is a fugitive from justice having skipped his court dates he can be found guilty in absentia, sparing the DCF officials and others guilty of official, police, prosecutorial, and judicial misconduct.

If DCF never should have taken the kids from the parented deemed stable and good for the children, if DCF Big Wigs hadn’t retaliated for Jeff lodging complaints, and the court hadn’t played with the dates scaring Jeff off, the kids, Jeff, and the Connecticut taxpayers would have been much better off.

If Connecticut abuses displaced dads, the self-employed, small business owners, landlords, the middleclass, the poor, minorities, and other deemed ‘undesirable’ taking more property, displacing more and more people and taking more and more homes and businesses to benefit rich private investors and a town’s bottom-line in tax collection, why should anyone that is not a Connecticut connected rich Blueblood live in Connecticut?

Other states could follow Connecticut corruption connection lead by wrecking more and more lives with ‘Drug War’ policies, Eminent Domain, and covert illegal deals to ruin those that blow the whistle and/or stand in the way.

Let Connecticut get away with this and expect the same abuse in your state sometime soon.

Saying Good-bye for the last time, the Jeffrey Yeaw story

Non-custodial parents' rights groups meet to discuss National Judicial Accountability Legislation

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poor, poor Jeff!! Who cares where he is, as long as he stays away from those kids!! There are 2 sides to every story, and I know both of them. You really should hear both sides before assuming Yeaw is the victim. I know the entire family, and he needs some serious help!! If he's done nothing wrong, then why run? Because he's a coward, that's why!!!!! Face your consequences like a real man!!!

Monday, February 13, 2006 12:56:00 PM  
Blogger The Stark Raving Viking said...

I know Jeff too.

He was harassed, lied too, and his kids were abused in DCF care.

He was determined to be the better parent, yet when his wife was not, no one got the kids, they were in DCF care which produces Federal Tax Dollars for the State of Connecticut.

Lies produce cash for offcials.

If Jeff had shown up to a fair and just court, which there are none, he could have cleaned house, sued for millions and had possession of his own kids.

Connecticut officials rip off property. Connecticut is out to rip off your kids.

I have seen it too many times.

-Steven G. Erickson aka Vikingas

Thursday, April 20, 2006 12:19:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You want to talk about abuse?? Try talking to his ex-wife and his two children from his prev marriage who want nothing to do with him because of his abuse!!! The only reason he was determined the better parent is because he poured his wife's meds down the drain and stuck her on a plane to her mother's, then cried abandonment. He's very deceiving and very manipulative, and obviously he's pulled you in as well. I lived with him for about 5 years, and I could tell you about the abuse!!! His need to control plays a part in all of his actions. It has nothing to do with justice. You only know what he's told you. Try having him spit in your face and see if you're still best buds!!!

Saturday, April 22, 2006 8:40:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, you got your answer to "Where is Jeffrey Yeaw now?" He is sitting in a jailcell after threatening the life of his ex-wife! He loves his children so much that he would take the life of their mother. Now there's a stand-up kind of guy!! He's where he belongs!!

Sunday, April 23, 2006 2:32:00 PM  
Blogger The Stark Raving Viking said...

I just checked:

An CT inmate locator gave me no hits for Jeff. Where do you say Jeff is being held?

Do you have a name, anonymous?

It seems that you check this post on Jeff often, why?

There are women, and men, that would just wish their former partners would suffer and die.

I believe Connecticut court officials played with Jeff's dates to show up in court in an attempt to have him incarcerated and facing a trial.

He has or had a legitimate Civil Rights violation case against DCF and Connecticut. He wasn't going to get a fair trial in Connecticut, period.

Had Jeff not located his family to Connecticut, he wouldn't now be a fugative, he would not have had his kids taken away, and he would not have felt compelled to get his children away from DCF confinment and abuse.

Monday, April 24, 2006 10:04:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

With patience, you can pull The Good Jeff out. He has a temper, and he has some problems, but he really has been screwed over in life. All his life. Including by DCF in his childhood. He is a perfect example of DCF's and DMHAS' failures.

His story needs to be told.

Monday, April 24, 2006 12:14:00 PM  
Blogger The Stark Raving Viking said...

I checked the Dept of Corrections website for Connecticut and didn't see Jeff's name.

Anonymous where is he incarcerated?

Not any man, nor woman is perfect. Some women, and men, just make up stuff after being dumped.

Jeff can yell, and a woman might just be able to beat his ass, so I don't think Jeff is guilty of any domestic violence. His yelling and anger could be a problem, but wreck someone's life, take their kids, and worse, and he has shown restraint.

Too many abused by Connecticut and DCF go nuts slowly and just lose all faith.
-Steven G. Erickson aka blogger Vikingas

Monday, April 24, 2006 4:45:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check the website again. He's in Corrigan. Maybe Jeff was abused as a child, but two wrongs don't make a right. Have you talked with his 1st ex-wife & children? Have you heard their stories of his abuse?? I'm not just talking about his anger/temper. He has some serious issues and has no regard for any type of authority. It's about time he takes a long hard look at what part he plays in his actions, and stops blaming everyone else for what happens to him. Well, now he has the time!!! I know him a hell of a lot better than you do. He never located his family anywhere, they were always here and he did more than "wish" his ex-wife dead. He called her parents & said don't be surprised if she turned up dead. He's no longer a fugitive and will be somewhere where he can no longer hurt people!! Again, you have only heard his story (a lot of it not true), so you can believe what you want to believe. Maybe he'll have at least one visitor in prison!!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006 7:20:00 PM  
Blogger The Stark Raving Viking said...

I don't think Jeff would really kill anyone. He can really annoy people, but anyone that has been abused by the system as bad as Jeff Yeaw has, can be annoying, it is called anger.

There is very few people that I'd wish prison on.

Connecticut seems to do more to separate families, take children away, and make life suck more than any other state I know of.

Anonymous, maybe you have a bad attitude based on where you live.

If Jeff was awful to you, I'm sorry. It obviously wasn't meant to be.
-Steven G. Erickson aka Blogger Vikingas

Friday, April 28, 2006 1:04:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too know Jeff- and I believe that he has some serious mental health issues that could have been dealt with many,many years ago. If that had happened none of the rest of this might have happened.

I don't wish jail on anyone- and I have mixed feelings on all of this. I can only hope that he gets his head squared away, and he gets on the meds he needs to keep him flying straight.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006 7:27:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just an FYI- I have known the family for quite a while, and the department of social services was never a part of Jeff's childhood life. They should have been because his mother has issues as well, but you may want to verify all that has been said before you believe it.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006 9:37:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Erikson I have lived with Jeff in the past- believe me, physical abuse has come into play. Some of us instead of reporting it, ran from it, went into hiding over it, and would rather not be a part of any of this.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006 9:42:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's up Mr. Erickson- no other comments? Out of sight out of mind? What is going on with Jeff now? When is the next court date, etc.?

Friday, May 26, 2006 4:23:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It ain't what you know that gets you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure just ain't so. (Mark Twain)

Wel hey, I know Jeffrey and I know you too anonymous you're apparently still a liar.

Anonymous is Michelle Sanger ex-2's sister. Anonymous is very bitter towards Jeffrey because she wanted to marry him and maybe still does. The number one reason is because "he has so much patience" and "is so good with children". Delving into her family's history of the abuse of their children and each other would require weeks.

Anonymous and ex-2 have another relative who is a DV counselor. She was arrested on Ferry Street in Middletown in April 04 because she broke into an ex-boyfriends house and threw his belongings onto the street and proceeded to ask people for a light so she could set them on fire because she had seen her ex-boyfriend with another girl.

Whatever happened with that case? Seems to have disappeared. Seems odd how she can still work in the court as a DV counselor doesn't it? She has children doesn't she? How is it that she's a good parent setting an example like that?

Seems to be a pattern of treatment towards the men who try to leave the abusive women in your family doesn't it?

DCF had placed Jeffrey's children with another relative who has two children with the same guy and her "boyfriend" doesn't do anything with the family because he doesn't like them. He lives with his parents in the same town yet Jeffrey would be the person everyone would call when they needed to move something or pick something up from the store. Jeffrey and Anonymous lived some 60 odd miles away. Her boyfriend will not marry her or take responsibility for his family and seems to be around when it is convenient for him and at family gatherings you might see him breeze in for a plate of food that he will take into hiding to eat yet Jeffrey who's children were born into a marriage and isn't waiting for people to do things for him or looking for a hand out is always told to take responsibility for his actions. All the evidence indicates he has.

Apparently Anonymous knows that the courts are a fraud and that this whole abuse story is false. Not only does she know it is false but she also knows that Jeffrey is the exact opposite and a very patient and compassionate person. Jeffrey is the kind of person who will stop in the middle of a torrential storm or dangerous situation to help a complete stranger expecting nothing in return. He's the kind of guy who would bail someone out of jail after they drag him through some false restraining order proceedings. Isn't that right Anonymous? Isn't that right Michelle?

Anonymous was listed as a witness for the child protection session and failed to show up. She was most likely told not to be there by ex-2's attorney because not only does she know all to be false but she has no credibility in the courts as she is a convicted felon. She has embezzled from numerous employers and then blames them for her crimes and sits around trying to figure out how to "get them back" for "what they did to her" instead of trying to make her life better. A victim of her own parent's abuse primarily her mother's, she suffers from the simple truth that the "mirror always lies" she has major self image problems. Jeffrey has said that she gave away most of what she stole in an effort to buy friends. Not that people wouldn't be her friend anyway but a lifelong feeling of never being good enough because of a your parents rejection is hard to get over. Apparently there is a lot she is capable of but unfortunately like many she has succumbed to the life long abuse and rejection of her parents as has ex-2. The only man in ex-2's life with the bad temper is her father.

The only serious help Jeff needs is a real judge and a less corrupt system. And he needs to learn to stop letting women manipulate him as has been an apparent problem. Ex-2 showed up with Anonymous at his house and she (ex-2) did not want to leave. He didn't seek her out. Within weeks she was begging him to marry her.

Am I right so far Anonymous? Did you feel betrayed by Jeffrey and ex-2's marriage? Anonymous is referred to in the DCF documents and there is no indication of physical abuse whatsoever.

Anonymous can also tell you about another time he was leaving her and how she called the police because he was leaving with his washing machine. He produced a receipt and a cancelled check and still had to leave it there or face being arrested. She also stole some fishing equipment and other items that she would later tell Jeffrey (when she was begging for another chance and needed a place to live) that she took them because she "new he would miss them most". That's not manipulative? If he was such a bad guy why not just have him take his stuff and leave? If he was such a bad guy why was he the one you always turned to for help or a place to live when you needed one?

When Jeff ended his relationship with Anonymous for the final time she got an ex-parte restraining order against him. When they went to court one thing that really irritated the judge was the fact that when asked if he had EVER hit her she said no-!! He had never called her he had never threatened her. Why if the physical abuse was so bad would you tell a judge that there was none when you are trying to continue a restraining order? Luckily for Jeff the judge got tired of Anonymous' obvious lies and told her that if she were to say one more word she would be going to jail for perjury. The judge did not grant the RO continued. Upon arriving home Jeffrey was speaking with his neighbors about the day in court and they were shocked about the restraining order and had indicated they had seen her at the condo quite a few times and on a very recent occasion actually trying to get in.

Anonymous has a baby with her idea of a "real man" a guy in and out of rehab and prison. She met him while she was in a half-way home in Willimantic The birth of her baby and that of others to this same "real man" were born within weeks of each other. Jeff had to listen to ex-2 repeatedly tell him how Anonymous says "black men treat their women so much better than white men" yet when he would ask ex-2 to explain she would reply "whatever-!!" as she knows it's all BS and that this guy could care less about his kids or their mothers.

So Anonymous, is your' child's father the example of how "black men treat their women better" or maybe it was the guy you baby-sat for when you were young and had an ongoing relationship with a married man. Were you possibly the cause of that marriage breaking up as well.

Anonymous knows exactly why Jeffrey should run. She's the one who had ex-2 use ex-1's attorney Charles Karanian because they know he is a liar and is in tight with the corrupt judges. Most opposing attorneys want very high retainers because they know they will get stuck in all his games and depending on the judge no matter what the facts or evidence is they know they will lose. This guy used to smoke a cigar in the New Britain court and use the no smoking sign as his ashtray. Woe to those who would complain. Judge Holly Abery-Wetstone said it was okay for him to lye because he "wasn't sworn into this court" He was lying about threats Jeffrey supposedly made against his life. Anyone know an attorney who's phone calls aren't being recorded? Isn't that what that constant beep is about? That day as he was leaving the court Karanian was driving out of the parking area and swerved his car at Jeff and the witness who was present during the phone call in which Jeff supposedly threatened him.

According to the documents the flushing of the meds and the plane trip are years apart. 2001 was the meds, Jeffrey flushed them after he took them away from his two year old son and 2004 was the plane trip after the second time she threatened to harm the children if he went to work. She wouldn't agree to him getting her an apartment close by. She had just been sent home from day Kimball Hospital who told her (ex-2) not you, no how, no way did she have bipolar disorder. Jeffrey had brought her to the emergency room the first time she threatened the children a few days before. She was threatening to harm or kill them if he went to work. Anonymous can tell us how much Jeff's ex-2 idolized Andrea Yates because she "can relate to her" because of her mental illness and religious beliefs. For two years while her case was going on Jeffrey would have to hear about "poor Andrea Yates". An interesting note on that case is the 911 call. The operators sent the police on a domestic violence call because she was being beaten by her husband. It also seems that the med flushing was a strike against Jeffrey. CT is trying to promote mental health services not sound mental health practices.

The children are the number one evidence of how good a father he is especially living with ex-2 and the way she is towards him and the children. Everyone who knows Jeffrey's family knows what a good father he is. The DCF documents indicate an obvious bond with their father how they would cry to go home with him but there is no indication of the same when their mother would visit.

Coward-!? Cowards are people who manipulate people and make false accusations and do not have to answer any questions in the Kangaroo Courts . Hide under some BS religion, group or organization loaded with statistics and a pocket full of corrupt judges. Consequences for what? That is still the million dollar question-!! Fleeing his home because he's being assaulted by his wife? Removing his wife from the home because she is threatening to harm or kill the children if he goes to work ? Cowards are people who will stand up and lie for someone but won't stand up for what's right. Cowards are people who lie, cheat and steal.

Cowards are those whose pleasure come from inflicting pain on others for no reason.

Again consequences for what? Seems that as his case goes on everyone wants to cloud the issues with events that may or may not have happened when he was a child or a minor.

Yes let's talk to Jeff's ex-1 and his children about the abuse-!!! Ex-1 is now, get this, a domestic violence counselor. Jeff had left her a few time prior to their marriage due to violence. Hers. He would be cooking dinner and she would tap him on the shoulder and pretend to be going to give him a hug and then slug him in the gut with all her might. When he would catch his breath, he would calmly ask her not to do it anymore. This was a daily occurrence and not an isolated incident either. Her own father used to insist he was a "hoss's ass" for not "knocking her on her ass" one day her father became enraged when she slugged Jeffrey and he chased her out of the house. She went to a neighbors, her cocaine dealer, and she would not return until Jeffrey assured her that her father had calmed down and had gone to bed.

According to witnesses that new him at the time he was the one who took care of the children, the home and he also ran a small business at the same time and she was never around.

According to the apparently forged documents submitted to the courts these were the only reasons ex-1 was seeking a divorce.

Ex-1 filed for divorce from Jeffrey for these three reasons.

1. He was an alcoholic
2. He physically abused his wife
3. He physically abused his children

The very first judge was a female who immediately didn't like Jeffrey because of the allegations until she started asking ex-1 about the abuse charges. Ex-1 was trying to get sole custody and prevent Jeffrey from having any visitation whatsoever. Tired of the dance around the answers to the questions she was asking she demanded ex-1 to give yes or no answers to the following questions or face contempt for any words other than yes or no. To which every answer was No NEVER-!!.

1 Does he EVEN drink AT ALL?
2 Has he EVER hit her (ex-1)
3 Has he EVER hit the children.

Again the answer to all three questions was NO NEVER-!! So why if the abuse was so bad would she lie now when a judge is asking her specific questions about the extent of the abuse?

Her attorney Charles Karanian immediately got them of out of the court and from then on into a little room with judge Max Reicher. A number of women who worked with ex-1 went to court on his children's behalf not only because of what they knew to be false allegations but they were shocked and disturbed that she had even taken the children because she used to say that she had never wanted any and only had them "for him" (she got pregnant because she new Jeffrey would marry her because he wanted children, but that's another story in itself) and that she has no patience and "if it weren't for her husband she would have killed them". They told of how ex-1 used to brag about how her husband would never lay a hand on her especially when they would discuss the real abuse suffered by another coworker. These women were shocked when she demonstrated this when he picked her up from a happy hour one day. The women said that ex-1 smashed him across the face with such extreme force they were surprised she didn't knock him out or break his jaw. He just flinched and in his obvious humiliation calmly asked her not to do it again.

Judge Max Riecher told him that "if he had to listen to even one word from any of those women" he "would never see his children again"

BTW How often would he see his children?

Didn't they start using her current husbands name prior to them even being divorced? What's that about?

Did he ever bring them places? Did you ever go on vacation or camping with them?

When Judge Carl Taylor illegally allowed ex-1 as a witness, for charges and allegations she knows nothing about for children she had never seen. Ex-1 again on the record, aside from all the perjury she committed, confessed to hitting Jeffrey on a regular basis and that it "was a joke" Imagine that-!! Spoken like a true DV counselor. Apparently hitting is a joke when a woman hits a man. She had absolutely nothing against Jeffrey so she made things up. Had Anonymous been present she would have unwittingly rebutted the majority of ex-1's perjurious testimony. Why is it that all these women who assault Jeffrey blame him for there actions and call him violent? He must be a lousy cook or something as it seems ex-1 liked to slug him on a daily basis while he was making dinner. And ex-2 always assaulted him after dinner.

Anonymous can also tell you how Jeffrey would always express his concerns about his first children's violence and bad behaviors and ex-1 would reply that "boys will be boys". And when Jeffrey would indicate that he was once a boy and didn't behave like that he was regarded as the exception.

Have you read these DCF documents?

Anonymous is referring to an incident in which she was manipulating Jeffrey and was lying about him to her "pastor". This pastor had a large church in Glastonbury and "lost" it due to "immoral and illegal activities". She gets angry when she knows she's lying and someone is letting everyone know. So she fidgets her hands in his face the same way ex-2 would do.

There is no control problem with Jeffrey other than women want to control and manipulate him. The only thing Anonymous can claim that is even remotely close to controlling is that another time when she had nowhere to live and no one else would help her he agreed to get an apartment with her under certain terms. The terms were basic. No cable TV, she wasn't to buy Jeffrey a million "I love you cards" and trinket crap and she must pay her bills which entailed bringing her paycheck home as she had a habit of spending it between the bank and home. This never happened. One of Anonymous' biggest problems was borrowing money from numerous people to pay a bill that would often never get paid nor would the people be paid back. The pastor was saying that he "sees things from God" (the things that she's lying about) and she was getting right in his face. So he spit at her. The "church" they were at was in South Windsor and they lived in Ivoryton. A bunch of church people went to move her stuff out and because Jeffrey who had driven there with Anonymous he had to find another way home. He was already back at the apartment when they arrived so they were saying that he was satan" and had "special powers" implying that he just vaporized himself there.

The current pastor of this church, excuse me cult, Kevin Saunders had bragged to Jeffrey and Anonymous that he had "jacked his wife against their car" for slamming a door in their house and "nobody slams doors i my house". He's a good guy though right?

I had heard something about a car crash you witnessed is that true? What was the story there?

So Anonymous why is that when you have no where to live and no one will help you not even your church or your family you seem to be okay with being "best bud's" with Jeffrey and asking him for help and a place to live? Didn't he bail you out of jail after the BS restraining order you got against him? Why didn't your family bail you out? You lived in Ivoryton before you lived in Wallingford didn't you? This was after the spitting incident wasn't it? Maybe you thought he was justified? Weren't you staying with some church people who would lock you in their house? Didn't Jeffrey despise the "man" of that house for the way he would publicly humiliate his wife and step daughter? Didn't this same church stop your family from having anything to do with you because you were with Jeffrey?

It appears to be more pseudo fantasia. He has never threatened anyone's life and the BS charge was for intimidating a witness who had yet to be named a witness and not his ex-wife and the evidence of the recorded messages left on an answering machine are telling ex-2's friend's (who would bring ex-2 and his children on cocaine deals in Wllimantic) husband that his mother committed suicide because of his father's abuse of her. Ex-2' friend told her that his mother had made all types of preparations for events years in advance then one day pulled in front of a 18 wheeler on route 6 and stopped. This story was confirmed by someone who is a complete stranger to Jeffrey.

Anonymous' family are the ones with the real problems. Her mother isolated her from her real father. She resents her sister and brother because she was 10 years older than them and was responsible for taking care of them. Anonymous had s tough life and lived with friends or her grandmother her problems these days are her own because she can't get the acceptance of her parents. Anonymous has told repeated stories of being beaten by her mother but with her credibility how does one believe anything she says?

If ex-2 loves her children so much why would she threaten THEIR lives if he went to work? Now there is a real mommy dearest. If he is so dangerous to these children why did ex-2, on national television during the amber alert, tell the world that "he would never do anything to harm his children"?

A good mom would allow her children to be subjected to the abuse of DCF? According to DCF documents he had unrestricted access to visit anytime and only went once a week-!! That's a loving mother concerned about her children?

If you know him so well how often does he hunt? How many and what kind of guns does he own? Who have you seen him hit? Even his son who committed perjury against him never indicated that he has ever seen his father hit anyone. All evidence indicates that he really only reacts and raises his voice is when people are messing with his children's lives isn't that so?

How does he display his disregard for authority? What about his wives and their attorneys? What about you Embezzling and stealing shows a high regard for authority? So it seems you don't have any respect for authority either. Does Jeffrey's distrust and dislike for these people come from a life long of experience dealing with them?

What authority do you bow down to? Who tells you when and where you can see your children? Again Jeffrey has no criminal record except for the BS being slung around by ex's. If the Abuse existed why didn't they tell about it in court? Why did they lie about things that never happened?

Temper-!? It seems that there again are no witnesses to such uncontrolled temper. Raising one's voice towards an adversary or an assailant is not a violent temper. Witnesses have seen Jeffrey be kicked and assaulted and calmly walk away from his assailants it seems the only times Jeffrey has been in any trouble with the law has to do with corruption in the courts based upon false accusations from manipulative women who seek him out.

So you've contradicted yourself here. One day you say there was DCF involvement and another you say no. Which one are we supposed to believe?

Here's what I know so maybe your right that DCF was never involved in his life as a child but that is only because they changed their name from DCYS because of all their failures and abuse of children. How about the time when he rode his bike from Cromwell to Portland to his father's house (his father abandoned them when he was 2) when he was 9 or so who was it that his father called to come pick him and his sisters up? Why would a 13 year old boy who's only crime at the time was truancy run away from home and hitch-hike across the country to protect his mother from the lies of DCYS if there was no DCYS involvement? Most children who get stuck in a situation like that don't usually tell the whole gruesome truth of the humiliating experiences. Most of these are not pleasant experiences. If DCYS wasn't involved with his family how did they coerce one of his sisters to lie so that she could go live with her friends family and then screw her around.

Mixed feelings-?? What's that about mixed feelings? Are you feeling guilty because you know the only reason for any of this BS is to hurt him and keep him away his children? Mixed feelings because you orchestrated the lies and BS against Jeffrey because you feel he betrayed you? Anonymous knows jeffrey has never threatened anyone nor has he ever said anyone would end up dead. How many people has he hurt? You don't think this is hurting him? How about his children? Are they just collateral damage? That's okay?

By all accounts even DCF's documents Jeffrey was loved very much by his children and because you don't like him it's okay to make them suffer?

Meds-!? I'm assuming that such an advocate of meds knows that there are NO CURES only treatments for symptoms isn't that correct?

Do you know what the difference between mental illness and a psychiatric injury is or how to treat either one?

If you're walking down the street and you come across someone being beaten Which do you believe will help them more, stopping the beating or giving them a pain killer.

What medications are you on?

Are they really solving your issues or just making it seem okay?

Would you suggest a therapist like Henry? Was that his name? The one where Jeffrey went with you and the only topic of conversation and the identified root of your problems was your mother? What was it being said of her? Was it that she was a fornicating priceless piece of fecal matter or something along those lines maybe not those exact words? Didn't Jeffrey have to call him and cancel an appointment for you when you were in jail? Isn't it true that this "therapist" had no clue? He apparently didn't have a way to get around your wall and uncover your underlying symptoms did he? Didn't you decide to go to see him because Jeffrey ended your relationship and you couldn't deal with it?

Meds have never helped ex-2 have they? How many times has she attempted suicide? Tell us about the day the police were called because she was beating the heck out of her mother. She's a normal level headed non violent person and Jeff has all the problems though right?

So please explain anonymous. How is it that if he has harmed so many people there is not one including ex-1, his first child, ex-2 or yourself who while in court under oath knowing that the courts want them to describe a single incident of physical abuse can do so?

So again anonymous the physical abuse claim raises it's ugly head but you as ex-1 and ex-2 cannot tell a consistent story of physical abuse by Jeffrey towards anyone and seem to have no problems continuously lying about it. Think you might have some mental issues that need to be addressed? Need to get past some resentment and hurt? Isn't it true that Jeffrey would have married you had you stopped your lying and manipulation?

So trying to get a restraining order isn't reporting it? How is that running from it? If you wished not to be part of any of this why did you put her in contact with ex-1 and Charles Karanian?

So what about your mother's issues? No Issues there? What's with the church thing? When are they going to stop traipsing around the country avoiding their bills and obligations?

Is having your mother throw all your belongings on the front yard, throwing you through a door and beating you with a boot normal family life? Don't you think your mother has issues? Why wasn't DCYS involved in your family?

Jeffrey had written letters to the courts on your behalf a few times and had gotten you out of trouble for things you actually did didn't he? He didn't do it by lying either did he? He simply stated the facts and asked the judges to consider your situation fairly and justly indicating he new what was fair and just isn't that right? Has anyone else ever been able or willing to help you like that? Your mother, father, step fathers,-.. anyone? He probably would have gone to court on your behalf if you would have let him during your last situation wouldn't he. He probably would have been a better person have there than that pastor who has left you hanging so many times wouldn't he?

So Anonymous I ask you, from the time he married ex-2 (April 98) till DCF took his children away (Sept 04) what did he do to his wife and children For which he and his children deserved this cruel torture-!?

So if your hope is genuine that he gets his head squared away you'd show up in court as a witness and tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so that the real facts can be applied to the law?

Jeffrey is a very smart person evident by how he got to where he is from where he was. You, yourself, have indicated he was an abused child and not too many people are able to deal with that, educate themselves and become a respected, productive part of society on their own. Apparently Jeffrey has against great odds. Even the results of all the tests they gave him use terms like "well above average" to describe the results for his ability to read and understand complex writings and human interactions. You knows this to be true as you have witnessed all of this for yourself haven't you?. It doesn't matter what it is farming, food, cakes, cars, furniture, musical instruments, houses, writing, music etc.. Jeffrey can create, build or repair almost anything. His philosophy is that it indeed is easier to try than to prove it can't be done, isn't it? He is a compulsive reader and reads and listens to books on tape or public radio while driving. He does not read too much fiction if any at all. In this ordeal he has read all 50 titles of the United States Codes, The Constitutions and the General Statutes, practice books policy manual etc. etc.. He has submitted documents to the courts indicating the crimes of public officials over a year ago and the people whose job it is to have known these people were committing crimes either still can't or don't want to identify the laws being broken. You must have read other posts about problems with the police, DC, other Govt agencies and the courts especially the family courts. You yourself are possibly the product of maliciousness on the part of your mother to keep your biological father out of your life. You have witnessed police misconduct on behalf of Jeffrey repeatedly, when his truck was stolen, the police came to get a bike he had of yours yet wouldn't get the items you took of his, his busses, blah.. blah.. blah..

Still the same. The only time your feeling good about yourself is when you're being vindictive.

Monday, September 04, 2006 12:34:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, I don't know who the previous anonymous was- probably Jeff himself because the information that was written was a consolidation of Jeff's twisted mind!

With regards to Jeff's first wife- she worked two jobs to support his pot habit and to help pay the rent. Her father absolutely never advised Jeff to knock her on her ass because the truth of the matter is that her father was almost admitted to the hospital because he was so upset with Jeff because he was out whoring around on his daughter! That my friends is the truth!

Jeff would not only go out for all nighters with other women, he would actually take pictures of his date and bring them home for his wife to see!

Wife number 1 was never abusive to Jeff- she supported him whether she thought he was right or wrong. Many a time she would be spending all of her money on Jeff's new clothes or paying for his new truck, or supporting his smoking habits.

Jeff was psychologically twisted! Not allowing wife one to answer the phone, the door, read the mail. He would go to her place of work and throw yelling tirades. He ripped the wires out of her car because he didn't want her to be able to drive so subsequently she walked to and from her two jobs everyday. She would have to run home when her then 1 year old son would answer the phone- she would get home to find the kids unfed and Jeff passed out on the bed.

Jeff wouldn't even let wife number 1 go to the bathroom without literally standing there to watch her to make sure what she was doing. No one was allowed over the house, and he spent most of the night with the upstairs female neighbor.

Jeff wanted to have his kids baptized and wanted a known cocaine dealer as the god parent! When things started turning to violence in the house, house number 1 called her family to come and get her. Jeff is the one that said that he would "kill his kids" before they would go with that "cunt". Nice words huh?

With regards to his father- he didn't leave those kids! His crazy mother with the help of her crazy mother took the kids and left while the father was in the Navy. She told the kids that the father abandoned him and that he never contacted him except the reality was that he had been sending child support, letters, and gifts to the kids all along.

His mother was the sick one. She would lock Jeff out of the house and then when he tried to break into a cellar window- she called the police on him! His father even tried helping him when he was in trouble as an adult!

As far as the children go, his children by the first marriage can tell you tales of abuse and how the older child would put the younger child in the closet and take the beatings with the wooden spoons so that the little guy wouldn't get hit.

You people know nothing! All of this is a great myth in Jeff's mind and the one thing that he is totally good at is manipulation and mentally abusing people. He could sell you the Brooklyn Bridge because he is so good at spinning tales and playing the part of the wounded puppy. Wake up people- he has always been the "abused" one- IN HIS OWN HEAD! I'm not saying he has had a real easy life, but please do not make him out to be the good guy. Don't you find it coincidental that all of the women and children in his life end up the same way? Do you see a pattern of the stories being told? Think about it.

So, Jeff- grow up and be a man for god's sake! Move on, and whatever you do- don't remarry and don't have any more children because it appears to me and many other people that know you that you keep repeating your own self-defeating proficy that noone loves you.

This entire thing is sick. The best thing that could happen to Jeff is if he were to drive his car off the Portland bridge like he always threatened he'd do.

Until then... noone will have any peace.

Thursday, November 30, 2006 9:30:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm with the last anonymous!!!
Yes, Jeff, you are absolutely right. The women in your past have all made many mistakes and poor choices, mainly choosing to be with you. At least they can admit to them. The difference between them and you is that they have learned from their mistakes and have moved on. They are leading happy and fulfilling lives, with their children I might add. You have nothing and no one. You consistently try to tear them down to make yourself feel better. You choose to dwell in your past and feel sorry for yourself. How's that working for you???

Saturday, December 09, 2006 1:16:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Wednesday, January 10, 2007 8:59:00 PM  
Blogger The Stark Raving Viking said...

To Jeffrey R. Yeaw:

please email me at:

I'm interested in hearing how you are doing.

-Steven G. Erickson

Tuesday, February 26, 2008 9:38:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where is Jeffrey now???
Still running from an outstanding arrest warrant dating back to 4/22/08!!

Monday, November 21, 2011 3:30:00 PM  
Blogger The Stark Raving Viking said...

if that is true, it is too bad. I happen to like Jeff and wish him the best.

He suffered judicial and police misconduct in the State of Connecticut. This can ruin family unity. It can ruin how an individual feels for the rest of his, or her, life.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011 2:50:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boo hoo. Everyone is a victim nowadays. Abuse, misconduct, over zealous courts. More likely, you are a mess and brought it on yourself. Quit blaming the system and running to it for support.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011 12:39:00 AM  
Blogger The Stark Raving Viking said...

Are you one of those sock puppet police officers, or police operatives, who stalk independent minds on the internet, Anonymous? Lots of sites get all sorts of these types of comments right away. Some of you sock puppets have no real jobs, just stalking those trying to inform others AND get justice for themselves.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011 9:40:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thursday, December 22, 2011 10:53:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He got shot last night in berlin ct by police.

Friday, March 09, 2012 8:38:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

morono-dipshit strikes again!

Saturday, March 10, 2012 12:20:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not violent? No weapons? Still think he wouldn't hurt anyone? Wake up Stark Raving lunatic!! He won't be running anymore!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012 5:45:00 PM  
Blogger The Stark Raving Viking said...

Check link at top of post for updates on Jeff's case. It might just be "suicide by cop", as the police and judicial harassment was too great. A DHS Department of Homeland Security "Super Sweep" might be the reason that Jeff, and others are now being targeted. Anyone with an outstanding warrant might now be a target. This could be one of the biggest mass arrest programs in the US, if so.

Sunday, March 11, 2012 8:09:00 AM  
Anonymous Gina said...

Unless anyone has taken two steps in another's shoes no one has any room to talk. The story of Jeff's life is tragic and my heart aches for him and his five children. It is the children who are suffering silently from this. Adults seem to forget that children grow up and when they look at their childhood through adult eyes they see the truth of the lies adults tell them or want them to believe. Whomever wrote and intimated to my life and situations in previous posts have no clue what they are talking about. My hat is off to you Stark Raving Viking for reporting the accuracy of his tragedy. There is a reason he has survived this and I am grateful that the officers involved were not harmed. My hope is that Jeffrey will be vindicated in some way. People who lie,lie about lying and they can't maintain their lies cause they forget what they lied about in the first place. Not calling anybody a liar, I'm just saying. Jeffrey, I wish you speedy recovery and I am sorry. I love you for all you've been through and I'm hoping that this is the beginning of the end of the needless, malicious, heartache you've had to endure at the cost of your children. I've lived it with you and I felt as hopeless as you have. I would never lie and say that I wasn't pushed to the point you were. The only difference for me was when they came to my door with their spot light and bull horn at 5 a.m., I just dazzled them with my bare breasts and gave them all something to talk about that they forgot why they were there. People will talk...people that have no clue and nothing else to do. They have no clue how much hurting you hurts your children. Someday your children are going to face their own truths. They have the imprint of you and your love of them in their hearts and minds more than you know (after all they have dna of relatives that have photographic memories) When they look back and question this - as someday they will, they will remember you and they will remember what others said and did to them and they will hate them for it.

Sunday, March 11, 2012 9:38:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well put, It doesn't seem anyone on here is looking at the big picture....which is that there is children involved...&defending or opposing this parent is ridiculous. we are talking about a parent who sells and consumes drugs in front of his children..that alone folks is abuse. COWARDS CHOOSE DRUGS OVER THEIR CHILDREN. If a loser parent like this buys his kids clothes he doesn't deserve a medal....THATS HIS JOB!!!!THE JOB THAT SHOULD COME 1ST AND WHAT HIS LIFE REVOLVES AROUND. sounds to me hes tooo busy making excuses, throwing people under the bus, passing the buck whatever he has to do and the people that are on here defending him claiming hes a hero. its because you all depend on the drugs you buy from him or that he gives you. GROW UP GET A REAL LIFE LOSERS

Sunday, April 27, 2014 2:37:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

about Kathleen Dickson and Jeff Yeaw:

Friday, February 27, 2015 3:33:00 PM  

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